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The best free Lotto software available – if you want to WIN the Jackpot – is by Ion Saliu of MDIEditor & Lotto WE is by far the best Lotto program in its field, probably in the world. It has a completely different approach to looking at Lotto and Powerball games, in terms of Skips and Skip Medians – and a few other known, and secret, mathematical factors! Many lotto systems for picking lotto numbers are available, and may be easier to use, but by using MDIEditor & LottoWE as a tool, you can create your own systems/strategies.

The full-blown version of MDIEditor And Lotto WE is freeware. For a small membership fee, Saliu allows access to downloads, from his online collection of Lotto programs, mathematics and statistics tools – all free! It helps if you are OK with mathematics, just start here – MDIEditor And Lotto WE Software: Tutorial, User Guide, Instructions.
More information on Saliu and his ideas.

Download Download MDIEditor And Lotto WE

Download MDIEditor And Lotto WE – The Best Free Lotto Software: Lottery, Powerball, Keno, Gambling, Horse Racing

Once you have the MDIEditor And Lotto WE program, come back to G Network and copy the Lotto Results Australia or Powerball Australia Results ALL numbers, into your database, and you’re off and running. Any Lotto game can be played, Powerball, Keno, and Horse Racing multiples too! You can play Australian Lotteries online using the Lotto and Powerball numbers data of G Network – play online with a Government approved Lotteries provider here.

To make sure your data file is in correct format, see:
How To Create And Update The Data Files For Lotto, Lottery.

If you really want to WIN the Jackpot in your favourite Lotto game, go and study the rest, at the best – SALIU.COM.

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21 thoughts on “Free Lotto Software – best to WIN Jackpot”

  1. Quote from the download site
    “The software at this web site is NOT free to download. Paid membership is required in order to download Ion Saliu’s lotto software.”

    • Hi rip, I decided to approve your comment even though you hide behind a fake email address. To address this issue once again:

      Quote from article above – “The full-blown version of MDIEditor And Lotto WE is freeware. For a small membership fee, Saliu allows access to downloads, from his online collection of Lotto programs, mathematics and statistics tools.”

      Saliu offered ALL his software completely FREE for many years, then, due to attacks and plagiarism of scammers and pirates, it has changed to MEMBERS ONLY – the fee? a few cups of coffee, big deal – to have access to all the best free lotto software on the planet!

      Last words – following YOUR quote, Saliu says:

      The membership fee is negligible when compared to similar software packages. Without a bit of a doubt, the Ionosphere software you download here is far superior to any software products in similar categories: Lottery, lotto, gambling, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno, probability, statistics, and combinatorics. Moreover, some of the software titles you find here are absolutely unique. You will not find similar programs regardless of prices. You may download all the software titles during your yearly membership, including all upgrades and updates. It all boils down to about 10 cents per title. You will NOT find a better deal on the planet!

      The lottery software you download, however, is FREE for you to use during your lifetime. I wish you the longest of quality lifetimes! The Ionic software has no crippled features, and no strings attached. The software is not shareware: It is totally freeware. Read more:

      Download Great Free Software: Paid Membership Required.

  2. We actually checked out this book through Google books found it very confusing due to the fact we are not math gurus. We simplified things for people at Being you’re in Australia I would look forward to catching up with you, comparing notes & maybe forming an alliance

    • i’m not sure which book you refer to at google books. i checked out your site, and yes, its pretty much simplified. i couldn’t find much in the way of tips or strategy, or much explanation of how the membership money is allocated for play, or how winnings are disbursed.

      i notice too, that your approach is to attain consistent small wins, rather than focus on the jackpot win. i myself have played others systems, and my own, which have similar aim with some success. the problem is, any small advantage gained in the short term, even over months of play, will be eroded over longer periods of time, leading to eventual loss. the true hope for the serious lotto player is to minimise losses, while maximising the chance of hitting the jackpot – which guarantees healthy profit.

      i am happy following the strategy presented here, as it gives me a 60% chance of winning the jackpot (using typical filters) when it hits!

      i thought about offering membership similar to yours for a while, but as my approach is different to most, that is, jackpot focussed, most people don’t have the patience to wait as long as i do between plays. plus, when i do win the jackpot, its 100% all mine…

    • I was one filter out from hitting jackpot few years back, VER6 I had minus(-) instead of plus(+), missed $2 million+.

      I have had some success with small wins over the years, lots of small prizes with one particular wheeling system based on dna helix structure.

      Saliu’s MDIEditor And Lotto WE program is the best lotto software to fine tune a system, to win the jackpot – with just a handful of games!

    • no its not Saliu. it was an old pen to paper system from the days when Monday/Wednesday Lotto had only 44 numbers. that is a whole other story…

    • yes. i use ANY and VER filters, plus sometimes ION filters too – then further filter them with other strong factors that may manifest – high/lows, single/double-digit first number, evens/odds, decades, standouts, bla bla bla

      just remember, more filtering will reduce combinations to play, but also may lessen chance of success as you need ALL filtering factors to hit at once. the challenge is finding a balance…

  3. Can Saliu software generate 8 combination if i eliminate certain numbers? i am still trying to configure out this software but cnt find an option when will generate 8 combination by eliminating certain numbers.

    • yes John, the Saliu software is most potent, and can in fact produce as little as 1 combination if the filters are tight enough, or even no games if too tight. you should really read some of the recent lotto posts here and on Saliu’s site to wrap your head around some concepts and how to apply them to suit you.

      as i posted before – play less, win more – best is to wait until a favourable time to hit. read again the previous 4 draw article and comments, for tips on filters and when to play for recent numbers to hit.

      good luck.

      • ok, so you’ve plugged in your filters and generated too many games for your pocket, say 100 games. your pocket tells you “hey man, i can only afford 8 games!”
        what to do?
        have a look at further filtering of the games you generated, with other filters that make sense to you at the time – hi/lows, odds/evens, decades, etc
        one of my personal favourites is to pick a “standout” number, one that really looks good to hit soon, and filter by playing only the games with that number. your games are reduced, and you get it in every game.

    • nice. there could be a narrow draw coming in next few (recent numbers). also expect a draw with bigger (exclude under #13), then smaller numbers (exclude over #33) soon.

      • oh crap – I played for a 4 draw and it hit!
        but my numbers were split between games, I played some games bigs, the others smalls.

        ANY 1-6 : 0 1- 1- 2- 3- 3-
        VER 1-6 : 1- 2- 3- 12- 13- 14-


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