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Lotto Results

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Lotto Results, Powerball Results, OZ Lotto Results for ALL draws and links for prize dividends. Player tips for winning Lotto, systems, and guides. No jackpot yet? You’ve gotta be in it to Win it!
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Latest Results


Saturday Lotto
20/07/2019 – 2 8 12 18 30 42 (14 39)

Wednesday Lotto
17/07/2019 – 7 15 24 27 40 45 (10 22)

Monday Lotto
15/07/2019 – 6 11 21 24 35 40 (14 44)

18/07/2019 – 1 6 11 13 16 23 27 (PB 11)

16/07/2019 – 5 8 14 22 31 32 37 (10 23)

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