Lotto system players tip – Lotto 4 draw event may hit soon

This is a timely Lotto tip for Lotto system players, those who like to leverage probability for advantageous play, and have a real good go at winning the jackpot. I use a method of forecasting based on Saliu’s ideas, principles learned through lotto systems, and concepts based on real-world observations. You won’t need to be a genius at mathematics to take advantage of this tip.

Lotto 4 Draw event
Looking at Filter analysis for Australian Lotto, I have noticed certain factors pointing to the possibility of a Lotto “4 draw event” hitting soon. Whats a Lotto “4 draw event”? Its when all 6 winning jackpot numbers come from the results of the previous 4 draws. Playing for such an event at the right time, makes it much easier to win, as we exclude most of the field – big potential advantage, for honing in on the jackpot. My last few private attempts at narrow draw hits were not posted here, other than brief mentions in comments, and in this article on Powerball.

Easy Lotto tips
For players of lotto systems, or even regular lotto players to get an edge – you don’t need to mess around with Saliu, filters, skip medians, etc. discussed here.
Using this concept of a 4 draw event about to hit, just use your own method to pick numbers from those that hit in the last 4 draws. If you use some type of lotto software, see if you can work with the numbers of just the last 4 draws.

  • Play numbers that hit in the previous 4 draws – do so for a handful of draws.
  • Lotto Australia Results – use this data.

What next?
I will post an update here if we don’t see a 4 draw event within the next 5 draws (it may occur a little later), then re-assess; or wait further, until a draw when no recent numbers hit and the ANY filters blow out mostly PLUS(+), then play the next draw or few. It may just happen that if the 4 draw event does not hit soon, we could be looking at a 3 draw event (even easier to hit the jackpot), much rarer, to hit in future. A 3 draw event has not occurred yet, in the historical data kept since 17 April 2004. For more explanation on filter analysis used, see the following articles:
Lotto analysis and Ion Saliu
Free Lotto Software – best to WIN Jackpot

History of 4 Draw events
The last time we saw a Lotto 4 draw event, was 386 draws ago, on Wednesday 7 January 2009 – see Lotto numbers all hit from last 4 draws.

Lotto Australia Previous 4 Draw Events Filter Configurations (real draws):

The first 4 draw event, which occurred 1122 draws ago, was actually the 5th draw of our current Lotto Australia combined results database, which begins when all Lotto draws (Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto & Saturday Lotto) became 6 from 45 lottos (Reference). So the fifth draw jackpot of the new format, was actually totally composed of numbers from the first 4 draws! In fact, 4 numbers hit from its previous draw (Any1-4 = 0), and in beautiful VER order (Ver1-4 = 0)!! note, the VER 6 shows as 6- and is derived from simulated data, not real.

The first 4 draw event in Lotto Australia (6/45) combined database:

1 3 11 31 33 39 – Fifth draw, composed entirely of numbers from first 4 draws
1 3 11 34 37 39
6 17 21 25 26 37
4 17 26 31 32 37
7 12 13 15 27 33 – First draw in current Lotto (6/45) data – 17 April 2004

Typical Filter Configurations of a 4 Draw event (Lotto 6/45)

  • Minus(-) is the most common occurrence for the ANY filters in a 4 draw event
  • Ion4 = 0 always when Any6 is less than or equal to 10. In a 4 draw event, Any6 = 3
  • Any5 and Any6 mostly go minus(-)
  • Any1 or Any2 may rarely have a plus(+), mostly not
  • Any1 filter hits mostly as 0
  • Ver1 to Ver5 mostly go minus(-)
  • Ver6 mostly goes plus(+) : knowing this a handful of years ago would have popped me the jackpot!

In these points I say “mostly”, even if certain filters appear to always do the same thing in a 4 draw event, just remember, nothing is absolute. If we stick to the typical 4 draw filter configuration, we will be close, or actually hit the jackpot when the 4 draw event occurs – good luck to you all.

Extra Tip
#2 looks good for a hit tonight (if no, let it go).

Update DEC 2012: The 4 Draw event hit 4 times in 2012 – see comments below.

264 thoughts on “Lotto system players tip – Lotto 4 draw event may hit soon”

  1. Tonight’s Saturday Lotto is best not played for a 4 draw event, as its highly unlikely to hit tonight. Why? because the previous draw produced a VER1 = 0. As we know from above, the VER1 filter is typically minus(-) in a 4 draw event (Lotto 6/45), and it can’t go below zero, therefore cannot be minus(-) tonight. We are more likely to see a blowout, at least in VER1 beforehand, so its at least equal to 1 the draw before our favoured event.
    If tonight’s draw results in VER1 = 1 or greater, and the other filters look equally plausible, then Monday Lotto (4 July) will be the next play.
    Check this page for updates.

  2. The anticipated 4 draw event did not hit in the last 5 draws. Even though some of the draws had firm filters at the front (draw 4 had 4 numbers hit from previous 3 draws), the closest we got to for all 6 numbers was an 8 draw event. See Any/Ver filters for the 5 draws (draw 1 is most recent):

    1 Any1-6: 0 0- 1- 6+ 10+ 16+ Ver1-6: 1 30+ 38+ 75+ 104+ 123+
    2 Any1-6: 0- 1- 3- 4- 7- 7- Ver1-6: 1- 4 7+ 13- 16- 59+
    3 Any1-6: 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 10+ 12- Ver1-6: 2+ 4+ 5- 16+ 42+ 44+
    4 Any1-6: 1+ 1 1- 2- 8- 21+ Ver1-6: 1+ 1- 9- 13- 21- 42-
    5 Any1-6: 0- 1- 4+ 4- 11+ 14+ Ver1-6: 0- 4+ 11+ 14+ 26+ 61-

    I will track possible favourable conditions for the next 20 draws or so, and re-assess. Signs to play again may include a high Ion4 filter value, and generally high (or all+) conditions for most or all filters. It may be an extreme flash type event (sudden blowout in filters), or a gradual buildup, the filters will show. At the moment, a little pressure has been released in the last few draws, and may need rebuild.

    Tip for next few draws: Play numbers that have hit further back in the draws (only include 1 or 2 numbers from last few draws, at most).

  3. Wednesday 13 July saw a 6 draw event hit, with 5 numbers hit from last 4 draws.

    2 11 14 19 30 41
    14 20 27 35 38 40
    15 32 34 36 41 45
    1 10 11 15 27 32
    2 15 23 24 30 45
    6 10 14 17 39 40
    5 12 18 19 42 44

    close, but the tight 4 draw event is yet to come – we have seen some big filters hit as plus(+) recently, but I would be happier to see Ion1 go over 1000, and Ion4 to go over 10 first.

    Tip: strong numbers for tonight’s Wednesday Lotto
    4 and 26

  4. Saturday Lotto looks ok tonight for a possible 4 draw event.

    next few draws…
    a draw with at least 2 numbers from its previous draw
    a draw with 3 or more numbers hit from last few draws
    a draw with all numbers being 33 or less

  5. will try numbers less than 33 for this sat day draw. I will call you the orical if numbers come up no higher than 33. :p Good luck 😀

  6. 3 numbers hit from last 2 draws, and 4 numbers hit from last 3 draws on Wednesday – here are the filters:

    ION 1-5:
    1016+ 18+ 15+ 15+ 8
    ANY 1-6:
    0 1- 1- 2- 17+ 27+
    VER 1-6
    2+ 3- 11- 27+ 65+ 125+

    the preferable conditions mentioned earlier have now both been met – the ION1 hit over 1000 (1016+), and ION4 hit again over 10 (15+).

    the next handful of draws will likely see another “narrow” event, even possibly the 4 draw event itself. great time to play!

    Tip for play:
    a draw to come, where most or all numbers, hit from the last 4 draws.
    play for up to the next 5 draws.

  7. Monday Lotto 22 August 2011 – is the last go for a 4 draw event, in this series, and looks best for a very narrow draw.

    As most of the “back” numbers (big skips) have been hit, we will generally see tighter results for a while, at least for ANY 6.

    There are only 3 numbers left, whose latest skip is higher than the ANY 6 Median.
    12 Skip=22
    19 Skip=16
    44 Skip=22

    This means that all 45 numbers have hit within the last 23 draws. This is a little unusual, as we commonly see several numbers that havent hit for a longer time – 30, 40, even 80 draws or more in stats.

    All this indicates to me, that we will see more recent numbers hitting, folding upon eachother, while a few numbers will go stone cold and not hit for many draws to come.

    If the 4 draw event fails on Monday, I will be watching for a filter “blowout”, Ion1 and Ion4, and possibly extreme VER filters, before playing again.

    Monday Lotto – I would not be surprised if 2 or more numbers hit from the last draw.

    Good luck.

    • very close… 5 numbers (+ a supp) hit from the last 4 draws, the 6th number from 12 draws back – easy small prizes.
      Note, I wasn’t surprised to see that 2 numbers hit from the last draw, as suggested above.

      Filters ANY 1-6 : 0- 0- 2- 3- 3- 11-

      don’t believe them when they say one cannot forecast likely future events to occur, by observing mathematical tendencies!

      this was a possible time for a 4 draw event, and it came close a few times during our trials. as nature of lotto is random, it is difficult to pick the exact time when our favoured filters will hit – but we may narrow down likely “windows” for our golden event, get some prizes, and with a little luck, win the jackpot.

  8. Ion 4 filter just hit 25+ on previous draw. good to play again for a 4 draw event. at the very least, we will likely see recent numbers (1-3 draws) hitting over the next several draws. focus on recent numbers to get hits!

    • there were some narrow hits after my previous comment, but that window has also passed. will post for next window when it looks good again.
      i can’t see much bias for odds/evens at the moment, good luck.

  9. Ion 4 filter hit 13+ on Saturday’s draw. even more inviting, are the ANY and VER filters that hit, all plus(+) see below:
    ANY 1-6: 2+ 4+ 6+ 7+ 11+ 11+ VER 1-6: 11+ 11+ 12+ 16+ 57+ 95+
    worth another go for a 4 draw event, next few…

    • 3 numbers hit from previous draw, and 1 number from 2 draws back.
      ANY 1-6: 0- 0- 0- 1- 8- 24+ VER 1-6: 0- 3- 13+ 14- 27- 56-
      Ver 1 = 0 so i wouldnt play next draw, and depending on wednesday result, saturday may be another go.

  10. ah yes true, numbers have been hitting past few draws. Has been i think now 5 weeks straight even numbers been dominating for tattslotto. If it is going to be a 4 draw event, too easy, almost guaranteed 4 numbers, lol. i hope it that easy, i just use all the odd numbers only 11 of then been used in last 4 draw. common 4-2 or 5-1 odds/even ftw. 5-1 early christmas yay :D. oh O.o is 5 weeks of even numbers enough for a bias? Worst case is when it goes all even or all odd for a while and then 3-3 -_- and the following week is the change. T_T.

    • Result: Wednesday Lotto 07/12/2011 – 7 13 17 19 37 41 (5 31)

      You mean all odd of course – even the supps were odd, thats 8 straight odds! 4 numbers hit from last 4 draws too.
      as the VER 1 = 0 again, i will wait (not play Saturday) and see if it blows out before a possible play again on Monday.
      on the subject of weighting with odd/even, i think wednesday’s result was hard to pick, as no certain bias appeared leading up to it. i only include this factor in filtering games if there has been a strong clustering of odds or evens in the short term lead up, last 5-10 games or so. but this should be used as an additional filter to others, not the primary. to see a “4 draw event” WITH all odd numbers is such a rarity, it could take decades!

      i still don’t see an odd/even bias, don’t know how you did:

      ODD-EVEN Hits (last 5 weeks, 15 draws)
      3-3 | 9 13 32 38 43 44
      3-3 | 2 9 13 18 26 44
      2-4 | 6 12 30 32 35 41
      3-3 | 8 17 19 22 39 42
      2-4 | 9 12 22 28 41 42
      4-2 | 1 27 29 30 32 39
      4-2 | 15 18 29 33 35 42
      3-3 | 9 18 23 24 33 36
      2-4 | 7 10 11 12 20 26
      4-2 | 13 16 20 23 35 43
      3-3 | 4 5 10 17 22 40
      3-3 | 17 22 27 34 36 37
      3-3 | 6 7 22 30 31 33
      1-5 | 2 6 12 18 44 45
      5-1 | 5 11 39 41 43 44

  11. ah yes i mean odd, I was hoping it was going to be on the saturday, damn maybe satday will be 3-3, bleh. Just a feeling i had. No, noo, can’t take decades, the world going to end in 2012, lol. If i win something in powerball tonight i will put a system 10 in maybe with just odd numbers, altho i have a feeling it will be 3-3 on saturday, sounds and feels too easy to have odds and 4 draw event. Well if you change your mind good luck. :D.

  12. Saturday filters – tight, but not quite…
    ANY 1-6: 0 1- 1- 2- 6- 7- VER 1-6: 0 1- 3- 6- 7- 8-
    again, VER 1 = 0, so no play for Monday. Wednesday may be last chance in this set.

  13. Saturday night the Ion4 filter hit +11, and will be a possible play for a 4 draw event the next 5 draws. It has been quite a while now without a 4 draw event hitting (484 draws), and if it goes much longer, may be wise to assess potential for the even rarer 3 draw event.
    Tonight’s draw is a play.

      • hi Jin, tomorrow, Saturday Lotto will be the last go in this set. the 4 draw event is where all 6 main numbers, not supps, come from the previous 4 draws.
        the event is overdue on averages, but as randomness works, we may see high variations to the norm.
        you will see how often i have a go at it, as i post here, which is not very often. playing the typical 4 draw filters, gives me around a 60% chance of hitting the jackpot when it happens – and it usually hits every couple of years.
        Saturday Lotto should see at least 1 or 2 numbers from previous draw – so include 1 or 2 of these: 2 3 16 17 43 44
        i also expect a draw in the next few, where all main numbers will be 33 or less.
        good luck!

  14. the 4 draw event hit tonight.
    4 10 21 30 41 42 – 4 Draw event
    5 12 30 33 38 40
    5 15 20 26 31 42
    20 21 26 32 41 43
    4 10 30 38 41 43

    Any 1-6: 0 1- 2 2- 3- 3- Ver 1-6: 1+ 2 3- 3- 48+ 80+

  15. Hello!
    I am using MDIEditor for many years. But i did not win so much. I did find some interesting thing. This is a 6/40 Lottery.
    Lotto-6 FILTERS in the Past – Date: 03-19-2012
    Drawings range for filter analysis: 10200
    Ion AnyAnyAnyAnyAnyAny
    5 123456

    57+ 1-1-2-2-3-4
    -11 1+2+6+9+11-12

    -2 00-2-2-3-3
    461+ 0-19+10+13+23+
    3+ 1+2+3+5+9+12+
    0 011-2-3-6
    -26 01-14-4-13

    -1 012-24-4

    -6 000-1-3-4

    -3 022-5-6-7

    -2 01-2-2-36

    -1 1+-1-2-3-4-8

    82+ 1+7+7+9+13+19+
    -21 00-37+915+
    -38 1+4+5+6+9+-10

    -37 000-1-5-5
    -39 2+-2-3-5-826+

    -17 000-1-3-5
    -43 000-4-5-11

    So if you can see when Ion5 filter gets high (in my case 510, that means i do not heave sufficient data, i have only 12000 random combinations) the next draw (or maybe 3 draws) Any 6 shows low values like 3, 4, 5 and 6. Not to mention that Any 5 shows low values (between 3 and 4).
    For next draw i have this “trigger”:

    Ion Any Any Any Any Any Any
    5 1 2 3 4 5 6
    510+ 3+ 3+ 5+ 7+ 10+ 10+

    This is what happened in the last draw. I will play the 4 event strategy for 4 draws but i want your advice. Here it goes:
    1. I have 20 number to play with. That means i have C(20,6)= 38760 combinations.
    2. The distributions is like this: 6 numbers from previous draw(of course :)), 6 unique numbers from 2 draws ago, 5 unique numbers from 3 draws ago, 3 unique numbers from 4 draws ago. I put some filters : 1. From the 3 numbers 4th draw must appear at least 1 number and max 2 numbers (not 3); from the previous draw must appear max 3 numbers (not 4, 5 and 6) etc. Of course i can make more filters but this is an example. The amount of combinations that remain is 25128.
    3. As you did noticed no more then 3 numbers come from the unique numbers of the last, 2nd,3th,4th draws behind.

    What is the best way to wheel the 20 numbers? How much more can we filter and reduce the 25128 combinetions and what filters to use? What does it mean the Ion 5 filter? Why when it goes so high then next draw or draws the Any 5, Any6 goes under 4 or 5?
    I did not post here the Ver filters because sometimes the values go under the Median, sometimes over, there is no rule that when Any6 goes 4, the Ver6 has some value (sometime is over Median, sometimes under).
    I am expecting your ideas. Thanks!

    • firstly, i am beginning to understand reasons why Saliu recommends such high number of drawings for analysis. i think both our samplings are too small to make too definitive conclusions. the recent 4 draw event which hit was not the typical 4 draw event as per my observations in this article. australia 6/45 lotto currently has only 1240 real drawings, and wish it was much higher, as i now look to the simulated draws for better representation of typical patterns – for further observation.
      for my next trick, i want to do thorough analysis on 100,000-200,000 draw sampling (simulated data) to get a real good idea of typical 4 draw and 3 draw events, and their variability/certainty. i may do this by hand/eye, or write a basic program to help, both methods will take a long time.
      the rarer the event, the much bigger the required sampling to get an idea of how it typically manifests. i would be happier looking at hundreds of 4 draw event scenarios as it will more clearly show patterns, which if looked at in smaller samplings may manifest with short term biases. the number mechanics here are BIG!

      now, onto your problem. you seem to be on the right track, but i feel you may be better off in terms of hitting the jackpot if you narrow down to – 4 draw (Any 6 = 3) or 3 draw (Any 6 = 2) event specifically. playing the way you describe may give you a few numbers correct often, but will take a lot more failed attempts at winning the jackpot. my current thought is play less win more. if you are after creaming the small prizes, why not just wait until a draw (or 2) appear where Any 1 and Any 2 hit 3 or higher, then play the next draw or 2 with high density of recent numbers – Any 1 = 0 or 1, Any 2 = 0 or 1, Any 3 = 0,1 or 2, Any 4 = 1,2, or 3 – this will yield easy hits for smaller prizes.

      What is the best way to wheel the 20 numbers?
      i personally don’t like wheeling, as it produces smaller wins, and usually misses the jackpot. if you must, try one of Saliu’s many available wheeling softwares.

      How much more can we filter and reduce the 25128 combinations and what filters to use?
      the best i know of are the VERTICAL filters, they reduce the number of combinations dramatically, so i would work hard at finding a pattern there that hits MOST of the time. other ideas include filtering by odds/evens, high/low, decades, etc. anything you can think of as long as there is a clear swing to extreme apparent in a significant sampling. i really like Verticals, they reduce combos like nothing else.

      What does it mean the Ion 5 filter?
      not sure, but i have noticed too that it can get pretty high (in 6/45 lotto) before a narrow draw event, but maybe 20-30 draws before, which makes it not so usable. different lotto game configurations will produce their own specific characteristics. 6/40 lotto is different, and looks like you are onto something, keep at it.

      Why when it goes so high then next draw or draws the Any 5, Any6 goes under 4 or 5?
      you have found a gem for your lotto, now just keep working to take advantage of this discovery.

      best of luck, G.

  16. Hello! Thanks for the advices. The 4 draw event did not happened. The situation was:

    Ion Any Any Any Any Any Any
    5 1 2 3 4 5 6

    510+ 3+ 3+ 5+ 7+ 10+ 10+

    And now after the draw is like this:

    Ion Any Any Any Any Any Any
    5 1 2 3 4 5 6

    510 0- 0- 1- 11+ 14+ 15+
    510+ 3+ 3+ 5+ 7+ 10+ 10+

    So another Ion 5 “sky high” !!! And the Any 3, Any 4 and Any5 have a + sign. Beside the 4 draw event strategy, I did a few Optimized combination (MDIEditor) but i put – sign for Any1 to 6. Nothing!
    I will play the 4 draw event again. Anyway, we need some strategy to find 2 or 3 numbers that are likely to come up. Why? Because if we have 2 numbers then is more easy to do a full 6 number combination for draw 4 event. Else is hard. Why? Because we have so many numbers to choose from. I was thinking some strategy that includes vertical filters and other observations.

  17. Hello, oh goody another 4 draw event aye, i think an all even number event is about due very soon i think. Hopefully with this weeks 21million, easy money combined with a 4 drawn event. 😀

  18. Hello! My 4 draw event did not happened. The situation was:

    Ion Any Any Any Any Any Any
    5 1 2 3 4 5 6
    4- 0 0 3+ 3- 15+ 16+

    @G. I am sorry that i post here my lotto standings. I feel that people confuse Australian lotto with mine. I will stop posting. When my 4 draw event will occure i will post again.

    @John. Why 33 and 12 are very likey numbers ? Can you please explain? Thank you.

  19. Lotto maniac i have been tracing lotto numbers for the past 20 draws, sepretly for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Each draws has unique numbers. Saturdays has higher numbers than Mondays and Wednesdays. The way i track numbers frequency is different than the one on nsw lotto website.. I tend to count from the last 20 only and not for the whole year. Mondays and Wednesday lotto i find it easier to win however my highest success has been 4+1. I am missing on something but getting closer as i consitantly winning 4 numbers.

    • Hi john, i pick 14 numbers, i want to play the monday,wednesday,saturday lotto. is there any software to help make combination of the above?

  20. Lotto Tips for next few draws

    • Play combinations including 3 or 4 numbers from those that hit in the last few draws. Check numbers here.
    • Choose the remaining numbers – either add your own lucky numbers, or select from those that hit up to 10 draws back – it is likely the backest number may hit from around draw 7 or 8 (or less).
    • Focus on smaller numbers – see also next tip.

    Extra Lotto Tip

    Within the next 5 draws, probably less, we will likely see a draw with the highest number being 33 or less. Play for next few draws numbers 33 or smaller – big advantage when it hits!


    Filter analysis:

    To illustrate my point from comment above – when the Saliu ANY 1 to ANY 3 filters blowout (big) – as occured on previous Saturday Lotto – we would expect to see a draw coming up (one of the next few), where 3 or 4 numbers will hit from the last few draws. We are likely to see all numbers hit from within the last 10 draws or less, with a heavy emphasis on recent numbers.

    • Recent Saturday Lotto Filters ANY 1-6 :: 5+ 6+ 7+ 7+ 12+ 16+

    The Extra Lotto Tip of using numbers 33 or less, is based on a guide presented by Saliu, indicating that number sum totals of less than 100 (in this configuration of Lotto 6/45), as occured on Saturday Lotto, are frequently followed by a 33 MAX condition (in 5 draws or less). I have seen this occur most times, over and over. Add to this the high density of numbers in the 40’s recently hitting (last 20 draws), we will see a swing back to some smaller numbers. Great advantage when it hits!

    • Recent Saturday Lotto numbers SUM = 83


    • Lotto Tips above including the Extra Lotto Tip – ALL HIT in tonight’s Monday Lotto. Playing the above tips, I won some minor prizes, too easy. Hope you did too.

      Result 7 11 21 28 29 31 (24 25)

      2 numbers hit from previous draw, 3 in last 3, 4 in last 4, 5 in last 5.
      All numbers were less than 33.

      Last 5 draws:
      1 2 15 16 21 28
      5 10 12 17 40 42
      19 20 24 30 31 43
      7 8 13 18 25 43
      10 29 32 39 40 42

      The 6th number (#11) hit from 11 draws back. ANY6 = 10 see Filters below.

      ANY 1-6 :: 0- 0- 2- 3- 4- 10-
      VER 1-6 :: 3- 6- 8- 10- 20- 21-

      The Verticals came in a bit tighter than mine, and I had ANY6 = 3min-8max which hit at 10 (11 draws back) – still an ION4 = 0 type event.

      Stay tuned…

  21. Yes!
    Thanks so very much G, i did win some small prizes too, should have played a big ticket, but was saving for sat draw. :(. I am going to play similar number for oz lotto tonight, see what happens. Best of luck all.


    • Excellent!

      Keep an eye on Lotto over next few draws. The ANY Filters may blowout a little (numbers hit from further back), then we will see another draw with a few numbers hit from last few draws.

      To play, I use sequential games from MDIEditor&LottoWE (plus additional filtering), and currently experiment with my own forms of wheeling.

      Using ANY6 = 10, and lower VER filters 5 and 6, I could have hit the jackpot last night! Slight adjustments (and filtering numbers >33) produced just 57 games to play, including the magic winner.

      Good luck.

    • Yes John.

      Tips in Brief

      • Saturday Lotto – Play 3 numbers that hit in the last 3 draws, include at least 1 number from the last draw. If doesn’t hit, try again Monday. Check numbers here.
      • Next 2 weeks – Play including 5 numbers that hit in the last 4-6 draws, with a strong focus on last few draws. Possibly all 6 winning numbers to hit from last 4-8 draws.
      • Like to hit next draw:
        7 11 12 31 40 – include 1 or 2 of these
      • Like for next few draws:
        7 11 31 40


      Filter analysis

      As mentioned in my previous comment:
      Keep an eye on Lotto over next few draws. The ANY Filters may blowout a little (numbers hit from further back)…
      this happened:

      Filters that hit on Wednesday Lotto:
      ANY 1-6 :: 2+ 6+ 6+ 13+ 23+ 24+ VER 1-6 :: 2- 13+ 13+ 55+ 85+ 124+

      …then we will see another draw with a few numbers hit from last few draws.

      Don’t know if it will be as easy as Monday was, but we may confidently play 3 numbers that hit in the last 3 draws, including at least one from last draw – and if it fails Saturday, it will hit soon after.

      Additionally, it is still quite plausible that we may see another real narrow draw soon (next 2 weeks), where 5 numbers (or possibly 6) all hit from the last 4-6 draws, or so. Another ION4 = 0 type event is likely soon.

      After we see another draw (or two) with a high proportion of recent hits, it will be time again to just watch for a while.

      Double 40’s note: Anyone closely following Lotto will have noticed a predominance of numbers in the 40’s (40-45) over the last 22 draws. Double 40’s (2 numbers from the 40’s) hit again last draw. The 40’s represent only 13.3% of the field of 45 numbers in Lotto, and yet Double 40’s have hit in 13 out of 22 draws (almost 2 out of 3). This occurrence has produced a Skip Median = 0. This run will fade, and looking at the filters (#40-45), I would say Double 40’s run may stop soon. Yet, I wonder, as they have produced a Skip Median of 0, which means at least half the time they hit, hit again in the very next draw. The number 40 looks best from 40’s, and may hit again in next few draws.

      Good luck!

  22. Thanks. Last 2 weeks i havent won anything and hardly i get more than 2 numbers. Maybe i should change my strategy

  23. Saturday Lotto Result: 4 5 12 23 31 33 (3 9)
    Filters: ANY 1-6 :: 1- 3- 3- 7- 9- 18- VER 1-6 :: 3+ 4- 7- 16- 23- 39-

    Notice the #12 and #31 hit out of the 5 numbers suggested above – good ones to use 1 or 2 of.
    Notice too, the numbers came smaller as predicted we would see smaller numbers for balance, now forming a new trend.
    Even though the Filters have tightened a little, I expect to see even tighter ones appear soon. As the ANY Filters all went minus, its quite likely they will blow out a little on Monday, so we may play for a narrow draw Wednesday or next Saturday depending what hits – filters are dynamic.
    More to come…

    • Yes, noticed. New trend has appeared indeed, pitty lotto is not at 50million for this kind of trend. Life would be a dream…aahahahaa, OZ lotto way harder, but thank’s G, your tracking of lotto with these specific rare events, help out alot, that’s 2f2 now with winning 3+1 sup. I am tempted to play a system, but my record for playing systems is 0-6 horrible luck, but ironically the smaller the ticket i buy the better success i have. This has happened before recently, i’m not sure if it was in lotto or one of the other games. G, you track 4 draw events, but are you also tracking like this draw what happend, no number had a last number higher than 5. Thats like half the field almost out, anything with 6,7,8,9 not having to be considered.

      • Kicking up some play money is always nice, and when played right, small wins usually result in 3 to 8 times outlay which allows that many more free goes at it.
        As for tracking different factors as you mention, there are many, I sometimes track a few more than presented here. How many ways can we look at numbers? As many as you can imagine! Whatever factors you use to reduce combinations may give great leverage (advantage) when they hit, but remember, the more you use the less likely they will all hit at once (same draw). A few strong factors together I find work best, not too many or may miss it altogether. We must strike a balance, between reduced combinations and likelihood. Most factors will manifest over a number of draws and that is why it can be difficult to synchronise them all to one draw.
        Most people use hot/cold factors to predict, and this may be useful in some instances, as when high/low occurence of one factor has hit, it will re-balance over time; but this does not help us to define the trend, as Skips can. The Skips and Skip Medians give us the best clues, not necessarily a high density or lack of occurence over a sampling. This is how I hit 2 of the 5 numbers mentioned above, to include 1 or 2 of. Notice I included the #12 for Saturday only, this is because I liked its Skips leading up to this, and Saturday was its last chance to hit within its Skip Median. The other 4 numbers looked good skipwise, the #31 hit too, it may hit again next few draws. My favorite to hit in next few is the #7 – it looks really nice.
        What I look for, is a hit after a big Skip (absence), coupled with a tight Skip Median.
        We may see a blowout in Filters on Monday, but I will still have a go for next few draws, as I see a high likelihood of 3 or 4 numbers hitting from the last 2 to 3 draws, and a possible draw where all numbers hit from last 7 draws. Easier for small prizes at least, and launch us into the realm of higher probability of hitting the jackpot!
        Will post more here…

  24. Hello! Nice hit on Saturday, G! 2 numbers from 5 ! But i have a little question.
    You pick #12 and #31 that hit. I made the statistical report for 1257 drawings.
    Let’s take #12.

    Lotto # 12 * Hits: 169
    Skips >>>>> 3 14 4 2 16 5 3 2 0 5 1 3 4 2 5 1 9 0 5 26 …..
    Skip Median: 4

    Why did you pick this #? What was the difference between this # and #10 or #17

    Lotto # 10 * Hits: 181
    Skips >>>>> 3 2 10 3 12 0 4 5 7 14 1 20 0 1 1 0 0 5 3 …..
    Skip Median: 4

    Lotto # 17 * Hits: 162
    Skips >>>>> 3 4 4 0 12 4 7 19 3 6 0 21 8 11 2 2 0 5 8 ……
    Skip Median: 4

    Or the difference from #31 and #29 or #21 :

    Lotto # 31 * Hits: 170
    Skips >>>>> 1 2 8 5 3 7 6 2 1 4 8 15 13 2 8 2 13 2 19 …..

    Lotto # 29 * Hits: 160
    Skips >>>>> 1 4 4 2 7 7 15 0 0 3 2 3 6 0 8 3 9 0 16 …..

    Lotto # 21 * Hits: 183
    Skips >>>>> 1 0 7 2 3 2 11 22 27 11 2 1 0 12 6 10 2 6 ….

    Is it something i am missing or my data is wrong? Because i see no correlation between last skip and Skip Median. Thanks!

    • Thanks for comment Lotto Maniac.

      Its just how I look at the Filters.
      Lotto-6 Statistics report using a sampling of 120 draws, for #12 for Saturday.

      * Lotto # 12 * Hits: 19
      * Skips >>>>> 3 14 4 2 16 5 3 2 0 5 1 3 4 2 5 1 9 0 5
      * Sorted Skips: 0 0 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9 14 16
      ** Skip Median: 3

      I use 120 or 130 draws usually, and 90 draws to see slightly more recent trends. General guide is 3 times your field size. You may notice the numbers Skip Medians, as well as ANY/VER Medians, change slightly according to the sample size.

      Study the skips, and see the patterns.
      Quote: What I look for, is a hit after a big Skip (absence), coupled with a tight Skip Median.
      See why the #12 was ok for that draw?

      Its hard to explain all my observations here, and after years I still keep seeing more. Monday Lotto I had a few numbers, not enough. Played some games from the front (tight), and some games to hit from further back. My filters were a touch tighter than those that hit (on the front games) – I was going for an easy jackpot!

      Back to the Lotto drawing board…

      Wednesday we should see some filters blow (+). Even after this second ION4=0 event, we may still get another tight at the front game soon, though back filters (ANY5/6) could go higher.

      Monday draw looked like the narrow draw I was waiting to see, but not tight enough.

      I will be watching for easy pickings…

  25. Wednesday Lotto Result
    12 27 36 37 38 41 (15 28)

    #12 hit again

    the filters blew out, especially at the back as expected
    ANY 1-6 :: 1+ 2+ 2- 10+ 13+ 15+

    3 numbers hit from last 3 draws

  26. G that was super close draw. Dem i have noticed 27 being drawn a lot lately and so frustrated didnt pick with ur combination.

  27. Saturday Lotto Result
    7 9 12 15 27 40 (4 11)

    #12 hit again

    also, 3 of the 5 numbers tipped for last Saturday hit this Saturday.
    even a 4th number (#11) also hit as a supp. 3 numbers and a supp is a prize.
    Tipped: 7 11 12 31 40
    Hit: 7 12 40 (11 supp)

    this week the number 12 hit 3 times, and the number 31 hit twice.

    Filters ANY 1-6 :: 0- 0- 3+ 4- 5- 19+

  28. Update
    Even though the 4 draw event had already occurred on March 17, I decided to do some tips for late April, to further demonstrate how Skips/Filters assessment may be used to forecast/predict likely configurations for upcoming draws.
    It should be clearly seen by the above, that not only is this possible, but necessary for playing efficiently (and economically), and creating a condition whereby we boost our chance of hitting the jackpot – get within real strike range.
    Good to rest from Lotto now, though we may still see another narrow draw or two at the front, the back filters will likely remain bigger.

    Eyes now turn to Powerball, with a jackpot of $20 million, which just produced the following Filters:
    ANY 1-5 :: 5+ 5+ 11+ 27+ 28+ :: VER 1-5 :: 28+ 50+ 89+ 106+ 157+
    Numbers: 1 2 8 19 29 (13)
    These, and some other high filters produced in recent games, indicate to me we may see a narrow draw, at least at the front, soon. I also see a quite narrow draw (ION4=0) imminent, where ANY5 = 4 to 6. This may occur soon, or within the next 10 draws or so.
    I will post an article here about powerball tips this week.

    • John, the patterns I speak of are patterns in the FILTERS/SKIPS as used in Saliu programs. All other observations are additional to these, as the Skips prove the most effective indicator of potential.
      Look at the previous Powerball draw, NO numbers hit from the last 5 draws. This is an unusual event, and just this alone, points to some recent numbers (from last few draws) to hit in upcoming draws.
      If you need a pattern to play, try as suggested, take number combinations from the last few draws, then add your lucky numbers that hit from a little further back – 4 to 7 draws back.
      More to come.
      By the way, what method of play are you currently using?

  29. Big week – OZ Lotto $70 million, Powerball $20 million, and Saturday Lotto $20 million. If OZ Lotto jackpot doesn’t go off, it could be $100 million next week!
    You could be smoking $100 bills if they weren’t plastic…

    OZ Lotto $70 million
    For those playing OZ Lotto, thought I’d give a few tacit tips to help win – if you do win, I would appreciate a tip in return. I have very rarely played OZ Lotto, as it seems the hardest for analysis – with 7 numbers to hit per draw, it has narrower draws more frequently (compared to Lotto or Powerball), but there are more numbers included in any sampling of draws. The idea as always, is to reduce the numbers and combinations played.
    A look at the Filters leads me to say:

    • a firm game but not super tight
    • play some recent numbers – 3 or 4 numbers from last 3 draws (4th may come around 4 to 5 draws)
    • include at least 1 number from last draw
    • 5th number from 4 to 6 draws back
    • 6th number 6 to 10 draws
    • 7th number ?
    • numbers I like to hit soon :: 2 4 *16 25 37 38

    Good luck!

  30. 2 25 37 :: in last draw
    4 16 :: in 2nd draw back
    38 :: in 3rd draw back

    the number 16 is my favourite for OZ Lotto, to hit within 2 draws, maybe this week.

  31. For tonight draw my numbers are i am trying to average last 20 draw numbers. Ozlotto i hardly play as too many combinations.

    • Still thinking about this one John. The main problem here as I see it, is that there are 2 basic ways to play. The first one is how most people like to play, get small wins frequently, and feel like a winner – even though over longer term will likely lose. The 2nd is my favourite way, but doesn’t appeal to most people – play likely configurations at opportune times, to hit the jackpot, regardless of small prizes.
      Example, the last Powerball draw was a 6 draw event, and a 5 or 6 draw event on Powerball is mostly (not always) accompanied by quite small and frequently all minus (-) VER Filters, as just occurred. Now, when we play for a jackpot, as long as the ANY Filters are within range, we use the VER Filters to narrow down combinations to very few, but still include the winning game. If however, the ANY or VER filters are slightly out, it is possible to get a few numbers right, but not all in the same game, thus no prize. Whereas, if we just looked at ANY Filters, and picked numbers from those ranges and wheel them efficiently, we would hit the small prizes in accordance with our wheeling guarantee, but would be less likely to hit the jackpot this way.
      Hitting the jackpot Saliu style, is about patient tracking, refining methods, and disciplined timed play.
      What you think?

  32. Too busy this week to post a full article. These were the outcomes of the games, notice Powerball 5 main numbers all hit from within 6 draws, as forecast above. OZ Lotto and Wednesday Lotto also produced firm draws. Who said you can’t predict where the numbers will come from?

    OZ Lotto
    Result: 6 8 17 28 34 41 42 (4 19)
    ANY 1-7 :: 0 0- 3- 5- 8- 9- 9-
    if you play OZ Lotto, keep an eye on the numbers mentioned above to hit soon.

    Result: 3 6 18 29 37 (9)
    ANY 1-5 :: 0- 2- 4- 5- 5- VER 1-5 :: 3- 5- 6- 7- 24-

    Wednesday Lotto
    3 16 19 25 38 44 (29 42)
    ANY 1-6 :: 0- 0- 2- 3- 9- 10-

    Saturday Lotto
    Result: 1 2 14 16 19 45 (23 30)
    ANY 1-6 :: 0 0 1- 8+ 8- 28+

    • not easy John, we just had a run of firm draws leading up to Monday which was a 7 draw event. Wednesday blew out a little, so maybe firmish on Saturday. i know you like number picks, they are hard to pick, but if i must — the following numbers look ok to hit soon, use maybe 2 of each in your games…

      10 – hit last draw, looks good to hit again in one of next few draws.
      20 – may hit within next 2 draws.
      30 – hit last draw, looks good to hit again in one of next few draws.
      40 – having a dream run for a while now, good for Saturday.

      can combine as 6 paired combos like so:

      10 20
      10 30
      10 40
      20 30
      20 40
      30 40

      then add your own.

      good luck!

  33. Trend of draw numbers has changed a lot lately. Cnt see any numbers except 36, 40 have been drawn a lot lately but the other numbers hard to guess

  34. Today I had 3 correct numbers in 4 squres that I have played. Got a book for wheeling lotto numbers. So if g, u r willing to give me 2 numbers out of ur system I will try 2 out of mine and willing to spend all my last week winnings on 1 ticket.

  35. Wednesday 25 July 2012 – 4 draw event hit again.
    Result: 4 7 19 34 38 43 (28 36)

    oh crap – I played for a 4 draw and it hit!
    but my numbers were split between games…

    ANY 1-6 : 0 1- 1- 2- 3- 3-
    VER 1-6 : 1- 2- 3- 12- 13- 14-

    • Firstly the number distributions leading up to the draw:
      5 draws before we had a sum total = 211 (17 30 36 41 42 45) which is quite high, and frequently is followed soon after by a draw with big numbers – didn’t happen. In the 4 preceding draws we saw 2 single digit numbers each draw with 4 single digits hit 2 draws back (3 6 7 9 23 43) sum total = 91, hinting at a possible small number draw to come (still to come, all 33 or less). So being torn between the two, played some games bigs, others smalls – it came even distribution with 3 numbers from top half, 3 numbers from bottom half of the field.
      Why a 4 draw? The last 4 draw event was a long time coming (nearly 500 draws from previous 4 draw), so I thought the next might come a bit sooner. With a largish Ion 5 recently, Ion 4 double digit recent, and previous three ANY 6 filters were all over 30 (quite big) – this pointed to a narrow draw from the back, so I had a go, but my numbers were split bigs/smalls so just got games with 3 numbers each…
      All ANY and VER filters went minus (-) too, except ANY 1 which stayed at 0.
      I will need to do another article on 4 draw events to get the updated real typical 4 draw filters and medians of.
      If the Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Lotto continue in their current configuration (6/45), one day we will see a 3 draw event too!!

  36. This and last week had 5 numbers right but not in a same line. My next issue is to get the numbers in one line and it’s going to be a hard work as i am not mathematical genius.

    • You are powering mate! maybe you could combine your numbers and wheel them…
      I picked up few prizes on Powerball last week, and looking at strategy for this week’s $50 million… its real hard as there is not much in the way of extreme factors to use this week, I may have a go. Powerball filters will likely blow out a little, and numbers 11,32 look ok.
      Last chance for a #33 and less draw Lotto Wednesday, then let it go. Filters difficult, I won’t be playing.

          • Maybe you should try to dream the numbers. I had a dream once, where I saw all the Powerball numbers. I woke immediately, and thought wow… then lapsed back into slumber. By the time I actually woke up, could only remember 3 of the numbers. So I played a full ticket of Powerball, each game with the 3 numbers I could remember, the rest tried to guess. Every single game was a winner! I got $200 for that dream.
            The trick is, to wake up and write them all down, then get the jackpot.

          • When u look at the filters which is most important in ur strategy Ion, ver or any? do u look at 6th filter only or all of them and whats ur take + or – in the filter?

          • As I’ve said in comments above, if you want the small prizes, wait for ANY1,2 to go high. For a narrow draw like 4 draw event, usually preceded by high Ion 5 or Ver 6, and double-digit Ion 4.
            The best advice again, is to read lots of Saliu’s material, and study thousands of game filters looking for patterns.
            Then you may develop your own strategies and tricks.

  37. yes was: 21 22 27 31 32 38

    smallest number 21, doesn’t happen often, but does happen.

    interesting note:
    I recently checked the skip rate for occurrence of smallest number being a double-digit (meaning numbers 1 to 9 no hit). On sample I found Skip Median = 2.
    That means when the smallest number hit is a double-digit number, within the next 3 draws a double-digit smallest number will hit again at least 50% of the time.

  38. G which is the best link to read for filters , skips and medians. I still cnt find anything when i get + or – on the filters

    • John, there is no best link. Read the pages linked to from – especially user guide
      Then keep reading… he writes like many crazy genius types, spontaneous voluminous content that is best understood by reading a lot of it.

      The + and – are easy in meaning. Plus (+) on a filter means it is bigger than its previous corresponding filter, Minus (-) means it is smaller than its previous corresponding filter. No sign (+ or -) means its equal to previous corresponding filter.
      So if the ANY6 filter was 10 last draw and current draw goes to 15, it will appear as 15+. Then if it drops next draw to 8, it will appear as 8-.

  39. On Monday Lotto 5 November 2012, the 4 draw event hit again, with the following filters:

    ANY : 0- 1- 2- 2- 3- 3- VER : 1 2- 2- 3- 3- 65+

    1 4 12 33 39 44 – 4 Draw Event
    7 12 20 31 38 43
    3 4 15 22 30 37
    1 10 13 18 39 43
    5 6 25 33 34 44

    The ION 4 filter went double-digit just two draws prior, the same occured the previous 4 draw event. The lead-up draws showed very high ANY 1-3 filters, again pointing to a narrow draw.

    Since writing this article, as the 4 draw event had become overdue by averages, it has now hit 3 times this year. The 4 draw events hit on: 17 March, 25 July, 5 November.

    • Unbelievable, another 4 draw event hit on Wednesday Lotto 28 November!!

      ANY : 0 0 1- 2- 2- 3- VER : 2+ 2- 3- 8- 11- 63+

      12 14 16 19 26 37 – 4 draw event
      16 30 36 37 42 45
      17 26 30 32 42 43
      6 7 12 19 26 30
      11 14 19 20 30 41

      Since writing this article, as the 4 draw event had become overdue by averages, it has now hit 4 times this year. The 4 draw events hit on: 17 March, 25 July, 5 November, 28 November.

  40. Recent narrow draws, were followed by a slight blowout. Hard to pick for Saturday, but if you must have a go…

    3 numbers from last 3 draws, and 3 numbers from 5-10 draws back, is a likely config.

    recent numbers that hit, with a good chance to hit again:
    13 34 40

  41. Hello G,
    I have been following lotto for some time and have come across your webpage, very informative I may add.
    I have just started with MDIEditor and finding some great advise on your webpage.
    I would like to know how you play this system when it generates so many numbers, I guess you filter them down.
    Given the work you have put in I really hope you have won the big one!
    I would appreciate any tips or advice for a new starter to MDIEditor, clearly the site itself take a lot to work out.


    • Other than the ravings you find here, I think the best approach is to be learned from the man himself, Ion Saliu, in his articles and discussion forums – as linked to here:

      I can give some good tips occasionally, and see some future trends, but have not been able to hit that elusive jackpot, yet…

      If anyone is interested in joining a Lotto Tips Club, where you receive occasional helpful tips, trends, numbers, etc. just drop me a line on the Contact page, with the subject “Lotto Tips” – given enough interest I will start one up. There will be a small yearly fee to join.

      • Hi G,
        Thank you for getting back to me so promptly, I’ll drop you a line on the contact page as I’m sure we can pool our resources together.


  42. Hi G,
    How are the draws shaping up, you have not posted any tips for a while.
    Do you think anything will pop up soon with the 4 draw system.
    I’ve been working with MDIeditor now for two weeks, and have incorporated it into my lotto strategies.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Col, as you may appreciate the characteristic variability in patterns from statistical norms (periodicity of events over time, or number of trials), that may (and do) manifest; and further seeing the occurences described through the above comments, re-capping we could now surmise the following:

      After writing this article, expecting the 4 draw event to occur within reasonable variance from its average expected period of hitting, randomness stretched that expectation further, and into the realm of what many call “overdue”. Then, as usually occurs with any reasonably periodic event that becomes well overdue, when it does hit, it will hit a little more frequently (series of events over time, or number of trials) in order to conform to averages. Saliu uses concepts like FFG to elucidate it. Those who are ignorant, will call this idea (or anything similar) the “gamblers fallacy”. However, it is they who are fallacious, ignorant, like living in denial as eternal skeptics (some form of self-perceived intellectual superiority), or just like to parrot their peers. I have seen it too many times in real life, and know it is so. Saliu proves it beyond doubt with mathematics. Is it so hard to comprehend that the mathematics involved in a single event, are not the only ones to be at play over a series of events (number of trials) ?

      So, we saw the overly long absence of the 4 draw event, then it hit 4 times during 2012. At this stage, I would tend to be “off” the 4 draw event for a while, unless some striking filters appeared. There have been recent numbers hitting lately, 3 or 4 from last few draws, and looking at stats report indicates this trend may continue for a while. The VER 6 have hit pretty large lately, so we could see a fairly narrow draw this week – all numbers within 10 draws (or less) and Ion 4 = 0.

      I see this as a “lukewarm” period, a good time to wait, maybe a good time to go back over old games, filters, stats, strategy, etc.
      My eyes have turned more to Powerball as it may produce a 4 draw event sooner than Lotto. I had a go for a 4 draw on Powerball 5 weeks back, these were the filters that hit:
      ANY(1-5) : 1 1 2- 3- 7-
      VER(1-5) : 7+ 11- 11- 18- 29-

      • Hello G,
        I noticed this week the Powerball has blown out.
        Any1 Any2 Any3 Any4 Any5
        11+ 13+ 16+ 20+ 36+

        I would suggest that this is a rare event, we should see a 9 or less event happen soon.
        I would be interested in your view, I also realist that Ion 4 has not reached double figures.
        Interesting to note that this draw has two numbers with the same last digit, another filter I use.


        • Yes you are right Col, this is a rarity, as NO numbers hit from the last 11 draws!! I would definitely hammer the numbers from the last 4 draws, in fact it could be a 4 draw event. I wouldn’t worry about the Ion4 not hitting double-digits lately, its not as prevalent in Powerball (Lotto5) as in Lotto6, and the last 3 draws produced Ion4 of 6,9,7 which are all on the high side, pointing to a drop.
          Your note on 2 with same last digit is another additional filter, there are too many of these described in Lotto Black Book, as there are on Saliu’s site and forums. All these additionals can be looked at in terms of skips/medians too.

          Picking the Powerball itself, will be the hardest for next week, as there isn’t a strong trend on skips. I kinda like numbers between mid 20’s to low 30’s with skips below the skip median, for now.

          My top picks with a chance, for the 5 main numbers:
          4 9 28 37 44

          Good luck!

          • I had another look at Powerball skips (and will look more this week), and this is a record breaker: ANY1=11
            First time ever in 874 draws of Powerball (since 23 May 1996) that NO numbers have hit from the last 11 draws.

            We will almost definitely see a really tight draw, especially towards the front (ANY1-4), within 1-3 draws. I expect to see something pretty freaky…

  43. Hi G,
    Could not agree more, we are indeed in the throws of something freaky to happen, it may take 2-4 weeks to occur.
    The Powerball would be nice to predict, however if I can land the the five numbers that is good enough for me.
    I will also do some drilling down on prior draws to help narrow the field down.
    I will also examine, triple consecutive, all odd or even, all high or low, number sums and same last digit.
    Thanks for the tips.
    I’ll catch up soon.

    Good Luck to you as well.

  44. Hi G,
    Well I have had a look at my stats for the next PBall draw.
    I like 1,42,43 and 15 for the Pball number and based on the last 200 draws 1,13,14,17,26,33 and 41 for the main numbers.
    Lets see how we go.

    Good luck,

  45. Powerball
    My top picks with a chance, for the 5 main numbers:
    4 9 28 37 44

    9 28 31 38 45 (19)

    That’s 2 numbers hit (9 28), and 2 numbers off by one (adjacent).

    I was going for a 4 draw, but it was only tight at the front and I hit all 3 numbers that appeared from last 4 draws – 9, 28, 31 – in my games (see below).
    Having generated too many games, I finally filtered by using 3 standouts – the 9, 28, and 44 (from above picks). 9 was my favourite, so I used it in every game (see below).

    Filters hit:
    ANY 1-5 : 0- 3- 3- 11- 19-
    VER 1-5 : 0- 3- 16- 19- 27-

    I hit 11 winners from 34 games, these are my games:

    9 11 17 31 44 29
    9 11 17 32 44 28
    9 11 17 40 44 29
    9 11 31 40 44 28
    9 11 32 40 44 29
    9 14 17 31 44 28
    9 14 17 40 44 29
    9 14 28 31 32 28
    9 14 28 31 40 29
    9 14 32 40 44 28
    9 15 17 28 31 29
    9 15 17 28 32 28
    9 15 17 28 40 29
    9 15 28 31 32 28
    9 15 28 31 40 29
    9 17 23 28 31 28
    9 17 23 28 32 29
    9 17 23 30 31 28
    9 17 23 30 32 29
    9 17 24 28 31 28
    9 17 24 28 32 29
    9 17 24 28 40 28
    9 17 24 31 44 29
    9 17 24 40 44 28
    9 17 28 31 33 29
    9 17 28 31 44 28
    9 17 30 31 44 29
    9 17 30 40 44 28
    9 24 28 31 40 29
    9 24 28 32 40 28
    9 24 31 40 44 29
    9 24 32 40 44 28
    9 28 31 40 44 29
    9 28 32 33 40 28

    Winning Combinations Check – MDI Editor & LottoWE
    Winners Check

    I reckon we might see a better (tighter) draw in Powerball, in next few draws.

    • Hi G,
      Well done, good spotting.
      My system did not fair well at all this week, never mind.
      Best I picked up was the two numbers you forecast and the repeat from last week being no.31.
      How did you manage to pick out your numbers? Did you use MDIEditor to get these forecast numbers?
      I used an alternate system but as you can see it was way off.
      I still think that we are getting close for a freaky Powerball draw after last weeks skips.
      Perhaps next week? I’ll do some more homework and perhaps aim for a 4 or 5 draw next week.


  46. Yes Col, I use MDIEditor & LottoWE for mostly everything. As you know, I posted those “top picks with a chance” last week. Read my comments above, you will see how I pick my favourite numbers.

    I used some likely 4 draw filters, which produced too many games, and with lack of any other trends, I decided to filter further using my favourite numbers (from top picks).

    The 9 was my favourite top pick, so I removed all games without 9 in them. I then further filtered, to keep only games that also had 28 and/or 44, which were my 2nd and 3rd favourites. This left me with the above 34 games.

    • Hi G,
      Thanks for the tips, as I’m new to MDIEditor there is so much to learn. At this stage I feel like the apprentice but it is good to learn a new system. You are right the more I work with MDIEditor there is minimal need for other programs.
      I’m getting ready to have a go at tomorrow nights lotto draws.


    • Hi John, that email dropped into my mailing list box. Regards the Lotto Tips club, I am still thinking about it, and waiting for more interest, I may need to promo it. Will do a mailout when its ready.

  47. Hi G,
    How did you go with the lotto last Sat, it delivered ANY 6 = 10 with a ION 4 = 0. The front end was tight. Unfortunately I missed putting my tickets on, never mind always next week.
    I’m starting to look at the Powerball for this Thursday, it is 20 million. Given the results from the last few weeks I’m keen to try for a 4 draw event.
    I was wondering how you picked your favourite numbers from the last draw, I’m keen to use your system.
    The system I used was a program which tracks the hits and skips, however it’s hit rate was no where as good as your system.
    Any tips you may have would be great as I’m playing for a 4 draw event.
    Finally put me down for your lotto club if you have enough players to join.
    Anyway back to Thursday’s draw.


  48. Hi Col, read the comments above, I discuss at great length how to find best potential numbers using skips/skip median.

    The Monday Lotto draw produced ANY 6 = 10, last Saturday produced a 6 draw event:
    ANY 1-6 : 0- 0- 1- 2- 2- 5-

    The last Powerball draw saw all ANY and VER filters go minus (-). It may be a tight draw this week, but I lean more toward some plus (+) filters occuring, and prefer to play maybe next week, for the 4 draw.

    4 – looks ok for this week
    17,44 – look good to hit soon

    • Hi G,
      I took your advice and did not play this week, instead I’ll play the Tatts Sat Lotto draw.
      I still think we should see a tight PBall draw soon.

      Currently reading back through the forum and getting some good tips.


  49. Hi G,
    Well we have just been given a curve ball, Powerball is now 6 from 40 and Powerball number is 1 from 20.
    I guess we need to build a new database?
    What do you think the best plan of attack is?


    • I will need to do some updates now. As for using Saliu’s methods on Australian Powerball, I would wait for at least a few years for decent useable data.

  50. Hi G,
    Given the Powerball has changed, perhaps it would be a good time to set up your Lotto Club.
    The main aim would be to concentrate on the Saturday night lotto draw until we gather stats on the Powerball.
    I’m sure many of your forum readers would be interested including myself, I would also be interested in forming a syndicate.
    I know you have been talking about this for sometime are there other interested forum members?
    I’m keen to see how the ne Powerball dividends pay, particularly the 5 and 6 number without Powerball.


  51. On the Powerball – it is best to treat it as Lotto 6/40 for analysis purposes, MDIEditor&LottoWE does not appear to have Powerball 6+1 features. The powerball itself will need be checked for skips/skip median using other Saliu software. Due to the new Powerball Division 1 prize having bigger odds (1:76,767,600) we are likely to see a massive jackpot sometime of well over $100 million! I will be watching for the typically repeating early numbers of the new game.
    The Powerball could still be played with some advantage, not by using skip data (won’t be fully useable for a while), but by simple wheeling with some recent hit numbers included. Generating thousands of simulated games would show typical filter formations we could likely see in the new format.

    On Saturday Lotto and Lotto Club – do you mean to run Saturday Lotto specifically?
    If you want to play just Saturday Lotto, then it is wiser to use a Saturday Lotto database, the one I currently use is Mon-Wed-Sat combined and good to play either day. Playing all 3 would give us more potential hit periods.

    Current Ideas – open to suggestions:

    Total 10 members max
    – all in one fee
    – private tips by email
    – games/systems played notification by email
    – share in winnings
    – system testing/trials options
    – option to withdraw at end period
    – option to renew/top-up

    For a conservative start, probably $100/6mths, or $200/year, per member – this would allow the club several good hits over the time. Of course its flexible depending on how it rolls, and as you may know, I don’t like to play very often. Less members would mean a higher contribution.

    It would run a bit like some other clubs do, in that G Network administers and executes all functions related to the club, including compiling and entering favourable games, keeping records, and notifying members – and is compensated by holding one share of the pool.

    These are just some thoughts, and we would need several more members at least, to allow some strong hits when required.

    Open to more suggestions…

  52. Hi G,
    You make some good points, I have been playing only Saturday lotto as the dividends seem too low on the Mon and Wed draws.
    However I’m happy to give it a go and set up the database for it.
    I like your ideas of the lotto club, ten player would be manageable as long as it can supported by the funds from ten players. I also agree with playing when the time is right. ie when skips or frequency is due.
    Given that there are many other methods that I use and I guess other people as well, it would be good to share strategies and discuss some of the method that work or have been discovered by others.
    The fees are not an issue, so long the funds are adequate to cover the associated costs. Serious players will put up serious money I would say around $500 to get it started, after all if we collect five numbers it will pay for itself in no time.
    Do you feel you have the numbers yet?
    Happy to be part of this count me in and if you require any assistance ie. photocopy, printing or posting info out I’m more than happy to help.
    Please anyone else with comments as I’m sure G would be keen to hear from you.

    • Thanks Col for all your input. See my comment below, I would need to provide an interface for members first, so we can get it together. For now, just post any major ideas here – I am still feeling my way with it.

  53. Yes, I don’t see a lot of difference in prizes, the Mon/Wed smaller divs may pay a little less, but Div 1 is frequently a million or two – good enough.

    I may need to actively promo as few willing participants have come forward so far, and I’ve also had google algorithm posing a challenge, as it now promotes bigger corporate sites higher in search engine rankings.

    Let me dream on it a little more, and see what comes forth…

  54. Do u have any idea when u wanna start and how we r going to do it?
    I am thinking that when we submit a Lotto ticket should be available everyone to see it and prize money.

    • As I said, would need to put together the interface for members, and of course it would be transparent – you will be able to see games played, pool, prizes, everything (members only).

      If everyone is really keen to play immediately, maybe we could allocate a small portion of funds for wheeling systems first, as I can’t see a great deal in the way of extremes forming currently for skips (no advantage).

      I strongly suggest we don’t play frequently, but only when some easy advantage can be gained. Usually this would be played as a set of games in sequence (3 to 5) and occur maybe every 1-3 months. This way we could hit hard when the time is right.

  55. Hi G,
    I would suggest we form the group and get everything in place so when a clear advantage happens we are ready for it. In the meantime the forum could post favorite numbers for that week if members wish to play each week.
    Either way I’m happy to get the ball rolling, I find it hard some weeks to find the time to keep track of events, so a group wheeling system is fine by me.
    Keen to hear from others.


  56. The number 21 hit last draw. We saw last draw, ANY 6 = 41, and 3 draws back ANY 6 = 55. It is hard to see 2 such recent draws with big ANY 6 without seeing a pretty tight draw real soon. This coupled with VER 1 = 10 (last draw), points to a tight draw, likely within next 2 draws or so. May not be a 4 draw event, but 5 or 6 draw quite likely. Number 27 looks ok.

  57. Hi G,
    How do you find/predict the numbers to come out?
    Do you use another program other tham MDIEditor?
    On the Saturday Lotto this week is on track for a 33 numbers or less to come out. (based on Sat draws only)
    How do you see it?
    Any further news on the club being set up?


    • How do you find/predict the numbers to come out?
      What I look for, is a hit after a big Skip (absence), coupled with a tight Skip Median.

      Do you use another program other tham MDIEditor?
      Its my tool of choice. I sometimes play with other Saliu programs, maybe I should use them a bit more.

      Nice pickup on under 33, you were right based on Saturday draws. Though I don’t practice it, it is a nice idea to analyse Mon-Wed-Sat draws and correlate to analysis of each singularly. This could give greater advantage especially when similar tendencies line up on both.

      The club will need to wait just a bit, as I have lots going on right now…

      PS: Saturday’s draw was not as tight as it could have been. Likely we will still see a tight draw (5-7 draw event maybe) in the next handful of draws.

      15 30

      • Hi G,
        Thanks for the information, I will study this over the next week.
        Great tips as always.
        I’ll wait until you are ready for the club, will keep chatting over the forum.

        Thanks again,

  58. Hi G,
    Looking at the high Ion 5 for Sat Lotto draws indicates we could be in for a Ion 4 = 0 event.
    I noticed you forecast 5-7 draw event soon and the high Ion 5 would suggest such a result.
    I’m still looking at the skips and medians trying to work the advantage out.
    Do you see 15 and 30 being favored for the Sat draw?
    I also use a Hot/cold analysis filter, do you use this strategy as well? As I find most draws are a combination of Hot and Cold numbers very very rare to come across all hot or all cold.


    • Yes Col, you’re right about the Ion 5 on Saturday, and we saw the Monday draw hit with Any 6 = 8 (and Ion 4 = 0) which may have been the expected tight draw. Of course if you analyse just Saturday you could look further.
      For the Mon-Wed-Sat draws, I was expecting a bit tighter than was produced on Monday, and this Saturday would be last go for now.

      The numbers look sweet for Saturday, if no hit, let them go:

      15 30 31

  59. Monday high probability numbers are:44,42,13,20 and 23. 23 was drawn last Monday so i would exclude that number from next Monday draw

  60. Hi G,
    Good to see the Sat draw produced a Ion 4 = 0 as predicted.
    I agree the tight draws will not appear for at least another few draws.
    I’m finding good repeat number analysis when I look at each draw individually coupled with a hot/cold analysis. It is very rare to find in a draw all hot or all cold numbers.


  61. Hi G,
    How are the draws looking, do you see any patterns coming up soon. We many see a 33 and under draw soon on the Saturday lotto.
    I’m going to add the new Powerball draws to the existing database and run for 40 numbers, this may develop a pattern.
    Interested in your view.

    • Hi Col. Yes you could play 33 and less for either/both next 2 Saturday’s – on Saturday draws analysis. If you have a big Saturday Lotto results data list, send me a copy from Contact page.
      We will likely see a firm draw again soon, and I like that area around
      35 36 37

      As for Powerball, no I would not use any data from previous format. The only thing I would look at is the recent games (6 so far) for skip formations developing. The 26 and 35 are going the best, both having hit 3 from 6 games, and with running skip median of 1 and 2 respectively.

  62. Hi G,
    Looking at Saturday database of no’s, based on skips and low skip median I like no’s 22,26,27 and 38.


  63. Saturday Lotto Result: 7 10 28 34 41 44

    This produced a 5 draw event.

    ANY 1-6 : 0- 0- 1- 1- 2- 4-

    The blowout draws mentioned above (15 and 17 draws back) were ANY 6 = 41 and 55, didn’t quite produce the really tight draw expected. But 4 draws before Saturday’s we saw ANY 6 = 43. As I mentioned it is very common to see a real tight draw following such high ANY 6 hits from the backend.

  64. Hi G,
    Well spotted, the Sat chart did not pick this up I must keep a closer eye on the MonWedSat chart. The Sat draw is still on track this week for a 33 and under draw.
    I will now focus on both charts, I’m kicking myself for missing this.
    My latest focus has been on the correlation of the winning numbers and there skip median, some interesting trends are developing in this area.
    Hope you picked up some wins from the 5 draw event.


  65. Hi G,
    Have you read the “5% frequency the lowest number is no less than 20” by DEZ on July 12, 2001.
    Im interested in you view and if there is a way to predict through MDIEditor the first number being over 20?
    I have checked with the Sat draws and yes on average the numbers are 20 and over in 1 in 39 draws, not great odds however if you look at the 2nd number to the 6th number drawn the results look interesting to say the least.
    I will check the MonWedSat database for similar trends.


    • Hi Col, there are so many ways to look at the numbers and formations…

      If you think the one you mention is “interesting”, take a look at skip median of first number being double digit – its insanely good. Look at the hits and where you could exclude 1-9 for easy advantage.

      This Saturday could easy be 33 and less, with Monday’s result a low sum-total of 74, also pointing.

      On a tiny Powerball database, the 26 just hit again tonight, and with a skip median of 1, could be watched for over next 2 draws.

  66. Hi G,
    With the 33 or less being overdue on the Sat lotto will try this week.
    Looking at the chart I like number 30 this week, would you agree?


    • The low number hit draw (33max) occurs frequently but not always, within 5 draws from a small sum-total (100max). When playing any factor, it is best to play the window (number of draws) then let it go. On just Saturday draws, the window for it is gone, but on Mon-Wed-Sat draws still has next 2 draws to look at.

      On picking strong numbers, or standouts, you will notice I have the greatest success at this when looking forward to a narrow draw. This is so because if you know that recent numbers will hit, it is easy to select those that have a small skip median coupled with a large previous skip.
      As Wednesday’s result produced a firm draw
      ANY 1-6 : 0 0- 2- 2- 3- 10-
      I see a blowout and therefor NOT recent numbers, and so is more difficult to use this tactic to select strong standouts.

      That’s kinda why we look at times when the skips are about to come in real tight, as much more advantage may be gained.

  67. Hi G,
    Looking at the charts I do have to agree with you, Wed draw was tight so we can expect the draws to blowout a little.
    Looking at the previous trends for the 33 and under, yes I use a window within 5-6 draws and wait until next time.
    I’m eager to see how the Powerball chart starts to develop given the new format.
    Generally I play Sat lotto and Pball.
    I have also developed the charts for both Sat and SatmonWed draws to try and learn the trends that appear.
    Thanks again for the great advise G.

  68. Hi G,
    With the Sat lotto up to 21M this week, do you see any tips for draw.
    I’ll check out the chart tonight and see what I come up with.


    • Do a little dance, you hit the 30 last Saturday…
      Not a lot I can see, but recent slight blowouts in ANY filters at front, points to at least 3 or 4 recent numbers to hit.
      Possibles are:
      5 37 42
      even your favoured 30 may hit again.

      If I was forced to play (at gunpoint), I’d probably take combos of first 4 numbers from the last 4 or 5 draws, then the 5th and 6th from 11 draws and back.

      Good luck Col.

  69. Hi G,
    Thank you for the review, I agree with picks 5,37,42 and a possible 36. I think no.30 has run its race for a while anyway.(I hope)
    I will run a system as you advised and run my hit 3 system coupled with the above picks.
    See how we go.


  70. Hi G,
    Yes good spotting on the numbers. I missed out on Sat ended up with a few small prizes. (30 would have helped)
    I had 5,16 and 42 down for Monday (tonight’s draw).
    Anyway good news I’m starting to pick the numbers through the skips which I must admit had me confused at the beginning.
    I see now how you wait for the stand out numbers and then play to your advantage, this will now include looking at Mon and Wed draws and play when the numbers are favourable.
    Great work G, I look forward to comparing our picks from time to time.

  71. Hi G,
    Given the current filter analysis and stats, can you see a four draw event happening soon.
    Ion 5 has blown out but the Ion 1 is still possibly too low.Ion 4 produced a 7+ two draws ago and pointed to the Any 6 being 10 or less.
    Do you see results from the VER filters, as I find it hard to correlate any patters using the VER filters.


    • Firstly, last year we had 4 times a 4 draw event, which is high, but was preceded by a long dry spell. We may see a 4 draw event this year, but not too many.

      I can’t see a great deal of clear advantage right now. There may be a firm draw soon (6-8 draw), but is hard to narrow down, as it may not be tight at front – high density of numbers in 4-8 draw range.

      VER Vertical filters help to reduce combinations dramatically. The VER filters are nearly always tight when the ANY filters come right in (4-6 draw). Watch for sustained big shifts from the medians, as they will be followed by a re-balancing.

      PS: The Monday draw produced the Ion4=0 with 5 numbers hit from the last 3 draws, 4 numbers from the last 2 draws.
      ANY 1-6 :: 0- 0- 1- 1- 2- 10-

      • That firm draw may hit within next few draws, after seeing Wednesday’s result:

        ANY 1-6 :: 0 12+ 16+ 19+ 22+ 34+

        Good numbers to repeat within next few draws:
        11 21 25 29

        • Hi G,
          Yes I agree, was not expecting such a result for Wed draw.
          I have just been interstate, will have a look tonight at the numbers.


  72. Saturday result was the firm, an 8 draw.
    1 15 16 20 31 36

    ANY 1-6 :: 0 1- 2- 3- 6- 7-

    The numbers tipped above are still good for upcoming draws, though the next draw may blowout a little, so more likely hits may appear Wednesday or next Saturday.

  73. Hi G,
    Well the numbers are looking hard to pick for this weeks Sat draw.
    I have picked 2 or 5 to repeat from last draw.
    Skips look good for 11,21,26,29,37 and 44.

    I picked up a few wins on the wed draw which was easy as 38 was a stand out. I’m finding tonight’s draw a bit harder, will only run a few tickets.

    At present I’m sure you would agree the 4 draw play may be a little way away.

    Have you had any luck on the powerball given the new format, I have not looked at it yet as I recall you stated the database was still in it’s infancy.


  74. Hi G,
    Well tonight has posted some interesting results on the MDIE filters chart.
    Ion 1 – 1052+ and Ion 5 – 61+
    Do you think this could point to a draw 4 soon?


    • Hi Col, I can’t see anything special at the moment. On its periodicity alone, we will likely see an Ion4=0 event soon, may not be as tight as we like.

      Notice picking standout numbers (with low skip medians) is most effective when we know that most of the numbers will hit from last few draws, otherwise, don’t bother. Most advantage can be gained when working on potential very tight draws…

      PS: I looked at “Saturday only” stats and saw there was an incredibly rare “3 draw event” 6 months ago!!

  75. Hi G,
    Picks for tonight’s draw are 16-31-38.
    I’m still trying to work out trends using Salu’s filters chart, I’ll go back through the threads and on the website forum see if I can pick up any tips.

    Still trying to pick a 4 draw week before it happens or perhaps play every draw as a 4 draw week and just be patient?


    • Not clear really. We are due again on averages an Ion4=0, and higher recent Ion4’s point that way too, but we have just seen firmness at front (Any1&2=0) in leadup.

      If you must play, I would focus mostly on numbers from draws 4-9. I won’t tip any numbers, as we know that works best when working for a real tight draw. If we see a blowout, I would pounce AFTER that…

  76. Hi G,
    Thanks again for the tip.
    It always amazes me how you can pick the trends, I have not worked that out yet.

    • As for trends, observation is key… but having said that, life may still produce the unexpected!

      With that in mind, and if you were feeling slightly bold, you could go for a tighter draw – just to make things easier – like 4-6 draw…

  77. Monday Lotto last night produced the Ion4=0, an 8 draw:

    Any :: 0 0 2 3- 4- 7-
    Ver :: 0 2 3- 4- 5- 19-

    We may see another Ion4=0 event in the next few draws…

  78. Hi G,
    I agree, it has been sometime since a 4 draw event and the last draw blew out a little.
    I see Ion 1187+ 36+ 1- 1+ 62+
    What do you make of no.29 coming out 4 draws in row, together with Monday nights draw 9,19,29,39.
    I feel that the nines have run there race for the moment.

    Could it be the 4 draw event is not far away?

    At this stage numbers 6,16 and 32 should be out soon.

    What do you think G?


    • Hey Col, it didn’t blow out enough for my liking, and there’s a chance it may blow out further next draw – it has remained firm at the front (Any1-3) for several draws. Of course, we may see the firmer 4-7 draw, but I would only track it for the next 3 draws.

      Because of the density at the front, I favour at least 2 or 3 numbers to hit in that 4-7 draw range – set at least 2 or 3 ANY filters to MIN:3 MAX:7 (or anything inbetween).

      Numbers in that zone, that look good…

      For next 2 draws
      23 32

      For Saturday

      PS: As for your number 29 hitting 4 in a row, it happens occasionally. You could exclude it next draw, as 5 in a row is a lot rarer – or – you could follow the freak and stand it out. If it does hit again, I would definitely exclude it the following draw. Monday had four 9’s, Wednesday produced 3 numbers in sequence – 27 28 29. The 29 does look like its produced some magical order along the way…

  79. Saturday Lotto skips blew out slightly, but what was most notable is the Ion4=8, supporting evidence for a tighter draw to come, possibly Monday.

    I wouldn’t rely too much on the numbers 23 and 32, as they both have skip median of 4. The best number predictions usually come from skip medians of 1 to 3, and best when a really tight draw hits.

    Number concentrations may come around high 20’s, low 30’s, and 36,37 look ok.

  80. Hi G,
    Well the numbers did not hit this draw but I suspect they will come out in the next two draws, this sometimes happens with the trends.
    For the Monday draw I like number 16 and numbers around low 30’s and low 40’s.
    My analysis program points strongly to 16 coming out along with either 32 or 37.
    See how we go.


  81. Monday Result: 4 11 23 26 30 35
    Any1-6 :: 3+ 4+ 5+ 6- 7- 10-

    The 23 hit, and Ion4=0, but not so tight especially at the front, which eased out after recent “tight at front” run.

    I can’t see as much pressure left for a really tight draw now, but you could have one more berserker go on Wednesday – then relax a bit…

  82. Hi G,
    Well just as well I run out of time today to put my ticket on, my numbers were way off.
    I agree perhaps one more go and let it go of a while, I usually look for the tight front draw and play hit 2 from previous draw.

    I will do some back testing now to try and improve the picks. Good old 23 was not far away.


  83. The last 2 draws blew out at the front a little, likely to see 2 or 3 numbers from recent hits.
    feel like you just gotta play?
    16 and 30 look ok numbers for Saturday…

  84. Hi G,
    The numbers will come back to a normal level and yes perhaps hit 2 or 3 from last draws.
    Sat draw I like 36,41,and 44 along with 16. Not sure on 30 may go another draw before a hit.
    Both my analysis programs points to 16 coming out and given your tips, 16 would be a sure bet.
    All the best,

  85. You could easily standout the 16, and run it in every game.

    By simply standing one number out like this, you improve your chances of hitting the jackpot by 750%!

    Of course the real advantage may only be realised if it hits…

    Good luck Col

  86. Hi G,
    Currently I’m looking at programs that will analyse the skips of the numbers in different configurations.
    Question, When using MDIEditor and looking at the skips and skip medians, which skip results will near enough guarantee that they will not come out. ie last skip 6 and skip median of 12.
    I will use this to eliminate these numbers from my selection for that week.
    Oh, do you think 16 will finally show tonight?

    • Hi Col,
      time for the 16 is over, let it go, the 30 hit on Wednesday.

      Your question on skips: there is no guarantee, only degree of certainty.

      Any5 and Any6 have just had 3 minus(-) signs in a row, so likely to go plus(+).
      2 numbers from draws 10/11 and further back – 2 of these :
      2 10 15 17 21 24 25 32 38 41 44

      I also see one number to hit from the last draw.

      Hard time to play…

      • Saturday Lotto Result: 6 25 27 29 38 41

        ANY1-6 :: 2+ 3+ 5+ 11+ 16+ 24+

        All the ANY filters went plus, and there were 3 numbers hit from those numbers above – 25 38 41

        Monday draw or soon after, may be a tight one.

  87. Hi G,
    Well no doubt you were spot on the money.
    I agree the ANY1-6 :: 2+ 3+ 5+ 11+ 16+ 24+ looks interesting could we finally see a tight draw for this year?
    Are there any other signs in the Ion or Ver column we need to look out for G that would indicate the tight draw? I remember reading somewhere that a high Ion 1 with a high Ion 5 could point to the tight draw as well.
    The Ver column does not provide me with a lot of trend info, is there something I’m missing here G?
    On the number predictions I noticed that previous number can come from the previous draw and also the previous weeks draw. ie last Sat draw in last nights case it was no. 29 that repeated.


    • Yes Col, a tighter draw may hit yet, even though there have already been some Ion4=0 events recently. The factor that I notice is the Ion4=10 on Monday, then Wednesday produced a passable Ion4=0 with a 10 draw event. But, the last decent tight draw was 43 draws back, a 5 draw event; the last 4 draw event was 104 draws back. In the last 42 draws, the best we have seen is an 8 draw event. We are heading closer to a better configuration, a 4-6 draw event, soon. If not hit on this campaign, I would start to watch the filters carefully for a while.

      This campaign looks ok for the next 3 draws only: Mon 29 July, Wed 31 July, Sat 3 August

      I might even have a go. Need to have a good look first…

      PS: Yes, you can run Saturday’s as a seperate sample, and compare filters/strategies to Mon-Wed-Sat – use similarities for strongest advantage.
      PPS: It just happened that we did not see one hit from last draw (even tho 29 was from last Saturday). This only makes it stronger to hit on Monday, where I will make ANY1=0

    • Numbers to include this week.

      1 (Mon,Wed)
      29 (good winning run – last 9 skips: 0 2 3 0 0 0 3 2 2)
      30 (Mon,Wed)
      31 (Mon)

      Note: The strike rate of these numbers will go higher, when draws are composed of more recent numbers (tight draw).

      Monday had a sum total of 84, so we may see a 33 and under draw this week – may or may not coincide with tight draw.

      more to come…

  88. Hi G,
    Currently looking at recent draws and I like no’s.
    7 – skip is due, and came out last Monday draw.
    25 or 41 repeats from last Sat draw.
    10 over due to hit
    31 and 33 are Inbetweeners could come out Mon or Wed.

    Thanks as always for you tips G.
    Good Luck,

  89. * == UPDATE == *
    Saturday Lotto forecast

    The anticipated tight draw did not hit Monday or Wednesday, instead we saw the filters come in firmer, then blow out again.

    WED : Any1-6 : 2+ 3+ 5+ 7 10+ 26+
    MON : Any1-6 : 1- 2- 2- 7- 8- 13-
    SAT : Any1-6 : 2+ 3+ 5+ 11+ 16+ 24+

    There was only one hit (31) from the “Numbers to include this week” posted above. As noted, “The strike rate of these numbers will go higher, when draws are composed of more recent numbers (tight draw)”, which did not happen.
    Now recent numbers to hit look even stronger, we have a better configuration possible to hit on Saturday.

    Tight draw (maybe 4 draw) looks even better for Saturday, with at least a high density of numbers from draws 1-3 hitting (4 or 5 numbers). I see narrow filters at the front, strongly.
    At least one number to hit from last draw (Any1=0), but may easily be 2, or even 3 numbers from last draw.

    Recent Numbers to feature:

    18 43
    10 31 36 42
    25 29 41

    Tip – Smallest Number

    I see a draw coming very soon, where the smallest number is a double digit (10-25), favouring the higher end of the scale. This would provide great leverage when hit, as many smaller numbers are excluded. When it hits, if it is not real big, say only 10-14, we could easily see a follow up draw soon after, where the smallest number is 15-25. This would increase chances tremendously, as one third, to over half the numbers could be excluded.
    I will post my reasoning after the hit/s occur, it will be miraculous to watch.

    Using this prediction, if you wanted to push your luck to the max, say number 25 will be the smallest number (a rare event). When the condition hit, your odds to win the jackpot (per random game played), would go from normal 1 in 8,145,060 to 1 in 54,264. See chart below for breakdown of combinations, according to smallest number used:

    # : Total combinations for 6 from — : Combinations

      1 : Total combinations for 6 from 45 : 8145060
    15 : Total combinations for 6 from 31 : 736281
    16 : Total combinations for 6 from 30 : 593775
    17 : Total combinations for 6 from 29 : 475020
    18 : Total combinations for 6 from 28 : 376740
    19 : Total combinations for 6 from 27 : 296010
    20 : Total combinations for 6 from 26 : 230230
    21 : Total combinations for 6 from 25 : 177100
    22 : Total combinations for 6 from 24 : 134596
    23 : Total combinations for 6 from 23 : 100947
    24 : Total combinations for 6 from 22 : 74613
    25 : Total combinations for 6 from 21 : 54264

    Now remember, those combinations represent your chance of winning the jackpot per game, using random numbers. By using narrowed down filter configurations, combinations may be reduced much further.

    Another distinct advantage when winning prizes with bigger numbers, is that they almost always pay bigger! That’s because most numbers chosen by players, have a higher density of numbers from 1-31 due to birthday pickers. So theoretically, and in real life, winning prizes are bigger when bigger numbers hit (>31). When hitting the jackpot with bigger numbers, you are far more likely to collect the whole jackpot (or at least a larger share).

    Good luck.

    PS: I may post more tips tomorrow…

  90. Hi G,
    I have just arrived back home from a trip, will look at numbers tonight.
    Looks like you’ve been working hard on the recent trends.
    I always look forward to your postings.

    Will comment after running numbers tonight.


    • Hey Col, I been out all day too, just got in. I will have to take a deep look tomorrow, and play of course. It will be interesting to see your strong recent numbers, I think hitting heavily the last few draws it should be pretty easy to win prizes – maybe the jackpot.

  91. Hi G,
    Running my analysis programs they point strongly to the smallest number being number 10 this Sat, this I suggest would back up your findings as well.
    Currently and I’m still looking at the trends, it points to the following numbers:
    20 or 32 Cold numbers to hit.
    29 or 31 Hot numbers to hit.
    2 no’s to hit from 33 36 41.
    44 outside chance

    I’m just about to work on the previous draws.

    How are your numbers looking?


    • Yeah Col, the numbers I posted above as nice to feature as they fit into the zone. We may see 2,3 or more of those hit.

      I don’t hinge on numbers only (unless to standout 1 or 2), but use the filter configs as my main guide.

      I’m generating combos now, with the backend (Any6) MAX 4-7 – not sure yet. The Any6 could easily be higher, but its a chance worth taking, in my view…

  92. Hi G,
    Well have we seen the end of the draws coming in tight?
    I think so.
    This weeks the big draw is up for grabs on Sat.
    Looking at the numbers 24 has a skip median of 1 which may be worth following.
    Numbers of interest for Sat are 7 and 39.


    • Wednesday ANY1-6 : 1+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 3- 11-

      Yeah Col, it may be over. But, its been a while since a good 5-7 draw, at least. Filters still look to me to beg for a tighter draw from the BACK (4-7 draw), to come. The 4 draw may come at any time, on regularity, could hit in 100-300 draws hence – but wouldn’t surprise me if it hit now.

      Good luck!!

    • Hi Col,
      Yep, a 7 draw, and tight at the front. The little pressure that existed is released for now. Unless something amazing appears (ANY1-6 all huge), I would lay off completely for a few weeks at least.

      On the 4 draw, I guesstimate we will see one within next 100-300 draws…

  93. Wednesday: 11 19 25 32 41 45
    Any1-6 : 7+ 7+ 8+ 9+ 14+ 17+

    Wow, that was one of those amazing draws, with NO numbers hit from last 7 draws!

    The first (smallest) number hit as a double-digit, first time in 20 draws. As mentioned in recent comment, expect to see a much bigger first number (15+) in next few draws.

    All the back numbers (big skips) keep getting popped off, and with yesterday’s Any1-3 being so big, we may see another tight draw yet – at least at the front.

    There being so much possible advantageous leverage here, it is worth going for, up to next 3 draws.

    I love it when numbers start to go freaky…

  94. Hi G,
    Yes, I agree the numbers start to jump around. I’m keen to see if the numbers continue to trend on the high side and come back to possibly a 4 draw event. Next 3 draws should be interesting.
    I’m also watching number 24 with a skip median of 1, it has to come out again.


    • Hi Col, my stats for 24 show skip median 2 (using 120 draws) – you used 100 I guess.
      For play, these look nice to me…

      21 28 32 41 45

      If I play, may be cheeky and put smallest number as 15 or bigger.

      Good luck!

  95. Hi G,
    Yes looking forward to the nest few draws.
    No’s looking good as you stated 28,41
    Also 29 to hit again.

    Great tips as always G, I will play weekend.


  96. …of those numbers above, only the 28 and 45 hit this week. The draws did not come tight at the front, but this Saturday could be a different story, after another such draw.

    Wednesday filters
    Any1-6 : 3+ 4+ 6+ 14+ 16+ 21+

    I didn’t play this week, on feel, but will have a dive-bomb go this Saturday.

    Smallest number double-digit did not hit soon after the 11 (as smallest), even with a skip-median of 1. On the dry run, and on its skip median, I like the chances of 2 successive (within 2 draws of eachother) draws with smallest number being a double-digit – one of these draws will produce a smallest number of at least 15+, possibly 20+! These could hit at any time.

    Number lovers:
    16 32 look best to hit soon.

  97. Hi G,
    Well I’m astounded by your claim on the double digit smallest number, are you following trends?
    I expected the draws to go a bit crazy and have eased up playing until I see some glimmer of opportunity.
    Did expect 24 to come out, as per Wed draw.
    Currently running some charts on adjacent numbers with some good results, with 2-3 numbers every three draws, coupled with one cold number appearing.
    Just about to look over the skips for Sat draw, will report back if any number stand out.


  98. Hi G,
    There appears to be some clear standouts for this week.
    20 stands out.
    17 possible hit.
    42 or 45 to hit.
    Your tips look good, so I add them to my picks.

    Good Luck,

  99. Sat: 12 15 16 37 42 45
    Any1-6 : 0 3+ 4+ 10+ 12+ 12-

    Mon: 6 25 27 38 42 43
    Any1-6 : 0- 0- 2- 2- 5- 14-

    My number 16 hit, and Col, your 42 and 45 hit too.

    Saturday produced the smallest number as double-digit 12. Watch for a draw to come (within 2 draws), where smallest number is double-digit, and bigger (15+).

    [Edited for correction 20130828]

    • Wed: 11 14 15 32 33 40
      Any1-6 : 1+ 2- 4 5- 5- 9-

      Smallest number double-digit hit. Expect to see yet another within 2 draws, bigger (15+)…

  100. Hi G,
    How can you be so sure the double digit above 15 will hit?
    You have me puzzled?
    Last week I played both your numbers and my numbers combined along with no.15 as the number to double hit from last draw, picked up some small wins.
    I will look at the numbers tomorrow and look at you double digit prediction.

    Will review trends and post numbers look favorable.


  101. Hi G,
    Well the numbers are a bit tricky this week, I eagerly watching for your small number double digit prediction.
    Numbers so far for this draw are 16,41.

  102. Hi Col,
    the way I did it, is the same way I do with most “factors” observed and described on this page.

    Simply, this component, “Smallest number as Double-digit”, has a skip median of 1 – which is great – it hits again most of the time within 2 draws. Couple this fact with its long absence, recent hits being small (11), and the fact we haven’t seen a large smallest number for quite a while – 15+ seems to be a sweet spot for the bigger ones.

    Notice also, after my prediction, the draws started to produce “top heavy” games – the lead up games showed abundance of “double 40’s” – games with 2 numbers in the 40’s. Monday was a large sum total of 181, I consider anything over 180 as very large, and pointing to bigger numbers hitting soon after.

    Regarding the odds, when playing 15 as the smallest number (and it hits), the game is reduced from a ‘6 from 45’ to a ‘6 from 31’ game. Chance of winning is improved by over 1000%+ and that is on random play!

    Smallest number Double-digit – BIG 15+

    # : Total combinations for 6 from — : Combinations

      1 : Total combinations for 6 from 45 : 8145060
    15 : Total combinations for 6 from 31 : 736281
    16 : Total combinations for 6 from 30 : 593775
    17 : Total combinations for 6 from 29 : 475020
    18 : Total combinations for 6 from 28 : 376740
    19 : Total combinations for 6 from 27 : 296010
    20 : Total combinations for 6 from 26 : 230230
    21 : Total combinations for 6 from 25 : 177100
    22 : Total combinations for 6 from 24 : 134596
    23 : Total combinations for 6 from 23 : 100947
    24 : Total combinations for 6 from 22 : 74613
    25 : Total combinations for 6 from 21 : 54264

    It is still a good time to play “Smallest number as Double-digit”, following a hit, always for 2 draws only. And… we may even see a bigger one yet!!

    Good luck.

    • Monday: 13 20 28 30 43 45

      Smallest number Double-digit hit again. Notice too, the double 40’s hit again.

      As I say, there are many ways to look at numbers. Discovering patterns that repeat with good consistency, may produce a distinct advantage when forecast and played.

      Smallest number Double-digit, is still good to follow for next 2 draws.

  103. Hi G,
    Well you were right, it has hit again smallest number being double digit.
    I’m just working through you last posting and working through the strategy, much appreciated.
    I really enjoy working through your methods, I guess it’s all part of the hunt.

    Thank you,

  104. Hi G,
    Given the numbers being on the high side, may I suggest we are in for some low number sums under 100, with numbers being under 33 in the coming weeks?
    Will aim next two draws for double digit lowest number.


  105. Yes Col,
    we saw a lower sum today, and your 13 hit.
    I see a firmer draw to hit soon, 8 draw or less.

    Numbers to feature next few draws: 20 30
    Saturday only: 41 (standout)

    • Good luck Col.
      After running my filters on Lotto > Sequential, only the 30 appeared from my 3 numbers above. I have played 4 games for tonight, just for fun…

      PS: I had several goes at producing games, with tight filters, it took me several runs to get even 1 game. Then after adjusting again, produced another 5. Removing 2 games as highly unlikely to hit, was left with just 4 games to play.

  106. The time for Smallest Number Double-Digit is over for now – until it hits again. Now there is another factor I like that will come into play.

    Double Single-Digit
    This is another easy prediction factor, just like the Smallest Number Double-Digit, it appears with a Skip-Median of 1 (sample 200 draws). I call it “Double Single-Digit”, that is, 2 single digit numbers (1-9). When it hits, most of the time it will hit again within 2 draws.
    We have just had the longest dry run of Double-Single Digit over the last 200 draws – current skip 14. When it hits next, it will be a very good chance to hit again, and maybe again…
    You could play from now in anticipation of it, or wait until it hits for stronger advantage. We could see it hit several times over the next few weeks.

    Remember, any additional filtering factors (like Double Single-Digit), should be used for final filtering, after generating combinations using Any/Ver filters.

  107. Hi G,
    Well you have to be quick around here!
    I was just reading your prediction of the single digit double digit hit, when it has already come out Monday night.
    My charts are showing we are due for a double hit of numbers from the previous draw together with a hit from the previous weeks draw. ie. Any 1 & 2 = 0.
    Look at chart for next draw, will look at play for Sat if numbers look good together with single double digit draw.


  108. Wed Result: 1 2 7 11 28 32

    Col, you were close with it being tight at the front – 4 numbers from 3 draws.

    The swing back to double single-digit was so hard, it came as a triple! I should have mentioned that this was a possibility too.

    Watch for another 2 draws…

  109. Hi G,
    I’ve been buy with work to focus on what is going on with the Lotto.
    I’m getting set up for Sat draw as I should have more time tomorrow, however I may have missed the boat.
    I could not believe it tonight when 3 single digit numbers came out, must keep this in mind for next time.
    I’ll run the skips tomorrow and see how Sat shapes up.


    • Hi Col,
      Saturday and Monday produced Ion4=0 draws (Any6=9,10), I was expecting an 8 draw or less soon. The filters are not easy to predict right now (variability), but notice the following may help.
      Wednesday had Ion4=12, and VER filters have been swelling over the last 4 draws. These are indicators for a window (up to next 5 draws) where we could see an even firmer draw – a 4-6 draw event. I would also expect the VER filters to come in real tight on such a draw.
      Watch for the numbers from draws 4 and 5 back (current skip 3 and 4), as I suspect more of those numbers to hit, and even repeat.
      Double Single-Digit still good for 2 draws.

      I played twice this last week, almost a prize on Saturday (3 numbers), and Monday I had 2 numbers every single game.

      Played on Monday:
      Game 1: 01, 08, 12, 24, 30, 44
      Game 2: 01, 08, 14, 24, 30, 44
      Game 3: 01, 08, 15, 24, 30, 44
      Game 4: 01, 08, 24, 30, 35, 44
      Game 5: 01, 08, 24, 30, 36, 44
      Game 6: 02, 08, 12, 24, 30, 44
      Game 7: 02, 08, 15, 24, 30, 44
      Game 8: 02, 08, 24, 30, 36, 44

      I too will be planning my campaign for this one, looking for clues as to the makeup of the coming tight draw.

      Good luck.

  110. Hi G,
    Having a busy time at present trying to find time to look at trends.
    Numbers are hard to pick this week, so I will only play one ticket.
    Numbers that I feel stand out are 5,10,22 and 41 or 44.
    Overdue for 2 hits from last draw so may punt on no’s 1,2 and 7 for the single double digit hit.

    Good Luck,

  111. Monday Result: 1 4 17 18 36 43

    “Double Single-Digit” hit again! Since my prediction, it hit in 3 out of 4 draws!!
    Watch for another 2 draws…

    ANY1-6 : 1+ 3+ 5+ 6+ 17+ 36+
    VER1-6 : 1- 8+ 17+ 19+ 28+ 169+

    These filters look to be lining us up for that tight draw (4-6 draw event) – maybe this Wednesday Lotto. Worth a go, for another 3 draws max.

  112. Hi G,
    I thought the 4 draw event could possibly be up soon given the results last week.
    Last Sat draw was too hard to pick, I did not play in the end.
    Will have a close look tomorrow and report back if anything stands out.

    Thanks for the heads up G.

    Good Luck,

  113. Hi G,
    Been busy at work, too late to get a ticket on.
    Looking at the numbers would you say that 7 and 17 are due out?
    I have 5,19 and 44 looking good as well.

    Good Luck,

  114. Result: 11 19 21 41 42 44 (37 38)

    ANY1-6 : 1 3 3- 9+ 12- 15-

    Col, funny you picked the 19 (and 44). It was not the tight draw, so Saturday looks ok, or next Monday last chance.

    Now it can get confusing – after the “Smallest number as Double-digit” just hit (#11), “Double Single-digit” hit last draw (1 4), both factors have a skip-median of 1, so either one could line up for Saturday (or not)…

  115. Hi G,
    I did not play for tight draw.
    My Charts produced 19 as a High skip, Adjacent no. from last draw and lowest number in my numbers due column. When all three line up the number always has a good chance of coming out.
    The number 44 was also an Adjacent no. from last draw and was backed up in skips due column.

    My charts all point to this Sat draw to produce 1 if not 2 numbers from tonights draw, so will aim for the 4-6 draw.
    I’ll run my analysis tomorrow and let you know.


  116. Hi G,
    Not so sure about the 4-6 draw happening this week.
    So far numbers looking good are 10 and 41. I’m banking 1 or 2 numbers from the previous draw.
    Given the recent results the charts will rebalance and provide a 4-6 draw soon, looking at possible next two draws.


  117. Saturday Result: 1 2 5 16 19 42

    ANY1-6 : 0- 0- 1- 3- 4- 11-

    … not quite. Notice the single-digits hit hard yet again!
    Its been a while since a decent tight draw, and Wednesday is the last go for mine.

  118. Hello G,
    Interesting results this week, 3 draws all with 2 hits from the previous draw rare event.
    Also interesting to see the lowest number double digit, thought we may have see a draw with highest number 32 or under.
    We are now overdue for the 4 draw event, looking for signs as I feel it should appear soon.
    Currently reviewing next draw, no. 26 is looking good for Sat.


    • Hi Col, you are noticing well.

      I let go of a real tight draw for now. Looks like a crunch on the ANY filters pressured from both ends – front and back.

      I won’t be playing, but here’s how it could come:

      ANY1 : Min1 Max4 (higher preferred)
      ANY6 : Min5 Max11 (possibly higher)

      Fill in the blanks, tighten and do the rest…

      Good luck!

      PS: I kinda like the number 4

  119. Hi G,
    Is Wednesday’s draw as good as it’s going to get for this year?
    Or can we expect another close 4-6 draw within the next 4 draws?
    I expect for this to happen the numbers will blow out and then possibly come back.
    How do you see the filters chart G?


    • Hi Col, I would wait for a good blowout or two before looking again. I expect to see a 4 draw event within the next 100-300 draws, with a reasonably tight config occuring maybe sooner (a 5-6 draw event).

      The filters look like they may blowout a little for now.

  120. Hi Col, I overlooked something…

    Monday produced a 6 draw event, bit late for the previous campaign – but I totally missed the Ion4=11 (double-digit) a few draws before it. Remember I used the Ion4=12 as a good sign on previous campaign, and played for no more than 5 draws.

    Monday 7 Oct:
    ANY : 1+ 1 2+ 3- 4- 5-
    VER : 1- 5- 10- 25- 33- 35-

    Its a good idea to keep an eye on Ion4 filter, as a high (double-digit) Ion4 usually precedes decent (really tight) draws – which hit within 5 draws.

    By the way, Saturday (12Oct) is the 5th draw from the Ion4=11 hit, so technically, we could still see another really tight draw – though a 6 draw event is hard to beat with a follow up, and it does satisfy the Ion4 high, so probably not.

    If I had to play Saturday, or felt courageous, I would just wind my filters stupidly tight, just a few games, and play for a 4 draw!

    Good luck all.

  121. Hi G,
    Well numbers are proving hard to pick lately.
    Will keep my eyes out for the double digit Ion 4 in the future.
    I like numbers 8, 21 or 27 for this Sat’s draw.
    Keeping my eye on adjacent numbers which have hit 4 recently.
    Do you have any theories for the first number being double digit.
    I will review prior postings.


    • Yes Col, the first number as double-digit looks good for 2 draws. You could lean firmer on it, for 2 reasons:

      1. the last 2 hits of “first number as double-digit” did not see a follow up (within 2 draws).
      2. recent predicted slew of “double single-digits” which hit, may now rest up, and let some bigger numbers hit at the front.

      Double-digit first number could easily hit.

      I will have a better look at your numbers tomorrow, and see if there are any other obvious factors…

      Good luck!

  122. Hi,

    So has this method won the jackpot yet? I have a different algorithm which seems promising and a small factor of it does work with repeated numbers/patterns however in order to play this algorithm full scale it can be a little expensive, so alone its very risky. I have tried and won second once, and third few times. However, to explore its full potential I may need partners as the cost can easily reach 30K to play one draw. I will sooner or later play it, however sharing a pool of fund allows a group to try it more than just one time. So maybe 10-15 partners who are willing to invest 3K-5K, and we can create our own syndicate and protect each partners share.

    If you are interested to join, let me know or reply to ****************

    best of luck.

    • No jackpot yet.
      I think outlaying no more than you can afford to lose, is the best way to play.
      There are subscribers here that would be happy to contribute to such a system, but in all good conscience, I don’t feel good taking their money. This may change, if I have something unbelievably potent for real.


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