G Network lotto is an evolving project, with a current focus on Lotto, Powerball and OZ Lotto results of Australia. All results archived here are available to view and download.

Originally kicked off as a means of giving tips to friends and family, G Network has now become Australia’s best site for easy access & download of past lotto results.

Easy winning tips are posted here occasionally – based on number theory, probability, and other methods – aimed to improve our chance of success.

Good luck!

Gnetwork.com.au is a Safe Site:

Gnetwork.com.au site administrator George ‘G’ keeps the numbers scrolling here – whose relevant experience includes:

  • Analysis of various number systems, IT systems, technical mechanical & production systems, natural systems, and principles of systems analysis.
  • Research and practice of Lotto systems with some success (no jackpot yet).
  • Assisted in successful management of substantial investment portfolios.
  • Research/application of diverse scientific, mathematical and philosophical pursuits.

All information on site is free and fully searchable, making for ease of use. Comments and feedback are appreciated – Contact G.