bluballAt specific times of year, Australian Lottery games usually have what is known as a “Superdraw” or “Megadraw”.

A superdraw is a just like any regular lotto draw, however the prizes on offer for the superdraws are far far higher than a regular jackpot game. The superdraw is known for it’s fantastically high first division prize pool (first division being matching all primary numbers in a game with the numbers you have selected on your ticket).

Superdraws are held at special times during the year and Australian Lotto players can be entering for their chance to win up to $30 million. These are always extremely popular and occur at times such as New Years Eve and sometimes around other Australian public holidays.

The close cousin of the Superdraw is what is known as a Megadraw. A megadraw is just that, it is the most mega, most fantastic Australian Lotto prize possible of winning. A megadraw is held just once a year usually through the Christmas/New Year period (if a superdraw is not held on New Year’s Eve). Megadraw first division prizes have been known to be up around the $30 million mark and on occasion they have been one by just 1 person. Imagine that, what a great way to celebrate the festive season!

Superdraws and Megadraws always encourage infrequent lotto players to have a go at the game, with sales in quickpicks rising for these events.

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