OZ Lotto 90 million AU

OZ Lotto $90 million 1st Division Prize Wow! $90 million is the 1st division prize on offer in next Tuesday’s OZ Lotto – the biggest Australian Lotto Prize ever – and enough to share!  After last night’s $50 million jackpot was not won, and a lot of money invested (reported $87M), it was decided that… Read More »

Value Betting

Concept This concept of value, simply put, is an estimate – usually made by a professional racing analyst – of the horses worth, or ability in the race expressed as a number – odds, dollars, percentage, ratios, etc. – these days usually as a dollar value. Factors There are complex algorithms and theory used to… Read More »

Bendigo Cup selections

In a fairly open affair, the Bendigo Cup today may produce a sizable trifecta. There are 2 selections in the Bendigo Cup, seeming the most consistent with best times this distance, and well weighted. Home Sweet has been tracking nicely into this, coming off a win and 2nd place last 2 starts, runs much better… Read More »