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powerball tipsThe Powerball Tips given here, are for the new Powerball game format. On 19 April 2018 we saw the first Powerball draw of the new game format, 7 numbers drawn from 35, plus 1 powerball drawn from 20 – (7/35 + 1/20). This new format has some interesting properties, which will be covered in this post. Any new Powerball Tips will appear below as comments, and is open to commenting for all.

Powerball Odds of Winning

Firstly, the odds of winning the jackpot 1st division prize is 135 million to 1 for each game played. I predict we will see the biggest jackpots ever seen in Australia, which could reach $150 million to $200 million (or more) quite easily.

Importance of the Powerball Number

The most important factor I see in this game, is that winning a prize, is more heavily reliant on hitting the powerball number itself (1/20). The smallest prize that can be won without picking the correct powerball number itself, is Division 7, being 5 main numbers. A prize can be won with 2, 3, or 4 main numbers correct, but ONLY in conjunction with the correct powerball number. So 4 numbers is no prize.

Pick the Powerball Number – Easy Prizes

The trick to this Powerball game, is to hit the Powerball number itself. When that Powerball number is hit, prizes are too easy. There is a feature called Powerhit, where you can play a game with all the powerballs covered (1-20). I don’t recommend this feature, because even though it’s guaranteed to hit the powerball number, its far from guaranteed that you will even get your money back. The wiser way to play is to pick 1 to 3 powerballs, and rotate them through your games.

Tips for the Powerball Number

Pick 1 number for the powerball if you are strong on it, then when it hits, it is quite likely you will have prizes. Picking 2 or 3 numbers as powerballs and rotating them, will give a greater chance of hitting, and so easy prizes. Using more than 3 different powerballs will reduce the chance of seeing a positive return (profit). I use 1 or 2 when they look good.

How to Pick the Powerball Number

There are many ways to pick the Powerball number itself, some use lucky numbers, birth numbers, dates, dreams, etc. Using analysis of previous numbers is what we look at here. The Powerball number is the most important for prize wins, but being only one number is also the hardest to pick. It is similar to picking a roulette number, but limited to just 20 numbers (1-20). Any system that works with roulette, will work on picking the powerball number. I use the concept of “sectors” as is done with roulette, coupled with the oscillation of recent to distant past powerballs. Enough said.

Powerball Tips for Main 7 Numbers

For those that like to play numbers that have recently hit (for repeats), Powerball will give plenty. Quite frequently we will see all numbers hit from within the previous 6 draws. In fact, in the 4th draw of the new Powerball we saw 6 numbers repeat from the first 3 draws.

  • Almost every draw will see 1 number repeat from the previous draw. Make sure each game you play has at least 1 number from the previous draw.
  • Almost half the time we will see 2 numbers repeat from the previous draw.
  • 3 numbers repeat from previous draw, approximately every 2 months.
  • 4 numbers repeat from previous draw, approximately once a year.
  • Most of the time, most of the numbers will appear as repeats from the previous 4 draws.

Check the draw results at Powerball Results.
For random number picks try Powerball Number Generator.

Powerball Tips for Subscribers

I will be posting here occasionally with Powerball Tips for the Powerball main numbers, but tips for the Powerball Number itself will only be sent privately to active subscribers.

Any more ideas for Powerball Tips?
Comments, questions, feedback are welcome.

9 thoughts on “Powerball Tips 2018”

  1. Hi G,
    The question is Powerball or Tattslotto Saturday, which will produce the best return even if it is smaller prizes?
    Sounds like Powerball maybe the game to play even if only picking up smaller prizes.
    Interesting to see if numbers will trend from previous 4 draws as mentioned? Time will tell.


    • Hi Col, nice to hear from you.
      Yes the numbers will trend as described, from very recent numbers,the format dictates it. The profits on Powerball will depend on how well you can pick the actual powerball number. Last year I made good profit from picking the powerball number using the tip I gave above. Haven’t played much this year, yet. I like to wait until there is a strong indicator for either recent, or distant past powerball to hit. The monster jackpots to come will be a great motivator to have a go. G

  2. The Powerball jackpot is $20 Million this week. There have been 21 draws so far in the new Powerball game, with a big jackpot of $100 Million going off on 16 August.
    With little data to go on, here are some observations that may help you pick your numbers.


    Adjacent Numbers:
    In this new Powerball game format it is common to see two adjacent numbers appearing. Either one or two sets in a draw, like 4 5 and 12 13, or even three numbers in a row like 31 32 33. So don’t be afraid of putting some in your games, especially if you see it as a hot zone.

    Repeating Pairs/Triplets:
    Pairs and Triplets – 2 or 3 numbers that repeatedly hit together from previous games – is more common in this game format.

    3 Numbers to Hit from previous draw:
    Within a month, we should see a draw with 3 numbers repeat from its previous draw.

    Number lovers:
    Try 23 25

    Good luck!

    PS: Private Powerball Number tip sent to subscribers only. If you don’t want to miss out on the next one, scroll down and Subscribe.

    • The Powerball Number 8 hit last week (20 SEP) and was one of those tipped privately to subscribers. The Powerball Number itself has been having quite a few repeats from recent hits, expect to see the Powerball Number coming more from further back in the draws (or from those that haven’t appeared yet).

  3. Just was wondering if there are any pb no you see coming up tonight. i subscribe & from your tips on how to pick pb, i seem to be going ok on your roulette + past results. got 2 nos narrowed down gor tonight. im thinking 18 or a low even no?

    • Hi Jason, I’m glad you asked, and good on you for picking the Powerball number! That’s the hardest one to get, and the most profitable.
      I still haven’t got round to writing a new post Powerball Tips 2019 but its coming…

      On the Powerball Number, you are probably right on LOW numbers, as so far two thirds of them have hit from the top half of the field (11-20). I expect to see a rebalancing over the next 3 to 6 months, with more low ones (1-10).

      The 1, 2, 4 and 18 have NOT hit yet. So, take your pick. Even though it is usually better to go with the trend rather than against it, I expect to see one or two of those unseen Powerballs to hit within a month or so. On the other hand, one or two of those may not hit for another 6 months!

      Good luck!

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