Lotto numbers all hit from last 4 draws

On 7 January 2009, the Australian Lotto numbers all hit from the last 4 draws! That is, all winning numbers came from those of the previous 4 draws, a rare event – see draws below.

To optimize lotto games for such an event would give tremendous advantage in play, as you may end up with as little as only 13 numbers to play. This is mostly what Saliu Lotto software is good for, anticipating and forecasting probable times for these events and going for good coverage at these times only.

Lotto 4 Draw Event

Wednesday 7 January 2009 Result:
26 32 35 37 38 45

Previous 4 draws’ results:
19 21 24 28 33 42
17 25 28 34 37 45
15 16 19 26 28 44
14 32 35 38 42 43

Also the draw followed a trending toward bigger numbers, of which 26 was the smallest. The last time we had a 4 draw result in Lotto was 308 draws before this one, almost 2 years ago on Saturday 20 January 2007 – see below.

Saturday 20 January 2007 Result:
4 5 20 24 25 33

Previous 4 draws’ results:
1 18 20 25 34 35
12 24 26 27 32 45
4 12 13 16 33 42
1 5 9 19 26 34

I hope this gives some idea of the time periods required to track lotto, and look for trigger events for future draws. When you can narrow down all possible numbers to come from only 4 draws or less (a rare event), the number of combinations needed to hit the jackpot are far fewer.

Special note to players using Saliu software:

I have noticed, as just occured again, that in Lotto 6/45, when a “4 draw event” occurs, most frequently the Vertical filters ALL go (-)minus except for VER6 which goes (+)plus. Look back over results and simulated results and see this occur at least two thirds of the time. I also noticed that there were only 5 numbers left in the whole field whose last skip was greater than the ANY6 Skip Median of 15.

Click on graphic below to download Filters chart for 7000 draws, 741 real draws, the rest are based off simulated draws Lotto6/45. Download text file – size 788K.

Tips for future Lotto Australia:

Lotto Australia is begging for SMALL numbers, and we should see a run of these coming up. Next draw or few, we should also see numbers coming from further back in the draws, ie: exclude most numbers that have hit in last few draws. Good luck.

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  1. iam in south africa,i have been playing the lotto every week for the last eight years and have not won any thing
    iam begging to understand and agree with people that lotto is fraud .
    i will want to be proved wrong


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