Lotto analysis and Ion Saliu

As you may have noticed, this fellow, Ion Saliu gets mentioned a bit here at G Network Lotto. At his website you will find all the mathematics needed to beat the odds at lotto, plain and simple. It can be quite a study, all this mathematics, which includes the Mathematics Of Combinatorics: Permutations (Factorial), Sets, Arrangements, Combinations, Exponents – but well worth the effort when the numbers perform!

Lotto Analysis

Number sets used at G Network are:

Some of the principles put forth by Saliu will be expanded on in due course, as they manifest themselves in the movement of the numbers.  Noting specific trends, clustering etc. random fields of numbers can be looked at in many different ways. Saliu’s ideas on lotto include tracking the “skips” of the numbers (number of draws between occurence), median of skips (Skip Median), multi-layered filters to exclude less likely numbers, and many other such gems, found at his website

Most of the Lotto analysis at G Network is based on output from Saliu’s excellent program MDIEditor And Lotto WE

As these numbers move their merry dance, strong forthcoming trends will be noted, and “optimized games” presented here for tracking.

For those interested, or with a mathematical bent or aptitude – check out the links below to some of Ion Saliu’s most interesting writings on lotto, and number theory, mathematical philosophies – and go download Ion Saliu Free Lotto software too. Using mathematics is a great way to gain advantage, in the quest for winning lotto.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    This is a great site I have just run into while searching for Ion Saliu links. I have been using his software for a while, which I really enjoy. I’d like to hear from anybody from “down under” who uses Mr. Saliu’s MDIELottoWE to exchange ideas and techniques. Also, I am looking for a working copy of SkipSystem.EXE. I have only the “demo” copy which is pre-set and I am unable to set it to my parameters. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Tibor Toth Torma, California, USA, currently in Ireland.

  2. Hi Tibor,
    as you know, the best information available on mathematics and probability, is from Ion Saliu. I have played with many of Ion’s programs, but found MDIEditor+LottoWE the best. I use it regularly, and even though I rarely play lotto these days, I win frequently. Need some help, why not talk to the man himself, at Saliu’s Google Group forum.

    History repeats. Using Saliu’s FILTERS, you can track back through time, noting characteristic Filter formations around the time when ALL NUMBERS HIT from previous 3-5 draws. Then look for similar formations occuring, ahead of time. This approach requires much patience, to wait for the right conditions – but when they happen, I believe, like Saliu, that you can get the jackpot with just a few games!!!
    Good luck in your quest.

  3. Skips!
    Many times I have challenged con-artists to show where there is something beneficial in using any Lotto history to determine the next draw. Even with rewards!
    The plain and simple fact is history is irrelevant and your chances of success apart from Lady Luck are determined by the repetition of the subset 3’s, 4’s or 5’s in the number set you play.

    Colin Fairbrother

  4. Thanks for your comment Colin, your honesty, brashness, and your quite informative website. Looks to me, you think like a statistics traditionalist, but remember, this is the realm of philosophers and dreamers too, we all have our place. I post rarely on lotto these days, as most people don’t appreciate the long periods of time involved to SEE the dance of the numbers. TIME rules all physical events.

    I think your mathematical evidence only gives strength to theories of Ion Saliu, enhances its base. Over the years, I have studied and practiced various lotto systems, others creations, and my own creations, and I agree with you that most are rubbish. A few are OK, but Ion Saliu is the best I have found by far, especially his MDIEditor+LottoWE program.

    My difference to you is, I don’t cling to Event Independence like a god, rather, I see a string of events, in what you may call Event Coexistence. Even though events may be seen in isolation, in reality, life is not like that. Yes you may prove, that in a single event that the probability is always the same, but is it really only a single event we look at? Even on your site you discuss the probability of picking correctly 600 from 1000 coin tosses, then you admit it is possible. All variations to probability, will balance to Zero, or close to it, over time (many events). Take your coin example, if you do 10000 tosses, you get very close to 5000 of each, 1million tosses even closer. But what do you think, can, and MUST happen after 600 Heads of a 1000 toss session? I say, watch the next 100 or so tosses, and you may be surprised that when Tails hit, they start to make runs! Like the laws of physics that say: To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. I believe the same true throughout the universe, but you say it does not apply to lotto, bah!

    Its all about how you choose to view your reality. Numbers can be looked at in an infinite number of ways, not just your’s, get over it. I have seen the extremes, and anticipated and watched the reactions. The same principles apply to all forms of gaming. Track the extremes, and wait for the reactions. Saliu uses SKIPS as a basis, and it seems to work the best for tracking extremes, and is much more sophisticated than standard probability practice. Saliu’s SKIPS are the key.

    Using Ion’s lotto programs, these events can be viewed in all their numeric glory, like looking into the heart of the Universe, the workings of the mind of God. Saliu’s tip, is to take the correct sampling size for the job at hand, and I think that’s the trick.

    You only need to look at nature, to see the varying extremes that can and do occur, a string of highly unlikely events, yet they happen, some call it Evolution. So why not go over and visit Saliu at, or visit his forum, and break out of your cage and really try something new. Put aside your pre-conceptions, it may make it easier to learn something foreign. Or better still, why not create your own branch of science/mathematics as Saliu has done, and follow it through for 10 or 20 years or so, then you may KNOW. Presumption leads to error, I choose to remain open to new possibilities always, as all revolutionary scientists have done throughout the ages.


  5. Hi….i have been reading through your site ..its fantastic and educational. I have been wanting to win the lotto for a while now. I bought so many fake programs only to realise that they are just lies and was disappointed with myself for being so naive. I wanted to ask you honestly, if you have ever won anything big. As you know 3rd of jan 2009 is the 30 mill jackpot. I was wondering how the Saliu system is used, do we have to buy it as well as if you have truly won something using it. Hope to hear from you.
    regards, sharra

    • Hi Sharra, thanks for your inquisitive comment. These are questions we have all asked, especially after using software with claims of big wins, and not winning much at all after trying them. Look, Lotto and Powerball games reside in the realm of big number combinations, that is, with so many possible combos, many outrageous extremes are possible. A classic example occured with last week’s Australian Powerball result – 1,2,3,8,9 and powerball 26. The biggest of the main 5 numbers was the 9, this will probably only occur once in your lifetime! It is the mathematical philosophies elucidated by Ion Saliu that I believe give us the closest to true vision or knowledge of how big number systems like Lotto work. If you are serious about winning a Lotto or Powerball jackpot using the science of mathematics, prepare yourself for years of study, and patience, to only play occasionally when some strong factors come into play. Ion Saliu shows us the best way to approach such a task. I have verified the validity of his method over time, and the only better way to crack the jackpot is by dreaming the numbers!
      In answer to your question, have I won something big – Yes, I have won the 5 number prize 7 times, and many smaller prizes. Still no jackpot, but I don’t play much these days, haven’t played for a few months now. This year I have focussed quietly on making money through speculative trading – much easier and more consistent profits.
      I came quite close to a jackpot a couple of years back using Saliu’s MDIEditor And Lotto WE program, I was one filter out, the VER6 filter I had as (-)minus instead of (+)plus, a possible $2.5 million win for around $20.
      I don’t post many Lotto forecast articles these days as most people don’t understand the concepts and time required for tracking. Also, people want the numbers, they aren’t interested in Skips and Skip Medians, which I usually get fairly close to, and are the real key to refining the best games to play. If there is ever enough interest here in the way of commenting Lotto seekers, I may post some FILTERS, not numbers, to use for your games. Forget the rest, Saliu is the best.
      Best of luck in your quest, and feel free to ask if you need a hand.

  6. Hi George. Thank you for replying. I dont think its realistic to ask someone to give them the magic numbers because if thats the case, why would you not just do it for yourself and win the jackpot.
    I am keen on getting into this and thinking about my numbers however, i am not sure if i can understand things from a mathematical point of view the way you do because Im not very good in maths and never have been. How would you advise someone like me then if they are keen to learn what to do and are not necessarily asking for the magic numbers. I dont believe you can dream the numbers. Thats all too much superstition unless you truly have psychic powers. have a great new year. By the way, lucky you for trading and making money that way.

    • OK Sharra, I understand there are a lot of people like you, and I wish there was an easy answer to share with you all. If you can follow some simple philosophical basics, it may just be enough to give a boost to your own number strategies for Lotto.
      All Random Number systems will “balance out” over time. What I mean is that all extreme variations from the norm, will be met by opposite extremes and balance out over time. A simple example is BIG versus SMALL numbers – if too many big numbers hit consecutively in a Lotto, and keep hitting, you can be assured that there will occur runs of small number games too in future, thus maintaining a balance. Random Number fields can be viewed in many different ways, big/small, odd/even, decades, etc. and any extreme that you can see, will lead to a balancing in future, I have seen this many times over. Nature manifests strange unbelievable CLUSTERINGS or runs at times, that may appear magical. When you see these, take note, as they are clues to the future.
      Saliu notes that a most important factor is the Skips (number of draws between a number’s re-appearance) in Lotto. This tracking has many applications, but as I say, Saliu says it best.
      For those who don’t want to study all of Saliu to get the edge, here are some really simple tips:

      • Include a few numbers out of the last few draws of your Lotto – these frequently hit
      • Include a few of your lucky numbers – all Lotto is random and nobody can say exactly what will come, so why not?
      • Look for any extreme trend/s and either follow it (similar), or go against it (anticipate the balancing) – filter your numbers according to your strategy
      • Spend little and play only when you see an exteme, or feel real lucky

      A note about luck, dreams, or superstition as you call it Sharra:
      Many people have won on a dream, or just buying a ticket when they were motivated by intuition – there are many things in this Universe that we don’t know or understand, so keep an open mind – and remember that many very intelligent genius types have played around with more esoteric concepts as they matured.
      Good luck, and Happy New Year, George.

  7. Would you say then George that it is better to play when there is more money? And should we stick to one game and learn all its numbers rather than play various games which we dont follow up on their history all the time? You know some people have won lottery based on just a sudden feeling. Last year a group of guys won the 50 million powerball. Just a quick last minute intuition which lead them to buy an autopick. I understand what you mean by going with the feeling of luck and how the world is not as simple as we think it is and or that things are connected, however, i have never really had feelings about lotto and considering i have never won anything in my life, i dont look at it as a game of luck at all. I think it should be planned.
    Hope you had a very lovely New Year. regards, sharra

    • Is it better to play when there is more money in the pool?
      Generally, yes, especially if you can find a strong factor or crazy extreme which will produce combinations that most people won’t have – bigger prizes to be won. If your focus is to get the jackpot, all other factors aside, Australian Lotto starts to become good value at over $5million, and Australian Powerball at over $35million – I just multiplied the number of combinations possible, times the cost per game.
      Should we stick to one game and learn all its numbers rather than play various games which we dont follow up on their history all the time?
      If you want to KNOW your Lotto game real well, I would focus on just 1 or 2 different Lottos. Learn their motions well, and watch and wait for opportune times to strike. I prefer this way as its less confusing. Of course if you have a fluid multi-tasking brain, you could track games all over the world and play only the ones with some advantageous factor occuring. Use the G Network results data to help in your analysis:
      Lotto Results Australia
      Powerball Australia Results

      How productive are Lotto systems?
      I already mentioned my success and almost hitting the jackpot in a previous comment, this was using Saliu’s MDIEditor And Lotto WE and tips mentioned at Look, guys like Saliu (and me for that matter), are motivated by higher ideals than just money – all Saliu software was completely free until a while ago when he got sick of people copying his stuff and selling it as their own – now membership is required (small fee) so he can keep an eye on the pirates/scammers. Notice also, that on my site I sell nothing, Google ads help cover my costs (this site was originally set up for my family and friends), and I promote Ion Saliu as a way of thanks for his great work. I think Ion and I are similar in that way, we are not out to fleece the masses of their hard earned dollar. We see a deeper beauty in this realm of mathematics, science and nature, and like to share it with other like minded seekers. Unfortunately, the same is NOT the case with most Lotto book/software peddlars online.
      BEWARE – this is the field of scammers and pirates who TAKE without consideration or conscience!
      You mentioned Ken Silver, with quotes of 80% winning Lotto games, what a load of crap! Avoid all these scammy parasites who prey on the innocent, when you see such ridiculous claims RUN! Unless some god has given them divine powers, the things they claim online are OUTRIGHT FRAUD! Not mathematically feasible. Some Statistics stuff may be slightly usable, but most Lotto software is total rubbish.
      Nobody, not even Saliu, can consistently win Lotto over time and be in profit. In truth, there is only one way – Win the Jackpot. Anyone who claims otherwise is a LIAR. So, the best approach is not to go for small wins, as you will definitely lose over time – but go for the jackpot. Again, the best one can hope for, save a miracle, is to MINIMISE LOSSES while chasing the real profit-maker, the Jackpot, 1st Division prize. This is why a lot of Saliu’s principles make sense – track your game, look for strong factors, eliminate a lot of unlikely combinations, play few games only. That way, when all your factors are right, and Almighty Number or Randomness plays along with you, you get the Jackpot!
      Best wishes, George.

  8. Oh and one more thing, you know one of those systems that you have up which we must become a member to be able to download or use, could you tell me exactly, how productive has it been to you or other members who have used it? I was thinking of joining. I also meant to tell you that i once bought a book using Ken Silver’s system. It seems that he is a fraud because he never replies to emails and he in fact does not have an email that allows direct access and communication. Have you ever heard about whether he is in fact legitimate and or are these people online claiming these systems really legitimate or just con business people. If they had won millions, why would they wont others to use their system to win also? Its seems too unbelievable to digest.

  9. George, thank you for clearing up many things. I will confess though I do not understand what you mean by look for strong factors and eliminate unlikely combinations. some combinations are unusual but they do come sometimes. Im abit afraid to use the software you mentioned as you did say that it is very hard to understand. Do you usually guide your buyers? I also wish to ask you why no one has stopped people like ken silver from coning people online.

  10. Great discussion Sharra and George!
    I am an open minded engineer/statistician and have to accept that Ion website is excellent! I started with his program bright3 witht a way to getting my feet wet, I am having a little bit of trouble trying the program to read my DATA-3 (pick 3 history) file but, hope to get up and running soon. I will appreciate if you could share some of your filters in the future. For now, I keep enjoying Ions papers,

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to help, THANK YOU!

    • Thanks for your comment Victor. I too had problems in the beginning, getting my data files correctly formatted as required – Saliu has all the guidelines to proper text formatting in his software guides. For manipulating large chunks of text, you should use a good text editor like Power Edit or similar.
      A good text editor will allow you to add or delete text to ALL lines in one go – also remove spaces, convert multiple spaces to single, search and replace specified text, and many more cool functions to help perfectly format your results database. Once setup properly, you need only update your results file as draws occur.

      You asked if I could share some of my Lotto Filters in future, and yes I will. To make sure you get new articles on Lotto, subscribe to my Lotto Feed. As you may know, the Lotto games tracked here are those available in Australia – Lotto Australia and Powerball Australia – and can be played online by anyone in the world, here – Play Lotto Free Offer – you even get $5 of games for free!

      These are the games I will post the filters for. The same principles that apply here, will apply in all Lotto games everywhere, but filter formations will have similar characteristics more so in similar type games eg: all Lotto 6 from 45 games around the world will show very similar filter formations over time. Thats why Saliu’s software is great for looking at typical formations over vast (simulated) periods of time, and attempting to forecast extreme formations (favourable), based upon certain filter formations occuring previously.

      I think the “extra” filters that we may use can give far greater advantage, built off the base of Filter Formations. These extra filters are yours, your own filters that you use to exclude numbers from your field. These can be hi/lo, decades, odds/evens, sum totals, particular numbers, etc.
      I will also post these extra filters, with my standard Ion filters and any other special notes.

      What if you could forecast a game in lotto 6/45 where the smallest number is 35? You would have only 11 unique numbers to play, further filtered through Saliu filters ION, ANY, VER, would produce a handful of games, that with correct filters, could yield the $million jackpot in just a few games!

      Anticipating and hitting extremes like that can give a tremendous edge, and is an event worth waiting for. Thats why I keep saying, look for the extremes, then anticipate the balancing.

      I will post when a strong factor comes into play. Powerball looks like some really big numbers soon, a big sum total. Keep watching.

      Good luck with your filters.

  11. Buenos dias George,

    And, thank you for your fast response. Now that you mention it, the reason for not being able to read the text pick 3 history file might be due to multiple spaces between numbers in a row. I will look into that a bit later.

    You mentioned Power Edit as being a good text editor. Also, when I went to the text editor link it send me to a windows text editor. Still yet, Ion’s software comes with another text editor (cannot remember its name now). Which one would you advice me to get?

    I also want to thank you, sincerely, for taking time of your busy schedule to help me. I will register at your website to continue this great lotto conversation.

    For now, Thanks a Bunch!


  12. Hello George,

    Since I saw in a previous conversation with Sharra that you almost hit the big one with MDIEditor and Lotto We, I down loaded it and installed it. It is certainly a lot easier to work with than LotWon99. That’s easy to understand after not having worked with DOS and/or DOS related applications in more than 20 years.

    Ion says in his website that LotWon runs 100 times faster than MDIEditor and Lotto We. So, onces I feel confortable with MDIEditor and Lotto We then, I will take the leap of faith into LotWon99 again. For now I just want to get familiar with the process and, hopefully, get my first win despite how modest it could be.

    I have over 1,200+ history drawings for pick 3 and 4. So, I will start with the pick 3 to see how it goes. I basically starting this adventure. So, I still have a lot of time to spend at Ion’s web site to get some ideas on how to set some strategies for pick 3.

    It hasn’t been long since I started analysing some of these games and have gotten, somewhat hooked with it. I started by adding the individual numbers, doing normality test aqnd plotting the sums in an Individual and Moving Range Control Charts. I have alos done some autocorrelation analysis on the data and have found some autocorrelation. But not enough strength to be able to predict with a high level of certainty where to expect the next sum to fall witin.

    As always, THANK YOU for your help.


    • I see MDIEditor and Lotto We as a True Base, a foundation, on which to build a strategy. The extra filters created by you may give added advantage. As for “autocorrelation”, I look for similarity in patterns that occur 60%+ of the time, thus, a higher certainty. The higher percentages, the more likely you are of getting those filters right on the night!

  13. Hello George,

    Just wanted to share with you that I was able for the first time to use MedEditor and Lot We successfully. Using the sequential routine I was able to come up with 6 combinatoins. A lot less than the ones I was playing before and certainly without picking them with the degree of analysis that Ion’s software does it. I ma very please with the software.

    Now I have to learn to adjust the filters to my games. But, in the mean time, I will try to play with the pick 3 and 4 where the probabilities against me are a lot less.

    Thank you for the help you gave me. I will keep in touch to share my experiences and learn from your newsletters. I registered this week but haven’t receive any mail yet. Do you have some previous mail that can shoot at me?

    Thanks and keep in touch,


    • Fantastic!

      2 things first:I have been toying with the idea of writing an article on Saliu’s filters, in relation to forecasting. I say it cannot be said better than Saliu says it, the best I could hope to produce would be additional ideas on good practice for more accurate filter forecasting. Any ideas on what you would like to see in the article?Victor, I don’t have a newsletter or email campaign right now. You have subscribed to the feed on G Network. This will send you latest articles from G Network.

      I have posted lotto numbers derived from my filters, or optimized games here before. I would much prefer to post the filters for my favourite lotto games – Lotto Australia and Powerball Australia – including a brief summary of chosen filters, this may reveal ways of approaching the exciting task of filter forecasting.

      Be always inclined to wait for some strong factor to come into play, 2 or 3 strong factors even better! The more of these you can pin down, the smaller your pool of games to play. I like to do filters on such occasions.


  14. George,

    A general idea that would be worth writting about Ion’s filters is how to first (1) use an initial strategy to get the strategy report. Then (2) based on that strategy report, explain in details what the report means utilizing lots of figures. The (3) test the strategy to see how the filter performs. The (4) you can show what to adjust and how to do it on the strategy input worksheet that Ion uses.

    If I had that information, I guess Ion has it but is somewhat hard to follow his website, it would have been less painful than what already is for me. I think you can identify identify yourself, somewhat, to what I am saying. The font is to small and every time you make a selection a new screen opens instead of using links that help you navegate throughout his website. So,an article using the proper fonts and formatting would be and excellent help for experienced and for those newly (like me) exposed to his great softwares.

    Thanks for asking for my feedback and your prompt response,



    Cann’t wait for my first hit 🙂

    • Victor, you’re right. Many of my friends have mentioned having had similar difficulty with Saliu’s site layout. He is a fabulous mathematician philosopher, but possibly not the world’s best web designer. This was something I had in mind when first writing about Saliu here, to show some of his best articles concisely listed in handy links with pointers, and repeat some tips given that work for me.

      Thanks for raising these points, as this is something I’ve been thinking to do all along. Create a brief guide to approaching Lotto analysis using Saliu’s MDI Editor and Lotto WE – useful tips, how to create Statistics report, Filter report, other program tools, Ion’s secret filters, choosing additional filters – with appropriate links and excerpts from the original, plus my own observational tips. Saliu says it best, and I add my own observations.

      I understand Victor, many people find it difficult at the start, and such a guide would help greatly to quick start the beginner. These are the foundations, once you can grasp these, the next step of course, is to develop your skill at Filter Forecasting. This will help you create future filter configurations – Filter Forecasts – and when all filters match (within range) those drawn, you win the jackpot!

      Hows that sound?

  15. Hello G,

    This is me again with more questions. I while back you were trading emails with Sharra and made the following comments:

    ” I came quite close to a jackpot a couple of years back using Saliu’s MDIEditor And Lotto WE program, I was one filter out, the VER6 filter I had as (-)minus instead of (+)plus, a possible $2.5 million win for around $20.”

    How do you change the filters sign? By making your filter number negative?

    Here is the continuation of your comment:

    ” I don’t post many Lotto forecast articles these days as most people don’t understand the concepts and time required for tracking. Also, people want the numbers, they aren’t interested in Skips and Skip Medians, which I usually get fairly close to, and are the real key to refining the best games to play.”

    I am interested in reading your articles. Can you email some of them to me? As I continue reading Ion’s website I continue to see and understand things a that did not see nor understood the first time. One of these things is that he has a software that create combination strictly based on skips. It is DOS based. have you tried it?

    Last question, for now 🙂

    I will also try playing with the pick 3 and 4 to see if I am able to get back some of the money I have lost so far. Well, here is the question. Do you have some filters that can share with me for the pick 3 and 4? And, can you share with me some of the articles you have written.I know they will help me with my learning curve.

    OK, won’t bother you more; at least for now 🙂

    As always,

    Thanks a bunch for you help,


    • Hi Victor, you ask…

      How do you change the filters sign? By making your filter number negative?

      The resulting filter is minus(-) when LESS THAN its corresponding filter in the previous draw. For example, VER6 Filter in previous draw was 55 (+ or -), any filter setting of 54 OR LESS would result in a MINUS(-) filter.

      So any filter by definitions of Saliu goes MINUS(-) when LESS THAN its previous corresponding filter. Then it follows that a filter is shown as PLUS(+) when it is GREATER THAN its previous corresponding filter. When EQUAL TO previous, there is no + or – shown as it is equal!

      I am interested in reading your articles. Can you email some of them to me?

      All my articles appear here, and since you subscribed the feed you will receive the latest as it is published.

      …software that create combination strictly based on skips. It is DOS based. have you tried it?

      Which one, I have many, and tried them.

      Do you have some filters that can share with me for the pick 3 and 4?

      Post the link here for the results data, I will have a look at it. All I could say off the top for pick 3 and 4, is its a higher probability type of event than Lotto 6/45, so the streaks will be shorter. Still the same principles will apply, just the filters will have different characteristics. The appropriate stats sampling size will also differ. Saliu has all these clues on his site.

      Good luck, G

  16. Hello George,
    There are two programs at Ion’s web site for skips, maybe there is more. I just down loaded them. They are SkipSystem and Skips.

    Now that you explain to me how a sign changes it makes a lot of sense when you say, as well as Ion, to be on the look out for trends. The trends are the changes in signs. For example after three – or positves usually comes an alternated sign. So all you have to do is, correct me if I am wrong here Gorge, is to have asign a filter value equal to one less than what your current filter value is if you expect a negative sign or a filter value equal to one plus than the current filter value you have. All is starting to come together and make sense now to me.

    How can I post a link for the result data George? Can I make an attachment of the raw data and filters that I am using?



    • Excellent!

      The link I wanted was the link to ALL available draw data, where did you get the results data?

      Then I would visit and see what he says about pick 3 experience. From there I format the data, including simulated data added as required. Then I look at filters, medians, stats, trends and more – using MDIEditor & LottoWE. Go from there and work on additional filters and filter forecasts.


  17. Hello George,

    I have the entire electronic files if you want them so that you don’t have to type them in. You have my mail address, Just drop me an email and I will send you the files (Pick 3, Pick 4, and Lotto). If possible, I would like to start with the Pick 4 but I will leave up to you which file to start with.



  18. Hello Geoge,

    Have you had any success with the pick 3 / lotto files? I have a general idea on how to set the filters for the lotto game. But, I am having a little bit of trouble trying to set them for the pick 3 game. Setting filters is certainly one of the most, if not the most, important area of Ion’s systems.


    • Hi Victor, Ion has a bit to say about pick 3 and pick 4, I have no experience with it, and as far as I know the payouts are quite small. The Revancha however, is similar to our NSW Lotto here, and if you are serious about big money, this is the one to go for.

      Firstly, I would suggest getting hold of the complete Revancha database, over 430+ games as this is essential – I could post it at G Network as a side project. I searched for your Revancha, and can get the latest results, but not the complete database. I saw it available on one site for $20. This is a must, and once properly formatted, will become your DATA6 file. Then I would generate another 250,000 random games to add onto these, and create your D6 file. Then its ready to go!

  19. Hello George,

    The Revancha file only consists of some 50+ lines. It was changed from the 6/42 format to 6/46 format late last year and there is not much history available. I do have the complete history but it includes the oldest formats 6/36,and 6/42. I did not make it part of my Data6 files for the difference in formats. So, a generated 1,000,000 simulated numbers and saved them under the file name SIM6. I then merged them with my Data6 file to make the D6 file.

    I then, by reading some of Ion’s ideas, created a startegy by setting Ver6 filter to 7 and used resulting report to get the min and max under each of the filter column to come up with a “get your feet wet” strategy. Finally, I came up with a hand full of combinations based on my initial startegy. It seems to me like a very poor strategy since I have not been able to hit, at least, two numbers in a single combination. And, that’s how far I have gotten.

    One of the questions I still have is how I make filters forcasts and read tendecies to create new strategies?

    As always,

    Thanks a bunch for your help.


    • bad luck mate, we can’t use Revancha as its current format database won’t be big enough for another year or two – you want REAL data for your stats sampling. Tell you what, I will throw an article together soon, as described a few comments back, including tips on setting Saliu filters, number trends etc.
      good luck, G

  20. Thanks George,

    In the mean time, I will keep working with the file to see what I get out of it. I will also keep working with the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games for which I have more than enough drawings. Any info that come across your desk kick it this way.

  21. Hey George & Victor,

    Nice conversation you guys got goin’ here… I’ve recently on a whim found Ion’s website and eventually ended up here. I’ve got a case-study we can do w/lots of real data. I must admit first that I haven’t used any of the software yet —maybe in the next couple of days or on the weekend I can get to joining Ion’s website to download his progs.

    Together, the data set is a little over 17,000 draws. The Pick4 in CA is <350 draws into it’s lifetime, so that data isn’t really useful.

    Anyway, I’d be interested in building a strategy for this CA game and testing it out for fun, maybe for real playing. The payouts for this type of game aren’t very high and you never know what you’re going to get: you may get 3-straight and be 1 of 3 people to win ~US$4,000 or randomly maybe 18 people might hit 3-straight and you’d be pocketing chump change.

    • excellent! Firstly, I would combine the midday and evening Daily 3 into ONE Data file, and formatted as per:
      How To Create And Update The Data Files For Lotto, Lottery
      see sample below.

      3 7 4
      4 0 7
      7 0 2
      1 1 4
      8 8 3

      0 2 5
      8 4 7
      1 5 2
      3 0 0
      0 0 4

      COMBINED Pick 3 DATA file (midday & evening in sequence):
      0 2 5
      3 7 4
      8 4 7
      4 0 7
      1 5 2
      7 0 2
      3 0 0
      1 1 4
      0 0 4
      8 8 3

      By the way, the CA Pick 4 has enough draws if its 350, quite enough to be useful. Just make sure to add the extra generated games if, and as required in Saliu’s recommendations.

      I am quite busy with multiple projects at the moment, and the best help I could offer is the article I will write on using Saliu filters/software. Coming soon…

  22. wow, george, a reply within 2.5hrs, thanks!

    I thought about that for pick4, but somehow intuitively I feel like real data might be more of a solid basis than generated data —just in case there is some small REAL bias in the system.

    Pick3: Yes, I’ll have to re-order the data to appear on ONE list in CHRONOLOGICAL order. Please continue to write more about using Saliu software/filters. When I get the chance I will join & d/l the progs (and read his instructions) to see if I can figure something out. They draw twice/day so If I did decide to play it’ll have to be monitored daily.

    Thanks for all your help/interest/fun. :Þ


  23. Hellow J,

    Good to hear a new “voice”. My recommendation , as George will suggest, is to download MedEditor and Lotto We, The software is Windows based and very friendly. You can use it to analyze any imaginable lotto and pick 3/4 games.

    Keep in touch as you play with the software. I have gotten to the point that I am know learning, with George’s help, to develop strategies and can share with you what I have learned so far.

    Take care,


  24. Helo George,

    I have been able to consistently get 5 numbers in a group of a maximum of 22 out of the 46 numbers that the game consists of. Pretty good I would say with having only 56 historical draws. Can you provide me with some advice on how to improve my strategy?



  25. For clarity check, I forgot to add that those 22 numbers are the results of 15 to no more than 20 combinations.



    • Hi Victor. Sounds great, even though I don’t fully understand your meaning. You are probably on the right track, I have found by observation the last few years, that a BIG advantage is gained when you can reduce the pool of numbers down to 13 or less. When appropriately forecast “tight” filters can be applied, you may end up with just a handful of games to play. If all filters are correct (within strike range), you have 100% chance of winning the jackpot!
      Your Lotto Revancha data is too small, Saliu recommends at least a few hundred real draws for this type of Lotto, plus 200,000 generated draws. For the statistically significant sampling size, you will use 100-150 draws to produce the stats report.

      Why don’t you play Lotto Australia or Powerball Australia? All the latest and historical results are here, and you can play Lotto or Powerball online with a government approved Lotto provider. It only costs a few cents more than buying from a local agency, I use this service myself and highly recommend it. I can even send you links to my data files DATA6 and D6 ready to use.

      I don’t know how much success you could have with a newly formatted Lotto like Revancha, Saliu would recommend waiting for a larger data file. Lotto number statistical “waves” can span vast periods of time in human terms. Saliu software can show us what is normal distribution over time, reveal shorter term obvious deviations, and point to a “re-balancing” tendency yet to occur.

      Have fun with it, G.

  26. Hello G,

    Any idea as to when we might be seeing some writting of yours on MedEidtor and LottoWe strategies?

    • Thanks for prompting Victor. I know it seems to have been a while since we talked, weeks pass like days! I am currently working on some paying projects, and won’t have much time to write for a few weeks. Thoughts on how to approach the task – it will appear in parts, with instructional video too, first installment in the next few weeks.

      Sit tight mate, there are many changes about to occur on G Network, I’m even thinking of running a Lotto syndicate with private membership, using games generated by forecast filters.

  27. If you do run the syndicate with no. generated by the filter, please let me know. I am interested in joining.

    • Hi Geraldo, yes its something I’m mulling over. The nature of the syndicate would be completely different to most syndicates, in that we would not play each week, but only when advantageous. Funds would be pooled for bigger hits. When we do play, it could be around 100-300 game combinations.
      If you use Saliu’s software, you will notice that upon assign very “tight” configurations for filters, you do end up with very few games to play. This strategy can prove potent when VERY extreme factors are indicated, and filters can be nailed to the dot. Keep in mind that this exteme type of scenario occurs maybe once a year, and you need to anticipate it (recognise the right conditions). Another thing I noticed, that there are many other occasions (more frequent), when “not so tight” filters may be applied, in the case of not so extreme swings, and yield 100-300 quite playable games. When the filters hit in these games, usually 20-25% of all the games pay a prize. Depending on which Lotto/Powerball you play, you could easily be looking at 400-500%+ return.
      If a player can realise those kind of returns on sessions when filters do hit, profit is achieved by maintaining a strike rate of better than 1 in 5. The player would need to win at least 1 out of every 5 sessions of play. This is still based on “firm” filters, as there is no point to play unless our filters can be tightened somewhat (cost advantage). Minimise loss while throwing darts at the jackpot! Thats the name of the game.
      Powerball appeals to me, hit 5 prime numbers and get $50,000-$200,000. Odds are only 1.2million to 1, much easier than most lottos getting around, and pays on 3 number hits too. If you get the 5 plus the powerball itself, its the best prize getting around – minimum $3million+.
      When its time, syndicate details will appear here.

  28. I agree with Powerball G, at the moment I am trying on paper the effectiveness of Least5 generated pool of number and filtering them through MDIELottoWE.

    However, I am still learning about Saliu’s concept of “cycle of fruitation”.

    Can you enlighten me when will the pool of number (generated using least file as filter) possibly to contains (come into fruit/ready to be harvested) the winning combo?

    Thanks in advance and will wait for the info about the syndicate.

    • Nice one. I vaguely remembered this term, “cycle of fruition”, thanks for mentioning. I searched and…
      Google Search results for – saliu cycle of fruition:

      I then found Saliu’s latest offering, new Gambling, Lottery, and Lotto software to make your eyes pop! I immediately signed up for Lifetime permanent membership.
      SoftwareLotto.EXE: Special upgrades to the lotto utility software for 5-, 6- and 7-number lotto games
      Saliu is coming up with more fresh new concepts, and software to execute them! Shiny new Lotto toys to play with, thanks Ion.

      Here are clues from excerpts on “cycle of fruition”:

      There are three fundamental elements when generating gambling/lottery systems derived from skips:

      ~ the degree of certainty DC;
      ~ the skip corresponding to the degree of certainty;
      ~ the cycle of fruition for the system to hit.

      I set the degree of certainty to be close to 1/e as to be correlated to ‘Ion Saliu’s Paradox of N Trials’. The new degree of certainty DC in version 3.0 corresponds to shorter skips. In turn, shorter skips lead to shorter cycles of fruition.

      The cycle of fruition is a tricky parameter. I haven’t found a formula to quantify it (in relation to DC or skip). But we can “visualize” it this way. The skip is 5, for example. If we play a system ‘under the skip of 5’, the system requires from 1 up to 5 draws (trials, spins, etc.) to complete. The ideal situation is ‘skip=1’. The cycle of fruition is 1: The number either hits in the next draw, or it turns into a loser.

      The problem with playing ‘ABOVE a skip corresponding to the 1/e degree of certainty” is the…uncertainty of the end. The skip could end after a big number of trials. Take the case of roulette, for example. There are roulette numbers that hit again AFTER 200 spins, even more sometimes!

      The cycle of fruition, as I see it, requires that the system numbers be played for the next several drawings. Some of the numbers will no longer meet the skip restrictions after a few draws; therefore, they must be discarded; new numbers become eligible for the system, based on their new current skip. Perhaps there are better (EASIER!) ways, but I haven’t discovered them yet.

      It is very important to understand that the probability is very, very slim to play a system the very next lottery drawing. That’s so because the multiple skips need a cycle of fruition.

      If the FFG median is considered, then repeat and non-repeat have an equal degree of certainty. The filters in SoftwareLotto are based on no-repeat (elimination) based on the FFG median (DC = 50%). Enabling five parameters with DC = 50% or ½ yields .5 ^ 5 = 1 in 32. Of course, N is different for the same DC for different groups of numbers. That represents the concept of cycle of fruition. For single groups of numbers, the cycle of fruition might be just 2 or 3 future drawings to play. For pairings, the cycle of fruition might go up to 20+ future drawings to play.

      Mate, I will have to review the latest at, and play with new software.

      For now, I think even Saliu has difficulty conveying this concept, maybe even quantifying it. I cannot tell you what he thinks of it, but I will share my thoughts.

      Cycle of fruition in a nutshell, is the number of draws required for your strategy to hit, to a given Degree of Certainty. I actually think there is a lot more Saliu is not saying, but if clever enough, and one can grasp his ideas conceptually at first, the rest is just inspiration (1%) and perspiration (99%). Be inspired to discover more from suggested paths, then work at it till you see something amazing!

      Cycle of fruition may also be determined by careful observation of filter configurations in the past, same thing. This is the cool thing about Ion’s software, if there aint a function to do what you want, use your eyes and a pen! I like to go through those long lists of skips, counting. Counting what? Whatever I want to count.
      Examples: How many draws after a particular event/condition, did another particular event/condition occur?
      How many times does a particular condition occur, in a given number of draws?
      There are some events that herald the coming of another event to hit within 5 draws to a DC=60%+
      I like to go through thousands of draws like this taking notes. Then, go back through my notes, and develop strategies. I may do a video, its easier to show. As I say, there is an infinite number of ways of looking at numbers.
      So much to do…

  29. Hello G,

    Long time no “see” you. Hope everything is well. Just writing to see if you have had the opportunity to wirte some of the articles on Ion’s Lotto software?

    This man would be rich by now if he could put together a friendly user guide that would walk the user through his programs in layman’s terms. I have continue to invest (money that Saliu could have earned) in other softwares without success.

    Since we first talk about our new Lotto game (46/6) we have had 80 drawings. Do you still think that need the minimum of 100 drawings to get some thing good from “MedEditor and Lotto We”?

    Hope evrything is well “Down Under”.



    • Hi Vic,
      please excuse my delay, it is coming. Do you know the biblical quote:

      A day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day.

      This is how I feel right now. My days are full, yet many days pass, as a moment!
      I am setting up a new host network right now, preparing for more interesting websites, some on lotto. G Network will migrate to the new server next week, and from there can be created many specialist websites.

      Sit tight Vic, all will be revealed in due time. I will invite you to join the new network, where you can set up your own site, and even a forum for lotto too. Once I have established the network, the new content will start to flow, and keep coming, there’s lots in my head.

      Talk soon, G.

  30. Good to hear from you G,

    Thanks for your quick response. I will be looking for to your new webpage/migration to the new server..

    Take care,


    • On the new server now! It took some configuring (transfer files and database hacks), and I changed the address (URL) format slightly, please update your bookmarks.
      The host is running WordPress MU (multi-user) which means lots more power, you should notice its much faster now. Once G Network has been given a final polish, I will start work on the global search engine site, and a few more sites, each specialising in a particular field. I will also kick off a little Lotto forum to allow more open discussion and sharing of ideas. Lots more work ahead. User registration is currently by invitation only, but may become more open as required. Will keep in touch.

  31. Hello G,

    Now our lotto reached the minimum of 100 draws to use Saliu Lotto We. Have you done any publishing on how to understand/set Saliu filters?

    Thanks and keep in touch,

    • Hi Vic, sorry mate, I have been working in other fields for a while – I am still going to release another site just on lotto/lottery. Saliu’s mathematics and software I admit, is quite hard work to understand and use powerfully – and even harder to teach. I thought the best I could present is videos on how to use the software, and tips on what are and how to look for “trigger” events. I did look for appropriate video screen capture software for many hours online some time ago, but didn’t find the right one for the job (free) – the free ones were tainted with trojans! I will have another look for one, or if you know of a good free screen capture video program, send me the link and I will do some video. For now, reread my comments on observation of filter formations over time, you will notice some predictability in the patterns to a degree of certainty as Saliu suggests.

  32. Admin,I have a question.

    Is it possible using Saliu’s software to predict the occurence of just “ONE SINGLE DIGIT” using his Skip program or other wise?
    Think of this: can his software predict the digit 1 in the combination 314 in the future/next draw…?
    If his pick 3 software is capable of doing this then it is worth its weight in gold,here is why:
    lets say for example that his skip program is capable of predicting the occurence of just one single digit to a higher degree of accuracy.That one single digit can be paired with a missing combinations list so 1000 combinations can be reduced to around 30 for a very high likelihood of a win…! “HOWEVER” that single digit has to be CORRECT…!

    So,in your opinion is this possible?

    • The best way I know of (and have succeeded at) picking 1 or possibly 2 standout numbers using skips is this:
      Wait for a draw when the “back” filters look like a major “blowout” is due. In Lotto pick 6 it would be the ANY6 or ANY5 Filters, in your Pick 3 game, ANY3 Filter. This usually occurs (to within a degree of certainty) after those filters have “tightened” for a sample of draws (resulted very small, half or less of the median). I find it easier to select such a standout when there are only 1 or few back numbers left to hit, then you can easily pick 1 or all of them, as they will hit on the blowout. Then pick some good numbers to compliment from the front, lower skipped numbers. This strategy works when the blowout hits, as there are far fewer “back” numbers – those with the large skips.
      I have always preferred waiting for the extremes to give such an edge, rather than, as most players do these days, play games with most probable “averaged” configuration. Wait for extremes and the clues will be stronger and cost/play will be minimized.
      Hope this helps.

  33. Admin?
    So,do past history of draws play any importance in picking future combinations ?
    There does seem to be some debate on this topic here on lotto analysis.
    Saliu does seem to think so however Colin does not…I however respect the opinions of both of them…

    How can any interpretive software work if past draws have no importance?

    Give me your opinion/advice on this matter,please.

    • It all depends on how you CHOOSE to view your game. Result sets of numbers may be analysed and sorted according to as many criteria as one could imagine. The boring unimaginative statistician will tell us the chance of any number in a given draw is the same, so what, its like saying water is wet – no argument here, but it won’t get us any closer to winning a jackpot. In fact this type of reasoning in my view, will ruin our chance of correctly forecasting an extreme condition/result when it hits, as we will play watered down commonly occuring configurations, and miss the big shift. These math bores will always refer to what is known as the “gambler’s fallacy”, which only proves to me their ignorance in such matters. Saliu has outlined the problem, and his approach to the solution, in his Fundamental Formula of Gambling:

      Evidently, each lotto or lottery combination has an equal probability p as the rest, but the combinations appear with different frequencies. The FFG median and standard deviation are the key factors in the biased appearance. The lotto numbers tend to repeat more often when their running skip is less than or equal to the ‘probability median’. The ‘probability median’ or FFG median can be calculated by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) for the degree of certainty DC.

      The degree of certainty can be viewed as a probability of probability strongly connected to a number of trials. The master formula that calculates the number of trials N for an event of probability p to appear with a degree of certainty DC is known as the Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

           log(1 – DC)
      N = —————-
            log(1 – p)

      Observation and test results verify Saliu’s work, and my methods are developed mainly on observation of events, appearing in a number of trials, to a respectable degree of certainty, at least 60%, but above 75% is even better. The ardent pursuer of Lotto jackpots would do well to discover their own methods based on Saliu’s work.

  34. Admin?
    I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to answer my questions.
    I have another question that has been puzzling me for quite some time here goes: digits for some unknown reason in pick 3 can all of a sudden become “TRENDY” whereby they hit more often than other digits.It would seem to be that this would be a great advantage if Salius software could track these digits by means of his software..

    Here is an example: 0-2-5-6 are Trend digits in that they are over represented by their hit rate in the North Carolina pick 3 lotto…given that these digits have hit at a higher rate over a given set of draws would it not be more accurate to predict for thier next occurence by means of Skip Value/median rather than to predict for all ten digits?

    Then too if Salius software could predict for one single digit and do it accurately….with one single digit I could win the pick 3 everytime with as little as thirty combinations..

    • You would focus on numbers whose Skip Median is less than the Median Of Skip Medians, for your sampling. This selection would be even stronger if the number hadn’t hit for a while, then had a hit. Saliu’s approach is different, in that its primary focus is on Skips and Skip Medians, and not necessarily frequency of hits of a given number.

  35. Admin?

    You do realize that pinning down only one digit correctly in the next/future draw is the “HOLY GRAIL” of all lotto systems,right?

    If you can accurately predict “JUST ONE DIGIT” correctly then you can win steamer trunks full of money its as simple as that here is why:

    With just one digit accurately predicted for the next draw I can pull the rest off of the missing combinations list and have the unmatched winniner with as little as 30 combinations….

    Having a system that could accurately predict just a single digit would be a very powerful weapon…I would love to be able to talk to Ion Saliu about this..

    I wish you could be able to pass this information on to him in some way…I’m sure with his vast knowledge he could figure this out..

    Thank you …

  36. I agree with the topic above .If any one can predict just one winning number the odds would be much slimmer,especilly for pick 3s.Would this be possible or is this another wishful thinking as usual? If a person can predict this one winning number ,I would love to be informed if feasible.

    here are copies of draw rosters from Tattersalls..ive been getting these since 1995..i know every analyse..they use more than one barrel and swap them every draw..same in nsw..also, they have changed the barrels over the years so u need to use regression..i am not against Ion Saliu at all..but this is the reality u are analyzing the wrong data..yes seperate data for each machine ok..then u will see the truth and be able to see patterns..fool i tried to tell u the truth and u belittled me anyway my website will be up very soon much better than ur false reasoning here..ur theory correct,,your DATA is incorrect ha ha ha u and Terry Fisher internet hucksters..haha

    • I have published your comment this time Dennis, as you may produce some usable information on your site. Your communications are still somewhat offensive, possibly defamatory, and I ask as always to keep it clean. If you have something to contribute in a civilised manner, please do, but keep your communications clean, brief, and not too many in number – you were banned from this site because of unacceptable behaviour, and I have archived your 400+ messages sent, some very malicious in nature. You should always take care in calling people names as you may find others not so accomodating, and you may end up on the receiving end of a defamation lawsuit (very costly).

      You have made your point, it is only one, to analyze each barrel seperately for better results. I say, as does Saliu, that treating them as one continuous sequence is equally valid, and continues to confirm its validity – I played 6 games of Powerball last week, 3 games were winners! (Saliu filters were due to tighten up, especially Any1-Any3). I only play every month or two when some advantage presents.

      Good luck with your new site. Are you going to post lotto results by barrel number? This would help greatly for those who wish to try Lotto analysis Calafati style!


  38. Here is my postings on Youtube, using Gail Howard’s Advantage Plus Software and with my very own custom data in it taking into account ALL the variables…tracking each machine..

    This for the inquiring lotto minds..seekers of lotto truth!

    my site up and running very soon! with statistics, and predicitions!

  39. hi hi,
    wa, so much reading waaaaaa…. very interesting tho, hay i read that admin guy i think it was won 2nd division in powerball 5 times, damn that is good predictions. I was just wondering what game did you play? what systems where the 5 wins if you could say? oh btw if you play a power hit, does that give you 45 wins in 2nd division if you get the 5 numbers plus the 1 win with all numbers and powerball?

    ty Jin 😀

    • hi Jin, all those 5 number wins were in Lotto, where I got 5 of 6 correct (usually pays $500-$2,000). Powerball pays much better for 5 numbers, usually $50,000 to $250,000. I have used many systems over the years, and now think the psyche component plays a major part in winning. One needs to remove the inner obstacles to success, then a system may work. These days, I like systems that hone selections to just a few games, the less you play, the more you win. Remember, small wins will minimise losses and allow further free play, while each time getting another go at the jackpot – I have gone for 10 months now, like this, with my own form of filter forecasting using Saliu software.

  40. I have for a long time been looking for the best way to win the lottery. I still believe that there is a system and that I just need to find it out! I am determined!

  41. Saliu’s “theories” are a modification of Gambler’s Fallacy. It has been known for centuries that such theories hold no weight. Frankly speaking, he is stealing from his customers by selling proven scams.

  42. Gambler’s Fallacy is based on actual mathematics. Saliu’s article is hillarious and shows a complete lack of understanding of probability theory. He simply repeats the names of the greats in the world of probability and statistics while misapplying their theories. It is clear that he does not actually understand any of the works of the very people he quotes. He has also taken formulas created by others, renamed them, claimed that he invented them, and then improperly used them in “proofs” that are wildly incorrect. He has spent decades claiming that he can beat numerous games, and yet he, himself, has never managed to make an income from playing any of them. Instead, he rips off suckers to make a living. People without the education to see the gaping holes in his “proofs”.

    • Saliu’s FFG is based on actual mathematics, Gambler’s Fallacy is a very limited view, of a bigger picture.
      Regarding Saliu’s income or winnings, do you know the facts? Unfortunately, most people that speak in this manner are either shills for some gambling interest (casino,lottery,etc), or just plain ignorant of the facts.
      I wish you all the best in your endeavours…

  43. Hi, not sure if anyone is still seeing this post? Maybe everyone wont the jackpot already 🙂

    I recently came across Ion Saliu site and spent hours reading them. Unfortunately the pages were poorly written. With so much emphasis on his software that people not using the software will not understand them. I have tried very hard reading many times but can only figured out partially. What I am interested to find out is about reducing the number pool by DC, skip, skip median and filters and make them work together.

    I got the DC concept. For 6/45 the 50% is 6 draws back, 75% is 11 draws back. I ran a stats for 3-number wins for TattsLotto from Nov. 8, 1986 to May 1, 2021 and got this:


    The first number is the number of Draws Back that 3 out of 6 was drawn. The second number is the number of draws that occurred. So during this period, there were 51 draws that 3 out of 6 numbers were drawn from the last draw, and in 213 draws, 3 out of 6 numbers were drawn from the last 2 draws and so on. As he said it means half (50%) of the winning lotto numbers in each draw are repeats from the past 6 drawings.

    Question #1: does this mean that the FFG for DC 50% is 6? (in fact the real number is 78%)

    The Skip is supposed to be the number of draws between hits of a number, that is simple enough.

    Question #2: what exactly is then “skip median”?

    Does he means, for example the number “1” in TattsLotto has been drawn 275 times. The middle or median of the #1 is the 138th position which is a “3”?

    Now that I have DC and skips how do I put them together? I saw he said add the first 2 skips, in the case of the #1, it’s 5+7=12. and compare to the double of the FFG value 6, which is 12. That means #1 will be selected as a possible number for next draw. Am I correct?

    The issue I am finding is that if a number has been drawn recently and the skip string is 2, 12, 5…. even though it was just drawn 2 draws ago, it won’t be included in the selection because the previous skip is 12, and 2+12=14 which is greater than 12. I will “miss” this recently drawn number in my selection.

    Q3 How is the “median” come into play?

    There are more than 3 questions above, hope someone can answer and then I can go on to ask about filters, which I have no clue. But someone here almost won the jackpot with filter so I am really interested in getting these to work together without the software. I want to get the logic behind them first.

    Hope someone can guide me through these.

    • Hi John, there is no single correct way to do this. You will learn to develop a system using the tools you have, and your ingenuity, to hopefully get some good results. As to what Saliu means, best to ask him.
      I use here a Data6 that begins in 2004 with Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto all of the format 6 from 45 numbers.
      I don’t play much these days, only when I see a very extreme situation appear.
      Good luck, G.

      • Thanks G. How can you actually “see” extreme situation in the future? 🙂

        We actually have developed a program already on a website. It is being tested and is actually working quite well. In our first try, 22 numbers were selected and they included all the jackpot numbers in the recent TattsLotto Super Draw! If you wheel them, you are guaranteed to win. All 6 numbers were only 7 draws back.

        Right now we are in the process of further refining our system. We already have what he said about skips when I saw Ion’s site. His way of explaining things is way too complicated. The fact that he mixed his old stuff with the new ones made it even more confusing. Ours are automated, optimized and very simple to understand and use.

        The only thing that I am not getting it is the “Ion1-Ion5” settings . Do you know exactly what it is? I think he just made that up but I believe it has something to do with some kind of statistical selections.

        • How do I actually see an extreme? This has been asked and answered here, many times. I will say again…
          Any apparent unusual excess (or even absence), of any mathematical factor/attribute. It may be as simple as an abundance of very small numbers, for a period. Play the trend, or, preempt the reaction.
          On the Ion filters, these are statistical indicators. I watch mainly Ion 3 and Ion 4 for potential predictions.
          If you are wheeling, try a system using standout double and triple number combinations through the games. This can really leverage the wins when those combos repeat!
          Good luck, G

          • Thanks. Do you know exactly what statistical data, these Ion filter use? Is it anywhere on Ion’s website? I couldn’t find any details on them.

          • Only Saliu knows. As I recall from his site, they are like proprietary (secret). Some of them can be used to forecast events, I watch mainly Ion 3 and 4 for this. The Ion 3 used to be more helpful on Lotto, but since the latest ballset (16 April 2018), behaviour has changed – but observation over time (many events), should reveal statistical patterns.

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