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Powerball Tips for 2019 – latest tips and comments are posted below, with discussion open to all. I will be posting here occasionally with Powerball Tips for the Powerball main numbers (1-35), but tips for the Powerball Number itself will usually be sent privately to active subscribers. To be notified of the latest Powerball tips, including private subscriber tips, subscribe now.

Powerball Tips Update

On assessing the Powerball draw results of the new game format, started in April 2018, it appears the results data is still a bit small (currently at 42 draws) to get a good idea of patterns. We should get a better idea after 100+ draws, early in 2020. The article written last year Powerball Tips 2018 has some good tips for Powerball, and is best read first. I’ll try not to be repetitive here, and write Powerball tips that build on those.
Last week saw an amazing 3 draw event – all the main winning numbers hit from the previous 3 draws!
Now for the tips…

The Powerball Number

Winning Powerball prizes relies heavily on getting the actual Powerball Number right – one number, from 1 to 20, that is drawn from its own barrel of 20 balls. WITHOUT hitting the actual Powerball, you will need 5, 6, or 7 main winning numbers out of 7, in order to win a prize. WITH the Powerball Number, every game that hits 2 or more winning numbers is a prize – and likely you will get several.

2 Ways to Play the Powerball Number

Broadly speaking, there are two main strategies on how many actual Powerballs (1-20) to include in your entry.

1. As I wrote previously, Powerhit is not the best way, and just including 1 to 3 numbers as the Powerball yields better returns – Pick the Powerball Number – Easy Prizes
2. Another strategy for more frequent wins, is to include 5 (or more) different Powerballs, rotated through the games played.

What is the difference?

Strategy 1 will yield BIGGER proportional returns LESS frequently.
Strategy 2 will yield SMALLER proportional returns MORE frequently.

Take your pick, I don’t mind waiting for the bigger returns, but others may prefer more frequent returns, if that’s you, play to include more Powerballs! Remember not to overdo it as the more Powerballs you include, the less chance of seeing a positive return (profit) on your investment.

On the old Powerball game format, it was easier to get prizes without the Powerball itself, so picking 1 to 3 Powerballs was fine. Now, when I play, I frequently hit 4 numbers in a game, but without the Powerball its a no win. Using more Powerballs – and playing more games – becomes more necessary in the current format.

How to Pick the Powerball Number

As mentioned before, picking 1 number from 20 is similar to picking a number to hit on roulette – just a little easier.

Using the Skips of the actual Powerball Number can improve our strike rate. The only problem here at the moment, is that we have too little data to analyze the skips – only 42 draws. With time (unless they change the format again) it will become easier to predict the Powerball Number, and so get more wins!

The Skip, is the number of draws in between appearances of that Powerball Number. When we see its overall skips tend to be small, and especially if the last few skips are small, this can be a good Powerball to play for several weeks.

These are all 42 Powerballs that have hit so far, from most recent (31 Jan 2019) to the first one:
10 3 9 14 13 19 15 13 19 12 17 20 10 3 12 5 13 7 3 8 11 20 20 11 3 19 19 15 17 5 16 3 16 15 9 6 17 9 14 13 12 7

On skips, the Powerball 3 is shaping up as a good one, but time will tell.
Notice that two thirds of those Powerballs come from the top of the field (11-20). Expect to see more hits from the smaller ones (1-10) over the next 3 to 6 months.

On the subject of skips, there are still 4 Powerballs that have not made an appearance yet:
1 2 4 18
Of these, we will likely see one or two of them hit soon (within 1-2 months), but also we may see one or two of these NOT hit for another 6 months!
It is usually better to go with those that are hitting, as the colder ones can sometimes take forever.

How to Pick the Main 7 Numbers

The Powerball tips given last year have proven good, read those first as I include only additional information here.

Anyone that looks carefully at the Powerball Results will notice that a LOT of the numbers drawn repeat in subsequent draws.
On 29/11/18 the draw had 4 numbers repeat from the previous draw. I told a friend that this is a once a year event. Then it happened again the following week!

Around 70% of draws have at least 4 numbers hit from the previous 4 draws, so make sure to include mostly recent hitting numbers. Then include another few numbers in each game, that have NOT hit in the last 4 draws.

A Powerball Winning Pattern

Here is a winning pattern I use to get lots of hits for the 7 main numbers. Firstly, I noticed that approximately every 6 draws (on average), we see a draw where all numbers hit from the previous 6 draws. When this happens, the following pattern can yield 4-7 correct winning numbers. Depending on how you play this pattern, its possible to hit them all in one game! You can play this pattern as is, or modify to taste. You can play it with just a pen and paper. I wrote a little program to do it, which may be released in future. This pattern can yield good hits even when the 6 draw event doesn’t hit.

Here is the pattern:

Play combinations of these numbers in each game…

  • Include 2 numbers from the previous draw
  • Include 2 numbers from the second draw back
  • Include 1 number from the third draw back
  • Include 1 number from the fourth draw back
  • Include 1 number from the sixth draw back

How to Win Powerball

Putting it all together, we need 7 main winning numbers PLUS the Powerball, to win that sweet Powerball jackpot. So when you have generated your games, then pick the actual Powerball Number/s you like, just combine them evenly.
Say you have 5 Powerballs you like, and 15 games to play, just rotate the Powerballs so each Powerball appears 3 times throughout the games.
Someone I know likes to play it a little different. He generates his set of games, then picks 3 Powerballs, and plays his set of games 3 times, one set with each Powerball – last time I saw him get the Powerball right and every game in that set was a winner!

Good luck!

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