Lotto Tips 2019

Lotto Tips 2019Lotto tips for 2019 may bring some easy wins! Lotto tips for Australian Lotto appear below and comments are open to all.
See also older Lotto tips.
For those who use mathematics to base their Lotto selections on – like Saliu – one strategic approach is to include recently hit numbers in your games – play numbers that appeared in recent draws.

Last year (2018) was not the best for recent drawn number repeats. This trend will change, as any real random system must produce more evenly distributed results over time. I guess the Lotto barrels are pretty random.

There have been 131 draws (since 16 April 2018 to today) on new Lotto barrels. During this time we have seen a couple of draws where all numbers hit from the previous 6 draws at best. We also saw a draw where 5 numbers hit from the previous 3 draws. Good tight draws have been fewer than samplings of the last few years, and even though trends can be long in Lotto, I expect to see better results this year – an increase in recent number hits.

The new Lotto barrels have produced these top hot numbers over the last 131 draws:

14 – 26 hits
40 – 26 hits
2 – 23 hits
6 – 22 hits
17 – 22 hits
45 – 22 hits
11 – 21 hits
16 – 21 hits
19 – 21 hits
37 – 21 hits
42 – 21 hits

Lotto tips

  • Most of those look good to include for a few draws AFTER they hit.
  • I like the 11 which should see good hits in coming weeks.
  • We could easily see a draw within a week or so, with 3 numbers repeating from its previous draw.

This Saturday is a $20 Million Superdraw!
Add your comment/feedback below.

Good luck, G.

more to come…

86 thoughts on “Lotto Tips 2019”

  1. The 11 made appearance Mon 18 Feb and looks good for more.
    The 19 hit twice recently and looks great to continue its run.
    Wednesday there was a 5 draw event – all numbers from previous 5 draws.
    Filters ANY: 1+ 1- 2- 3 3- 4-

    We did not see a draw with 3 numbers hitting from the previous draw, not even 2 hits from previous for the last few weeks or so.

    • 3 numbers hit from the previous draw last night (Saturday), with all numbers hitting from previous 6 draws.
      Filters ANY: 0 0 0- 1- 3- 5-

  2. Hi G,
    First night for a while I looked at the numbers, I mainly keep an eye out for the Ion 3 to hit 0.
    Look how many number hit form the adjacent numbers?
    This for me this always pulls in a few numbers, keep an eye out for these.


    • Hi Col, I always go with 4 draw event, no games generated for last night. It was a 5 draw event:
      Filters ANY: 0 0 1+ 3+ 3 4-

      We are definitely seeing better draws for now. The last 2 weeks saw 2 x 5 draw events, and one 6 draw event.

  3. Hi G,
    Oh okay, getting a bit excited with the tight draw.
    Do you think we will see a 4 draw event?
    Are there any signs we need to keep an eye out for?
    It seems to be a long time between drinks.


    • Hi Col, I think we could easily see the 4 draw event this year, and at least some tighter filters going forward.
      4 draw event is usually preceded by Ion3=0/1 and Ion4 has two plus (+) filters in the leadup. Also we generally see higher ANY filters – especially ANY6 above skip median – in the draws.

      The 4 draw is my game, I don’t mind waiting. If you want a quicker chance at it, why not target 5 or 6 draw events as they do hit several times every year.

      Good luck!

  4. Hi G,
    Good tips as usual, I’ll have a look at the history and see how the numbers work out.
    I must admit I admire your patience.

    Thanks as always,

    • Hi Col, I almost wrote a tip just before that, but been travelling, finally landed, and hope to post a good tip after tonight.
      Notice the Ion3 has hit 0 and 1 (twice) in the last 5 draws. Additionally we have seen 5 numbers hit above the Any6 skip median. We could see a real tight draw soon.

  5. We are likely to see within a week or so, a draw where recent numbers will repeat from around its previous 4 to 6 draws.

    The Ion3 filter has hit 0 and 1(twice) in recent draws, which is a strong indicator for recent number repeats to come. This is a good time to include just recent numbers in your games, those from previous 4 to 6 draws.

    For the Number lovers

    Top numbers:
    19 25

    OK numbers:
    1 11 18 29 31 40

    Nice Zones to target:
    18 19
    25 26 27
    29 30 31

    Good luck all!

  6. they use two barrels in Lotto and Ozlotto7 and alternate the use every draw so it s fallacy to track results sequentially,,in Powerball they use 3 barrels and alternate the usage every draw so again a fallacy to track

    • Hi Dennis, still singing that song…
      Why not produce the per barrel results data, preferably in CSV or Excel format. I would be glad to take a look.

  7. Monday Lotto – 10 12 14 16 33 41
    Tonight, NO numbers hit from the previous 4 draws.
    Look for some of these to repeat.
    14 16 33 look great.

  8. Hi G,
    Hope all is well with you and possibly had some good wins on the recent tight draws? I though of you last week when I saw the tight draw come out.
    I have not seem any tips for a while so I’m not sure how this is going.
    I’m back working on the lotto filters. working with the recent repeat hits is there any signs on Ion filters that numbers will repeat.
    I’m really trying to find an angle for two and three numbers to repeat. Any tips as usual G really appreciated.

    • Hi Col,
      I have been more focussed on Powerball lately… especially since recent huge VER6 filters (in Lotto), preclude me from generating any games (for a 4 draw event).

      Just check out the number distribution in recent draws, couple that with some interesting Ion filters…
      You know we should be looking at a tight draw!

      Lotto Tip:

      There will be a draw very soon, that is composed primarily of recently hit small numbers.
      1. Play mostly SMALL numbers, that have hit recently – numbers 1 to 9 will feature.
      2. Then include one or two bigger numbers in each game.

      Good luck!

      • Hi G,
        Ok, I need to spend some time looking over the powerball results.
        Good thing with powerball is that it gives you more time to prepare for the draw, and reduced numbers to pick from.
        How do you apply the powerball itself to the filters?


        • The Powerball itself I treat as a seperate game, which can be played using strategies suitable to roulette. There are many approaches to this, like playing a sector that is trending (or about to). Example, I expect to see some hits soon around 1 2 3 4, so I play those for the next few draws.

          I currently play with up to 5 Powerballs at once, rotated through my games – which helps to win prizes, a little more often…

      • Last Wednesday’s Lotto saw all numbers hit from previous 7 draws.

        When forecast, it looked like recent numbers were to hit (3 x Ion3=0 filters). As the majority of recent numbers were small numbers (and recent small sums), I tipped those as a focus. Then a sudden shift occured, to primarily big numbers.

        Wednesday’s 7 draw was firm, but I expected something spectacular. We may yet see it this week.

        The Ion3 filters seem less effective on Lotto these days…

        Funny thing too, my filters generate very few games.

  9. Hi G,
    Yes ok that makes sense, which balls do you select that are due out? Hot/Cold etc.
    So you would setup a new game for the powerball itself, do you find the powerball itself balances out over the draws. ie comes out near enough equally or perhaps focus on the overdue numbers to come out.
    Currently my latest strategy was to select powerballs that came out over the last four draws looking for the powerball to repeat itself.

    • Hi Col,
      you can still apply all the same principles (that we do with main numbers), but working on just one number (no combinations). Hits, skips, big/small, hot sectors, etc… can be used.
      Your strategy for recent powerballs (last 4) is ok if you can pick the run. The “overdue” you mention, are best to back AFTER they hit, as they almost ALWAYS make repeats. I sometimes may preempt “overdue”, if I expect to see BIG skips hit soon.

      I use the last 6-8 draw’s powerballs as the “recent” zone, then up to 25 draw’s (6mths) powerballs as “normal” zone, and those past 25 draws as “back” numbers (some call them “overdue”).

      Most of the time, the powerball hits from within the “normal” zone.

      Sometimes we see lots of hits from the “recent” zone, sometimes too many. After this, expect to see the powerballs start to hit from further back in the draws – think back numbers.

      Other times we will see lots of back numbers hit, after this watch for recent zone repeats.

      Currently, I like 1-4 to see hits.

      Good luck Col.

      PS: Don’t forget the Lotto, I haven’t seen filters like this for a while.

  10. The spectacular came on Saturday Lotto 8 August, with all winning numbers hitting from the previous 5 draws. All vertical alignments came in tighter too.

    1 11 17 18 34 42 (19 43)

    Saliu filters:
    ANY : 0 0- 1- 1- 2- 4-
    VER : 0 0- 1- 2- 20- 23-

  11. Hi G,
    Just curious, how well did you do?
    Given this is what you have your filters set too?
    I must admit I like to see the ver’s with 0 0 which means good chance of prizes.

    Could we see an even tighter draw?


    • Hi Col, no my filters are not those, but I was thinking of playing for the 5 draw event. My 4 draw filters generated quite a few games, so I knew to have a go – lots of 3 number hits, just off multiple prizes. Going forward, I will make some 5 draw event filters, as this event occurs more frequently than a 4 draw event.
      With tight 5 draw event filters, Saturday’s jackpot was within reach.

      That WAS the tight draw Col. I have noticed that with the current barrel/ball set, that Ion3 signals come way earlier (~1mth), and repeat a few times, before producing a real beauty…

    • Hi Vikas, Lotto looks difficult to me at the moment. Saliu filter Ion3=1 just hit (once), I think there’s a good draw coming in maybe ~2 weeks.
      If you really want a tip for this Saturday, look at numbers which hit in the previous 2 draws, include a few.
      Watch these number zones, should definitely see hits in coming Lotto draws:
      1 to 4
      35 to 38

  12. The current ballset seems to produce bigger cycles, than the previous.
    After tonight’s result, I now like the look of the next draw or 2, for recent numbers to repeat. Why?
    The last 3 draws have seen 5 numbers hit, with skips higher than the ANY6 skip median (120 draws). This factor alone will boost recent number repeats.
    I still think that a really tight draw is not indicated yet, going off previous filter behavior.
    So a typical game would be composed of mostly recent numbers, with maybe ~ 2 numbers that have not appeared for a while – 8+ draws back.

    Last 3 draws – a lot of these should repeat in the next few draws:
    12 27 28 31 36 39
    4 7 26 35 37 43
    1 9 16 23 36 44

    Lotto Tips

    Nice: include a few
    3 4 12 13 16 26 27 28 35 37 38 39 44

    One from far back:
    8 17 18 19 24 41

    Add your own lucky numbers, to complete your games…

    Within the next few draws, I expect to see a draw with NO SINGLE DIGITS (1-9).

    My filters generated a handful of games, so I will have a go.

    Good luck all!

  13. Tonight’s result: 1 16 23 24 31 43 (18 36)
    ANY filters: 0- 1- 2- 2- 2- 17-

    5 of the 6 winning numbers, all hit, as repeats from the previous 3 draws.
    I got another win!

    Hope you all did ok.

    • Of the “nice” numbers tipped above, only the 16 hit. I might modify those filter profiles for future tips on similar events.
      The current ballset has novel characteristics, which, over time will show their typical (and extreme) patterns.

    • Yes Col. My only disappointment was the “nice” numbers… next time I should tip the “nasty” numbers, as they got the most hits!
      Anyway, I have seen how longer cycles can play out, and look forward to seeing more of the same. I forecast 2-3 weeks from now, for a real tight draw – all numbers repeats from previous ~6 draws or less. Keep watching…

      • PS: You know the Ion3=1 is still “alive”, and on the old ballset I would say go for the tight draw, a few more goes. But on this ballset, I say, save your money till the bigger cycle plays out.

  14. Hi G,
    Yes I agree, I’m looking at playing a few nasty numbers as well usually two.
    I have noticed the ballsets do tend run in trends. How often do they change the ballset?
    I did think that perhaps the next two draws could produce Any1=0 and Any2=0 which has been coming out on a regular basis with this ballset.
    Interested in your views on this?


    • How often do they change the ballset?
      The current one is precision German engineering, they will likely keep it for several more years.
      Any1=0 and Any2=0
      The recent higher Ion4 would indicate so. The longer it takes, the more of them we will see. Maybe even Any1=0 Any2=0 Any3=0.
      Remember, when extremes go too far, usually there follows a massive correction.

  15. Hi G,
    Just ran a strategy report with the Ion3=0, tried to copy it onto here but would not work.
    Would be keen to see if I’m on the right track.


    • Hi Vikas,
      glad you asked. That really nice draw I forecast nearly 3 weeks back, is now ready.
      I thought of posting earlier, but as I could only generate 2 games (on 4 draw filters), my configuration is not likely to hit today. Saturday/Monday look better to me, but yes, indicators point to a tight draw.

      If tonight is the tight draw, play heavily from the last 5 draws:

      3 11 16 17 24 38 — play 2 or 3 of these
      1 7 22 28 36 42 — play 1 or 2 of these
      4 5 6 31 32 — play 1 or more of these
      8 18 35
      14 23 26 41 — play 1 or more of these

      From the firmer filters (skip-median), these numbers look good for tonight:
      1 4 8 17

      Good luck!

    • Vikas, it wasn’t the tight draw, numbers hit from further back.
      This has now set up nicely. Going forward…
      Watch numbers from the previous 2 draws:
      10 11 13 26 40 43
      3 16 17 24 38
      If its the tight draw, we could easily see 4 of those numbers hit.
      More to come…

  16. Hi G,
    I see your suggestions above, how are we looking for the up coming draws?
    Further to this I would like to get some pointer on how to better understand the filters chart.
    Can you offer any suggestions for the punters.


    • Hi Col, we saw some good hits at the front (see above), but the tight draw is yet to hit. As I said before, this ballset takes 2 to 4 weeks to build up the Ion3 triggers, before producing a beauty.
      We will very likely see it by next Saturday. Play the tight draw!

  17. Hi G,
    Are we placed for a tight Sat draw this week. Looking at the Ion4=8 or was Wed the tight draw?
    Looking at playing Any1=0 and Any2=0 and possibly Any6=15+
    High Ver’s last draw has me a bit concerned.


    • Hi Col, the Monday draw (Ion4=0) technically quenched it, but worth one more go at least. Those 2 really high recent verticals (ver6=2000+), looks to point to an extremely tight draw – last 3 to 5 draws max.
      These are the biggest VERTICALS seen on this ballset so far…

  18. Hi G,
    Noticed that the Ion3=22, is this the start of a new cycle keeping our eyes out for the smaller digits?

    Draw   Ion   Ion   Ion   Ion   Ion    Any   Any   Any   Any   Any    Any     Ver    Ver   Ver   Ver   Ver   Ver
      #      1     2     3     4     5      1     2     3     4     5      6       1      2     3     4     5     6 
     MED >  237    26     6     1    15      0     2     3     6     9     15      1      5    11     18    32    61
     AVG >  361    71     8     3    26      1     2     4     6    10     17      3      7    14     24    46   143
     STD >  348   187     8     4    25      1     2     2     3     4      9      3      7    11     25    52   275
       1    17-     7+   22+    8-   24+     0-    1     1-    2-   14+    20+     1      1-   14     36+   86+   97+
       2   112+     1-    1-   10+    5-     1+    1-    2     3    10+    14+     1+     3-   14-    18-   21-   43-
       3    41-   277+    2-    8+   70+     0-    2-    2-    3-    4-    11+     0-    18+   30+   202+  350+  1525+


    • Hi Col, I will take a look after the Powerball. I will also provide some better input/formatting for comments, as your format got destroyed here. Another job for tomorrow…

    • Hi Col, firstly we need to check our data files for accuracy. I noticed some of your key filters were different to mine, so I took a look… Over time, I have transferred data to different systems, and error crept in, I needed to check data files. My errors were invisible line breaks, hard to fix, so I regenerated a new D6. Am now confident my data is 100% correct.
      Looking at your recent filters, I believe you have a recent game missing from Data6. Download mine and compare:
      Your D6 will be different of course, but you can also use/compare mine here:
      After correction, check the data files D6 and Data6, they should both show NO ERRORS.
      Check > Data Files (PARSEL)

      Regarding your idea of big Ion3 heralding smaller numbers, I can’t see much correlation there. By the way, any observations can be potential strategy guides, and should be noted over the course of events. Any observed factor that consistently produces certain outcomes, lets say 2/3 of the time or better, is worthy of incorporating into strategy.
      You may not always hit it, but you will hit it more often.

      Regarding posting number charts, I fixed your post by adding some code.
      Rather than having you add code each time (messy), I will make a button appear under comment text, so you can click to add data.

      Let me know how you go.

  19. Hi G,
    I’m glad I check in, yes I was missing a game.
    Need to keep an eye this.
    Looking for all indications of smaller skips to come, as well as when skips are due.


  20. Generally big ANY Filters have hit over the last 4 draws, including 7 skips bigger than the ANY6 skip median!
    This is a little unusual, and virtually guarantees we will see lots of hits from the previous 4 draws.

    Lotto Tips

    Play heavily the numbers from the previous 4 draws:
    (duplicates removed)
    1 3 7 8 15 35
    14 18 20 27 36
    21 32 40 42 44 45
    4 13 19 26 34

    Good chances:
    1 14 15 19 20 42 44 45

    This is worth a few goes…
    Good luck!

  21. Monday Result:
    4 7 11 20 37 45 (28 41)

    4 numbers hit from previous 4 draws.
    Worth having a few more goes at recent numbers, they should see loads more hits this week.

  22. Thanks G,
    Nice tipping, your going well at the moment.
    Will we see an Any6 < 8
    Had a few games on following your advice, picked up small prizes.


    • Hi Col, nice to hear about your prize wins.
      The current Lotto ball-set has been tougher for forecasts, than it used to be. However, after such a long run of double-digit Any6 (ok, there were several Ion4=0 as Any6=10), don’t you think its about time we see some real small Any6?
      The unusually high Verticals are making things even more difficult, as we see more extreme distributions, like these which hit recently:
      1 3 7 8 15 35
      21 32 40 42 44 45

      The challenge for me, is generating ANY games to play at all.
      We should see a really tight draw within a week, but how to pick the focus, with such freaky and jumping all over the place numbers?

  23. Hi G,
    Yes we have certainly had our run of larger than usual Any6 results.
    I feel this needs to balance out and a run of Any6 < 10 are due.
    One strategy that I use as you previously pointed out is to have 1 number greater than Any6 median.
    Picked up a few prizes using this method.

    Great tips last week as I'm sure a few members would have included these numbers in there tickets.

  24. Hi G,
    Hope all is well with you and enjoying some great wins no doubt.
    Question: Is there any indicators that point to the lowest number being double digit?
    It’s been a while since I’ve been up to speed with all the strategies, reading through my previous notes.
    Hope your doing well and able to avoid the covid.

    • Hi Col, not playing much these days, had a couple of goes on Powerball recently.
      The smallest number as double-digit, was noted to repeat again soon after a hit, especially when seeing bigger numbers dominate.
      Notice the repeats have come good over the last ~50 draws, and the trend looks good to continue.

      I am doing ok for now, but yes, the covid with its interrelated issues are going to impact us all, going forward.
      Good luck!

  25. Hi G,
    I hope all is well with you and family?
    I have recently found your site and am interested to know if you’ve been able to generate useful results from Ion Saliu’s methods? I subscribed to his site back around 2010 and downloaded those progams that were on offer at the time however I was never able to wrap my head around his methods and use of his filters.
    Recently I have started to look at Tattslotto again as I had maintained the history since draw 413 (6/7/85) when they first started using the two supps. I’m currently using Libre Office Calc spreadsheet (its free and I’m now an OAP) to record the games and do some analysis on them to get for instance occurrances of each number in last 5,10,20,50 and All games, I’ve found that numbers that occurred in the last 20 games in the bracket MODE +/- 1 std deviation and not greater than the (median + std deviation) for All games seems to help, this can result in quite a few numbers (yesterday it ran to 30 nos) so I wheeled them using an old CoverMaster program with a 3 from 6 guarantee then exported the games into a csv file and ran a simple reduction program I wrote in python to remove those games that had a sum outside the range 106-169 (centre of bell curve), those with 3 or more consecutive numbers, those outside the 2-4 odd numbers and those outside the 2-4 nos less than 23.
    I took the approach that I did after seeing an analysis in lotto 4G where the display as it ran through the entire history showed that the numbers seemed to keep fairly closely together when cycling through the draws so my assumption was that the numbers tended to stay fairly close to the mean +/- 1 std deviation. So far I’ve only run this combo for 3 weeks and had 2 no wins and 1 div 5 which didn’t quite cover the $20 cost of the tickets!
    Any suggestions on doing better?

    • Hi Greg, thanks for your query. You ask for a suggestion to do better, I would suggest looking at the games that were excluded from the bell curve. As I have written here extensively, I prefer to play for the “extreme” situations, as there are fewer possible games and the hits (wins) are much better when correctly forecast. Good luck!
      I am currently focussed on world events which are changing the structure of society…

      • Hi G, I agree world events are a priority at the moment and you need to be prepared for almost any eventuality, personally, I think that we’ll have a much clearer picture by the end of April 2022, meanwhile you need to be able to survive at least until then!
        Regarding Lotto, I’m more inclined to the win small, win often, ideal which allows for a “regular” income but I agree that choosing numbers outside the norm will likely provide a bigger return when it hits and would allow us to be less dependant on the govt handouts a.k.a. pension. If my method only creates about half or less of the numbers in the set i.e. <= 23 then I will sometimes wheel the remaining half so that all numbers are covered but just in two batches. I recently did this on a draw and scored 3 and 2 supps in that remaindered batch but unfortunately after wheeling and reduction didn't get more than 2 in any one game. C'est la vie! (sigh!)

  26. Hi G,
    Hope this comment finds you well and in good spirits. Just wondering if your looking at getting back into the lotto.
    Always found your tips extremely useful in watching the trends.
    I’m back into the lotto and looking for a few tips now and again along with fellow members.
    Numbers looking at bouncing back soon are: 9,11,16,20,25,33,34,35,37 and 45.
    Suggest two to come out.

    • Hi Col, yes thanks, all good here for now. My focus has been elsewhere, but I have taken another look for you. The numbers you selected look a bit cold to me, but as they saw no hits on Monday, your chances just got a little better.
      Here are some tips for how I would currently play…

      – A double-digit Ion4 seems an ok indicator for a tight draw to hit. I would wait for the next one.
      – Any6 = 5 or 6 seems to hit often enough to be a good target.
      – When playing, the Optimized Lotto 6 feature can be used to allow greater range for filters. Then select some games that look good to play.
      – We should see Smallest Number = 13+ within a week or so.

      Number Lovers:
      – I expect to see further hits from the low 20’s – 20,21,22,23
      – The 44 should see more hits going forward…

      Good luck!

  27. Hi G,
    Nice tip on using Optimized Lotto 6, I must admit I have always use sequential so I have a close look at this.
    With your members of the G Network site would you be interested in putting a group together, with the aim of putting together tickets for draws?
    Just a thought but I feel it would be good to pool resources together and having some fun with lotto?


    • Hi Col, I noticed your numbers had 3 hits on Saturday, good one. My few tipped numbers just saw 2 hits tonight, the 21 and 44 – the 44 should be good to include for a while.
      Ion4 hit 17+ tonight, currently an indicator that a tight draw is imminent – numbers from previous 6 draws or less looks ok.
      I am not so keen on a syndicate at the moment, but will let you know if I change my mind.
      Good luck!

  28. Ok G,
    Working on the tight draw as you indicated.
    My charts have started showing low numbers in 20’s as you predicted.
    Been away for a while, I’m starting to pick it up again.
    Thanks again G for your help and tips as always.


    • A 4 draw hit tonight – all numbers hit from previous 4 draws!
      We haven’t seen that for a while. The Ion4 has confirmed as an ok indicator for tight draws, in current Lotto games.

      SAT 03/09/22 – 3 6 10 18 21 39
      WED 31/08/22 – 1 5 24 42 44 45
      MON 29/08/22 – 4 8 14 25 33 39
      SAT 27/08/22 – 2 3 6 23 41 42
      WED 24/08/22 – 1 10 18 21 44 45

  29. Hi G,
    Wow nice work as predicted G, yes we need to keep an eye on the Ion 4 for the tight draws.
    Also just one question, what are the indicators for lowest number being double digit?
    Hope you had a win last night!


    • Hi Col, the lowest number being double digit, is suggested after a big sum-total appears – all 6 numbers add up to 180+, with smallest number being double-digit. It happens frequently, but not this time…

  30. Hi G,
    Thank you G for the update, along with a few other tips keen to keep an eye on draws and play for smallest number being double digit. We have seen a few lately so we should see more double digits soon. This can give you a good head start in picking numbers. I’ve noticed we have not see any numbers from the previous draw for a while, I’m sure this will re balance out soon.



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