Types of Australian Lotto

au-lottoThere are several types of Australian lotto that are played. The rules for each type of lotto game vary slightly, but the idea of most lotto games is to match a specific number of lotto numbers you have selected with the lotto numbers drawn for the game. Most of the lotto games work on divisional prize pools, where the prize you win (division) is dependant on how many numbers you select match the numbers drawn for the game.

Australian Lotto is played by selecting numbers in a series of games for the weekly draw you are entering. There is one draw that takes place, but you are able to play several games within that draw on each ticket you purchase. For example, you may enter 12 games on a single ticket into one of the weekly draws.

There are many different ways to submit an entry for an Australian Lotto game. These include hand picking the numbers you’d like to enter or taking what is known as a “quickpick”. A Quickpick is a computer generated ticket where the numbers are selected at random for the number of games within the draw you want to play. In some instances you can play up to 36 games per ticket, per draw.

Some of the most popular lotto games are known by slightly different names in each state of Australia, but that doesn’t mean that you are playing a different lotto game. Some of the lotto game names are: Saturday Lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, 6 From 38 Pools, Super 66, Lotto Strike, Lucky Lotteries and Cash 3. In some states you may know these Australian Lotto games by more familiar names such as Gold Lotto and Tattslotto.

The rules for these types of lotto are all the same, irrespective of which state you play the game in or the name it is given in that state.

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