Powerball Tips 2019 – 2022

Powerball Tips for 2019 to 2022 – latest tips and comments are posted below, with discussion open to all. I will be posting here occasionally with Powerball Tips for the Powerball main numbers (1-35), but tips for the Powerball Number itself will usually be sent privately to active subscribers. To be notified of the latest Powerball tips, including private subscriber tips, subscribe now.

Powerball Tips Update

On assessing the Powerball draw results of the new game format, started in April 2018, it appears the results data is still a bit small (currently at 42 draws) to get a good idea of patterns. We should get a better idea after 100+ draws, early in 2020. The article written last year Powerball Tips 2018 has some good tips for Powerball, and is best read first. I’ll try not to be repetitive here, and write Powerball tips that build on those.
Last week saw an amazing 3 draw event – all the main winning numbers hit from the previous 3 draws!
Now for the tips…

The Powerball Number

Winning Powerball prizes relies heavily on getting the actual Powerball Number right – one number, from 1 to 20, that is drawn from its own barrel of 20 balls. WITHOUT hitting the actual Powerball, you will need 5, 6, or 7 main winning numbers out of 7, in order to win a prize. WITH the Powerball Number, every game that hits 2 or more winning numbers is a prize – and likely you will get several.

2 Ways to Play the Powerball Number

Broadly speaking, there are two main strategies on how many actual Powerballs (1-20) to include in your entry.

1. As I wrote previously, Powerhit is not the best way, and just including 1 to 3 numbers as the Powerball yields better returns – Pick the Powerball Number – Easy Prizes
2. Another strategy for more frequent wins, is to include 5 (or more) different Powerballs, rotated through the games played.

What is the difference?

Strategy 1 will yield BIGGER proportional returns LESS frequently.
Strategy 2 will yield SMALLER proportional returns MORE frequently.

Take your pick, I don’t mind waiting for the bigger returns, but others may prefer more frequent returns, if that’s you, play to include more Powerballs! Remember not to overdo it as the more Powerballs you include, the less chance of seeing a positive return (profit) on your investment.

On the old Powerball game format, it was easier to get prizes without the Powerball itself, so picking 1 to 3 Powerballs was fine. Now, when I play, I frequently hit 4 numbers in a game, but without the Powerball its a no win. Using more Powerballs – and playing more games – becomes more necessary in the current format.

How to Pick the Powerball Number

As mentioned before, picking 1 number from 20 is similar to picking a number to hit on roulette – just a little easier.

Using the Skips of the actual Powerball Number can improve our strike rate. The only problem here at the moment, is that we have too little data to analyze the skips – only 42 draws. With time (unless they change the format again) it will become easier to predict the Powerball Number, and so get more wins!

The Skip, is the number of draws in between appearances of that Powerball Number. When we see its overall skips tend to be small, and especially if the last few skips are small, this can be a good Powerball to play for several weeks.

These are all 42 Powerballs that have hit so far, from most recent (31 Jan 2019) to the first one:
10 3 9 14 13 19 15 13 19 12 17 20 10 3 12 5 13 7 3 8 11 20 20 11 3 19 19 15 17 5 16 3 16 15 9 6 17 9 14 13 12 7

On skips, the Powerball 3 is shaping up as a good one, but time will tell.
Notice that two thirds of those Powerballs come from the top of the field (11-20). Expect to see more hits from the smaller ones (1-10) over the next 3 to 6 months.

On the subject of skips, there are still 4 Powerballs that have not made an appearance yet:
1 2 4 18
Of these, we will likely see one or two of them hit soon (within 1-2 months), but also we may see one or two of these NOT hit for another 6 months!
It is usually better to go with those that are hitting, as the colder ones can sometimes take forever.

How to Pick the Main 7 Numbers

The Powerball tips given last year have proven good, read those first as I include only additional information here.

Anyone that looks carefully at the Powerball Results will notice that a LOT of the numbers drawn repeat in subsequent draws.
On 29/11/18 the draw had 4 numbers repeat from the previous draw. I told a friend that this is a once a year event. Then it happened again the following week!

Around 70% of draws have at least 4 numbers hit from the previous 4 draws, so make sure to include mostly recent hitting numbers. Then include another few numbers in each game, that have NOT hit in the last 4 draws.

A Powerball Winning Pattern

Here is a winning pattern I use to get lots of hits for the 7 main numbers. Firstly, I noticed that approximately every 6 draws (on average), we see a draw where all numbers hit from the previous 6 draws. When this happens, the following pattern can yield 4-7 correct winning numbers. Depending on how you play this pattern, its possible to hit them all in one game! You can play this pattern as is, or modify to taste. You can play it with just a pen and paper. I wrote a little program to do it, which may be released in future. This pattern can yield good hits even when the 6 draw event doesn’t hit.

Here is the pattern:

Play combinations of these numbers in each game…

  • Include 2 numbers from the previous draw
  • Include 2 numbers from the second draw back
  • Include 1 number from the third draw back
  • Include 1 number from the fourth draw back
  • Include 1 number from the sixth draw back

How to Win Powerball

Putting it all together, we need 7 main winning numbers PLUS the Powerball, to win that sweet Powerball jackpot. So when you have generated your games, then pick the actual Powerball Number/s you like, just combine them evenly.
Say you have 5 Powerballs you like, and 15 games to play, just rotate the Powerballs so each Powerball appears 3 times throughout the games.
Someone I know likes to play it a little different. He generates his set of games, then picks 3 Powerballs, and plays his set of games 3 times, one set with each Powerball – last time I saw him get the Powerball right and every game in that set was a winner!

Good luck!

72 thoughts on “Powerball Tips 2019 – 2022”

    • Hi Johnny, yes I think a few tips may be handy right about now, as the Powerball jackpot hits a sweet $150 million.

      Lets go straight to the tips.
      It looks to me we are going to see a firm draw (lots of recently drawn numbers), pretty soon – all numbers to hit from previous 6-8 draws.

      TIP: Include 4 of these in each game.
      It is highly likely we see 4 numbers come from the previous 3 draws.
      Numbers Hit in previous 3 draws:
      2 4 8 9 10 11 14 16 19 20 22 27 28 29 30 31 32
      Favoured: 4 11 19 20 27 29 30 31

      TIP: Include 1 of these in each game.
      As a firm draw, one number should hit from the back of the range (6-8 draws back).
      Numbers 6-8 draws back:
      1 5 15 23 25
      Favoured: 5 15

      Complete 7 Numbers:
      So to make up your games, include 4 numbers for each game (from the previous 3 draws), plus 1 number in each game (from 6-8 draws back). That will be 5 numbers selected for each game. To fill up the 7 numbers required, just pick another 2 numbers for each game to complete. These may be lucky numbers, or numbers that hit between 4-5 draws back – 3 7 17 21 24 26 35.

      POWERBALL Tip:
      Now for the Powerball itself.
      As we have seen an abundance of recent Powerballs repeating, I forecast that we should see more hits from the back – Powerballs that have not hit for a long time (6 months or more). These include:

      POWERBALL: 1 5 10 12 14 15 16 17
      Favoured: 1 12 16 17

      Note: The Powerball 1 has yet to hit, watch closely, when it does hit we will likely see it hit again 2 or 3 times shortly after (within 2 months).

      Good luck all!

  1. A syndicate to play 31 of the 35 intergers 7/35..

    01, 02, 03, 04 , 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,19, 20, 21, 22 , 23 , 24, 25, 27, 28 29 , 31 32, 33, 34, 35

    and these powerballs : 01, 09, 10, 12, 16, 17, 18

    i think with this ive won the jackpot !!

    • You managed to pick the powerball in 7 numbers, not bad, but I would work on that “syndicate 35” plan.
      I know its you brother, but I let this one thru as it gave me a good laugh!

      “i think with this ive won the jackpot !!”

      If you want your posts to appear, ease up on the barrage copy/paste spam.
      Sometimes less is more…

  2. Result:
    4 5 8 17 18 26 31 – Powerball 9
    $150 Million jackpot was won by 3 winners.
    All the numbers conformed to tips above, except for the 18 (which last hit 19 draws ago) and the Powerball.

    Going forward, watch for the Powerball itself to appear from the following – we may see a few of them hit in coming weeks.
    POWERBALL: 1 5 10 12 14 15 16 17
    Favoured: 1 12 16 17

  3. We are about to see a Powerball draw, where all the numbers hit are repeats of very recent numbers. This will likely occur within 2 weeks.


    • Play heavily numbers that have hit in previous 2 to 3 draws
    • Include 2 or 3 numbers from the previous draw
    • Include 1 number from around 6 draws back
    • For the Powerball itself, those posted above still look good – I like 12 and 17 best

    Good luck!

    • The Powerball 12 hit tonight, and 5 numbers hit from the previous 3 draws – easy prizes.
      I still expect to see a tighter draw, something really special.

    • Hi Edland, not sure exactly what you are asking.
      The tipped Powerballs above were those from further back in the draws, from which we could (and did) see hits.
      Now it looks time for some more recent ones to hit.

      I may do a special tip this week for subscribers only, so make sure to subscribe with your best email address.

  4. HI G,
    Back on the game charts again, just wondering how you went with Powerball? I know the last time we spoke you were focusing on Powerball did you manage to derive any advantage winning over lotto?
    Running some charts now that there is some history behind the draws, appears the smaller prizes are easier to obtain.
    Interested in you findings.
    Hope all is well, and your staying safe in this covid-19 lockdown were all going through.

    Chat soon,

    • Hi Col, yes I have been doing ok over the last few months. I should have posted here, but wanted to trial a bit more.
      The Powerball itself is the trick, and it has become easier to predict the zones where it will hit, this year. We have gone through 5 “cycles” of 20 Powerballs, so we have some good useable history for them. Getting better hits on the Powerball itself leads to more wins, and a better shot at the jackpot.
      The Main numbers are prone to get sticky clumps of number combinations, that repeat over 5-20 draws (sometimes more). These can be included in games for easier multiple hits.
      Thinking of doing a major writeup on Powerball tips, but feel it should be members only…

  5. Hi G,
    Yes I noticed it not uncommon for numbers to repeat hit three times with no.9 having a magical run end of last year.
    The Powerball number has a habit of repeating like no.2 lately.
    I have some charts I would like to add for you to review, however can’t seem to cut and paste them on here?


  6. Why do the lottery draw machines look different?
    New lottery draw machines have been commissioned to conduct all Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball draws from 16 April 2018.

    The new draw equipment replaces lottery machines that have been in use for more than 20 years.

    In order to be commissioned, tens of thousands of test draws were conducted to confirm the machines select lottery balls randomly and the integrity of lottery draws is maintained.

    Accompanying the new machines are new vividly-coloured lottery balls – a unique set each for Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball.

    The balls are equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID), allowing the machines to automatically and instantly “read” each ball number as soon as it is drawn.

    As part of the robust testing process, the lottery balls themselves have also been scrutinised, with experts from the National Measurement Institute deployed to weigh each lottery ball. This independent testing verified that the balls were of equal weight and adhered to the strict required weight standards.

    When they’re not being used for lottery draws, the machines and lottery balls are kept securely under lock and key, with only selected licensed lottery officials able to access them.

    Regulators from each Australian lottery jurisdiction have given their approval for the new equipment to start drawing the winning numbers for Saturday Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto and Powerball draws.

    Government regulators will continue to supervise each lottery draw to ensure they are conducted according to strict guidelines.

  7. Hi, G
    Can you please help with the powerball numbers for the coming draw(05/08/2020) which is on tomorrow..Thank you

  8. sorry i mentioned wrong date ..here is correct date 06/08/2020..please help me with this powerball numbers..thank you

    • Hi Vikas, thanks for the prompting, its been a big week here…

      I have been writing a bigger article, but it won’t be finished today. To get things rolling for tonight, I post here some good recent numbers, to include in coming draws. Keep in mind the tip for the Powerball I sent subscribers last week.

      Here are the numbers:

      Number 32 has been a quiet achiever, showing frequent repeats, leading up to a nice skip median. Even though it may have periods of absence (skips), it looks well entrenched for now, and is a number to follow for many months to come.

      Number 27 is strong to hit. skip-median=1 (within 2 draws)

      The number 24 is starting to form nicer skips, and should see more hits in coming weeks.

      Keep an eye on the 17, this long-term heavy-hitter is back.

      I also include here, what I call “affinity” numbers, for each of the tipped numbers above. These are numbers that have an affinity for, or like being drawn together with their current favourites.

      32 : 28 17
      27 : 12 24 35
      24 : 8 9 12
      17 : 28 32 1

      So for example, if you include the 32 in your games, add some 28 and 17’s to those games. When your chosen number hits, with affinity numbers, you will see multiple hits in each game.

      Good luck all!

  9. Powerball 06/08/20
    5 7 14 18 23 27 33 : PB 7

    Of the tipped numbers, the 27 hit (no affinity numbers), the others saw adjacent hits.
    Those tipped numbers still look good going forward.
    I still favor hits for the Powerball itself to come from the tipped sector, for at least another 2 draws…

  10. Notice from the tip on 6 August, last week saw the 17 hit with 2 affinity numbers
    “Keep an eye on the 17, this long-term heavy-hitter is back”
    Tip: 17 : 28 32 1
    Result: 1 3 9 13 17 23 32PB:19

  11. I got powerball 14 is winner. But I have choices number,so I not got the win . May next time to buy. Thank you your tips of powerball.

  12. Hi G,
    please can you help me with powerball number and powerball winning numbers for the coming powerball lottery (17/09/20)
    thank you

  13. Its been a busy week, and I’ve had a few goes at this, but tonight’s Powerball looks difficult to pick. So I wrote the following tips, good for the next few draws. When the Powerball itself looks more obvious, I will email subscribers with a private tip.

    So far, 1 in 10 (10%) draws show ALL numbers hit, as repeats from the previous 6 draws. This is regular enough to target as a favourable draw, firm enough for easy hits, and gets us closer to a right configuration for the jackpot. I have mentioned this configuration before, as a likely target. Currently, it occurs every ~10 draws, or every 2 and a half months. When it strays too far from this average, I would expect to see multiple such draws following, usually in quick succession. Probability eventually catches up.
    The 6 draw jackpot configuration, can also see good hits for tighter draws – when all numbers are repeats from previous 5 draws or less. In total, all these occurred 13.5% of draws – on average every 7 weeks. The tightest draw was seen on 31 January 2019, when all 7 main numbers were repeats from the previous 3 draws!


    There is a firm draw indicated to hit soon. All numbers will be repeats from previous 8 draws or less. I usually play using the previous 6 draws.

    Number distribution is about to shift, to bigger numbers. If the firm draw comes now, it will be composed primarily of smaller numbers. Or, we may see bigger numbers come in first, then the firm draw hits with some of those.

    If this week’s draw is a 6 draw event, it will be composed from the following numbers (duplicates removed):

    2 8 9 10 19 23 29 | Include 2 of these
    1 3 13 17 32 | Include 1 or 2 of these
    14 16 18 28
    12 21 35
    5 6 15 24
    7 27 33 | MUST Include 1 of these

    For next week, you would update these numbers to include the latest draw (top), and exclude the last draw (bottom). Then pick your numbers with the configuration shown.

    I play this strategy as a campaign, over the next few draws, until the firm draw hits.

    The Powerball

    I expect to see a couple more Powerballs hit from the back soon – the ones that haven’t hit for a while. Other than that, it is hard to pin point for this week. Over the next few months, we will likely see more large Powerballs (11-20) hit, than small.

    These Powerballs are the furthest back – 20 and 8 look best to me:
    20 3 16 8

    I kind of like 18 or 20 to hit soon.

    Good luck all!

    PS: I received several emails this week, thanking me for Powerball wins, and asking for more tips. I will do my best, just remember, there will be good times to play for an advantage, but it won’t be every week.
    I ask that subscribers post comments here, rather than send me email, unless it is a private matter.

  14. Result: 3 4 5 7 11 19 28PB 6
    Five numbers hit from the zone, but its tough without a solid Powerball pick. The Powerball 6 which hit, was a recent one (8 draws back). I still expect to see a couple from far back. I analyze further, all lagging Powerballs this week.

    The main numbers continued their trend of smaller numbers. With such a small sum total (77), we will likely see a draw soon, where the biggest number is 27 or less (~24-27). This gives great leverage when hit, as 25%+ of the numbers (losing) are excluded from play.

    The smaller numbers run is about to end. I expect to see a draw with an abrupt shift to big numbers, which will indicate the end of this trend. Stay tuned…

  15. 1 3 8 11 13 31 32PB 3
    Powerball 3 hit last night. Last week I tipped the Powerballs to hit from the back –
    “I expect to see a couple more Powerballs hit from the back soon…”  20 3 16 8
    Main numbers were still predominantly small.

    I was too busy to play this week, it usually takes me hours to do the analysis and pick my numbers. Will have more time this coming week to update tips.

  16. $40 Million Powerball Tips

    Here are my tips for tonight’s big one…
    I like the last 5 draws to see all the hits – they include 3/4 of the numbers.
    Following up on a tip I gave last month, it looks like we may see the draw tonight, where big numbers are excluded.
    I am playing for number 26 as the biggest number.

    Last 5 draws:
    – Play with numbers from the previous 5 draws
    – Mix them how you like

    9 10 11 17 19 20 35 – play 2 or 3 of these
    15 16 18 22 26 30 – play 1 or 2 of these
    1 3 8 13 31 32 – play 1 or 2 of these
    4 5 7 28 – play 1 or 2 of these
    2 23 29 – play 1 or 2 of these

    Nice numbers:
    – These look good to include a few of, in each game
    3 8 9 10 11 17 18 19 20

    Good luck all!

    • Result
      15/10/20 – 2 7 9 15 27 31 32PB 7

      The only number outside the last 5 draws, was the 27.

      I am playing the same games again next week.

  17. Hi G,
    Nice results, what are the indicators to being a recent last 5 skips?
    Maybe I need to pay closer attention to powerball?


    • Hi Col, glad you noticed.

      Result: 1 5 6 10 16 19 31 – PB 10

      Again 6 of 7 numbers hit from the previous 5 draws. We have passed that window now, so I would prefer to see another Ion3=0 or 1, before attacking it again with confidence. Even though low numbers hit, I was expecting the biggest would be around 26.
      Result: 1 5 6 10 16 19 31 – PB 10

      Nice results, what are the indicators to being a recent last 5 skips?

      Firm filters are similar to Lotto, but more frequent. Here are some differences:
      – Ion4=0 means Any7=7 or less.
      – Ion3=0 or 1 hit more often, with stronger significance, especially Ion3=1.
      – The Any7=5 occurring approx. 1 in 10 draws (currently over 132 games)
      – Any7=5 or less, occurring approx. 1 in 8 draws (every ~2mths)

      Maybe I need to pay closer attention to powerball?

      Maybe. I will restate the differences again, to help you decide:
      In general, Lotto should pay out MORE frequently, and with better leverage if you play similar numbers throughout your games. Powerball CAN payout more frequently, BUT only IF you can nail the Powerball more frequently.

      On the subject of hitting the Powerball more frequently, I get a much better strike rate playing AFTER a clustering extreme (recent or far back). The last 2 Powerballs that hit were in the mid-range zone (as discussed before) 8 to 25 draws back. I like to see excessive hits either within previous 8 draws, or further back than 25 draws – then play for the swing back. There are other factors that can help narrow it down further, which I am discovering – however, the database is still too small, and better forecasts should be possible as more data comes.

      I have been playing off my Powerball winnings over the last few months. What pushed me more towards Powerball this year, was the fact that I was winning more on Powerball, than Lotto. As I say, this is possible only by hitting the Powerball more often. I did have some practice with the previous Powerball format (6/40 + 1/20 PB), which had the same number of Powerballs (20). There was much more data in the last year of that Powerball format, and I managed to accrue over $500+ profit that last year.

      No matter what you play Col, you will profit more by restricting your play to ONLY those times, that you can identify and take advantage of EXTREMES.

      Good luck!

  18. Hi G,
    Thanks for the detailed reply, certainly something to think about.
    My dilemma with the lotto is the three games per week, I really struggle getting tickets in on time especially Mon and Wed draws.
    I’m now leaning towards P/ball in that I can prepare better for one game per week.
    I take your point on the powerball itself coming from recent draws or further back and cold p/ball numbers.

    I have shy ed away from p/ball dealing with seven numbers, now going to have a closer look.
    Started running the filters for the p/ball draws and noticed that a high percentage of hits on one number repeating from last draw.
    Good place to start looking for those little gems.

    Thanks again G for the insight.

    • Hi Col, your welcome.
      Initially I too didn’t like the idea of 7 main numbers. What makes it look better, is that its 7, out of ONLY 35 numbers.
      If events point to a coming extreme in number distribution, eg: biggest number = 26, now its 7 from 26 numbers – boosts chances tremendously (when you get it right).
      Also, picking 7 numbers makes it easier to see hits, now we only need get 1 number right to likely see prizes – the Powerball itself!

  19. Hi G,
    Ah, so your looking for the total to go single digits to expect within the next few days the highest number being 26?


    • Hi Col, not sure what you’re asking…
      A low sum total or any extreme in distribution of the numbers, is what will point to a likely advantage (whatever that is). You will need to observe over many draws. I have found and pre-empted certain configurations that have amazed myself, and initially I don’t present these as forecasts until I have seen them occur repeatedly, with a reasonable certainty. We have only had 132 draws!
      Observation is key.

    • Thanks Col. I was taking rest after last week’s 4 numbers hit from the previous draw.
      Tonight’s Ion3=0 now sets up a firm draw to come – I usually like Any7=5 as target.
      Would be nice to hit the Powerball AND the tight draw at same time, for a good chance at meaty prize payouts!

  20. Hi G,
    Keep up the good work, I’m keen on your predictions for the tight draw.
    I’m now keeping an eye on the charts, and yes your right the history is small to work with.


  21. Hi G,
    How are you tips this week for the Powerball number?
    I like numbers 2,14 and 15.
    Won’t play them but keen to see how they go.


    • Hi Vikas, I haven’t played for a while, but tonight I have a go.
      I like the recent smaller numbers.
      For Powerball, I like 2 and 13.

      Good luck!

  22. Hi G,
    Hope your well and staying safe during these times.
    My focus is on powerball moving forward, any tips on how to pick the powerball number?
    My info tells me 8,9 and 10 look good for this week.
    Working on narrowing my range down in MDIEditor.


    • Hi Col, yes surviving here in full lockdown for now. Currently I only play once a month or so, only when something too obvious appears. There is not much bias to be seen in the Powerball number right now, as it appears fairly balanced all round. I present here some text data, that I use to help make forecasts on the Powerball number.

      These are the unique hits of the powerball number – in order with repeats omitted. Good for assessing “recent” repeat hits, and “back” cold numbers:
      6 15 1 16 11 20 19 9 3 5 4 10 14 8 7 2 13 17 12 18

      These are all hits of the powerball number – in order from most recent, back to the beginning. Good for finding patterns for future powerball number forecasts:
      6 15 15 1 16 11 20 19 20 9 15 1 3 6 15 5 4 20 4 3 10 14 8 11 14 14 5 7 2 13 19 17 2 11 20 12 19 10 7 3 4 3 6 14 19 9 1 19 7 1 6 5 12 19 17 1 9 13 19 4 15 10 10 2 18 11 18 7 20 2 12 2 19 3 17 16 4 11 2 4 2 18 9 6 1 1 6 4 8 7 12 10 3 19 9 2 13 20 19 13 8 6 4 11 16 3 7 13 3 20 7 4 19 2 4 6 2 9 4 18 7 6 2 14 8 5 19 10 3 9 14 13 19 15 13 19 12 17 20 10 3 12 5 13 7 3 8 11 20 20 11 3 19 19 15 17 5 16 3 16 15 9 6 17 9 14 13 12 7

      No play for me, and I don’t see any clear advantage. If you forced me to give a tip for the powerball number, I kinda like one of these to hit soon:
      POWERBALL: 3 4 5

      Good luck!

  23. Hi G,
    Good to hear from you, really like the sequences above something to work with.
    I find the PB hard to predict.


  24. I have had some recent queries for tips on the $80-Million Powerball.
    If you desire Powerball tips, feel free to post a request here, well before the draw (earlier for better tips).
    Currently I have computer issues, so I will keep the tips simple.

    I like the number 22 as a standout, as it will likely see several hits in coming weeks.
    Standout: 22

    Next, I tip these main numbers (affinity), to include some with the 22.
    Affinity: 28 33 13 11 19 14 15 16 17 7

    For the Powerball Number, these look ok for a hit.
    Powerball: 2 1 13

    Good luck!


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