History of Australian Lottery

flag-au-thFor Australian Lottery results and info click here. Australian lottery has been around for quite some time now with different states all introducing different lotteries at different times, more often than not one state would set a precedent and other states would follow suit.

The very first Australian lottery was commenced in Sydney in the 1880’s and were run as privately operated sweepstakes. Prohibition eventually forced these lottery sweepstakes to move their base to Queensland followed by Tasmania and then into Victoria. These lotteries continue to this day to be just as successful as they ever have been.

Other lottery games in Australia have been operated by the government with one known as the Golden Casket Art Union introduced in 1916 with proceeds going to community development and other charitable purposes. This lottery was very successful and formed the base model for other state run lottery games that were designed in future years.

Other types of lottery include privately owned soccer pools which were loosely based on the UK version of the lottery game. These games were introduced in the 1970’s. In 1981 prize pools from the Victorian, Tasmanian, the ACT, Northern Territory, South Australian and Western Australian lotteries were combined and Queensland continued to run it’s own lottery. An agreement was made in 1993 with NSW lotto which resulted in the creation of a national lottery network.

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  1. I have some old gift packs lotto,powerball,oz lotto, pools,lucky lotteries – I notice if they are too old you can not collect – how old is too old some of my tickets are 2007 and 2008 and 2009 regards heather

    • There are many requests made about old tickets and possible expiry. This is what NSW Lotteries says about unclaimed prizes:

      There is now a time limit for claiming prizes. Any prize won on a ticket for a draw or game conducted by NSW Lotteries on or before 30 November 2010 must be claimed on or before 1 December 2016. Any prize won in a draw conducted on or after 1 December 2010 must be claimed on or before the sixth anniversary of the date the draw was conducted.
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