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Lotto Tips 2019Lotto tips for 2019 may bring some easy wins! Lotto tips for Australian Lotto appear below and comments are open to all.
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For those who use mathematics to base their Lotto selections on – like Saliu – one strategic approach is to include recently hit numbers in your games – play numbers that appeared in recent draws.

Last year (2018) was not the best for recent drawn number repeats. This trend will change, as any real random system must produce more evenly distributed results over time. I guess the Lotto barrels are pretty random.

There have been 131 draws (since 16 April 2018 to today) on new Lotto barrels. During this time we have seen a couple of draws where all numbers hit from the previous 6 draws at best. We also saw a draw where 5 numbers hit from the previous 3 draws. Good tight draws have been fewer than samplings of the last few years, and even though trends can be long in Lotto, I expect to see better results this year – an increase in recent number hits.

The new Lotto barrels have produced these top hot numbers over the last 131 draws:

14 – 26 hits
40 – 26 hits
2 – 23 hits
6 – 22 hits
17 – 22 hits
45 – 22 hits
11 – 21 hits
16 – 21 hits
19 – 21 hits
37 – 21 hits
42 – 21 hits

Lotto tips

  • Most of those look good to include for a few draws AFTER they hit.
  • I like the 11 which should see good hits in coming weeks.
  • We could easily see a draw within a week or so, with 3 numbers repeating from its previous draw.

This Saturday is a $20 Million Superdraw!
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Good luck, G.

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16 thoughts on “Lotto Tips 2019”

  1. The 11 made appearance Mon 18 Feb and looks good for more.
    The 19 hit twice recently and looks great to continue its run.
    Wednesday there was a 5 draw event – all numbers from previous 5 draws.
    Filters ANY: 1+ 1- 2- 3 3- 4-

    We did not see a draw with 3 numbers hitting from the previous draw, not even 2 hits from previous for the last few weeks or so.

    • 3 numbers hit from the previous draw last night (Saturday), with all numbers hitting from previous 6 draws.
      Filters ANY: 0 0 0- 1- 3- 5-

  2. Hi G,
    First night for a while I looked at the numbers, I mainly keep an eye out for the Ion 3 to hit 0.
    Look how many number hit form the adjacent numbers?
    This for me this always pulls in a few numbers, keep an eye out for these.


    • Hi Col, I always go with 4 draw event, no games generated for last night. It was a 5 draw event:
      Filters ANY: 0 0 1+ 3+ 3 4-

      We are definitely seeing better draws for now. The last 2 weeks saw 2 x 5 draw events, and one 6 draw event.

  3. Hi G,
    Oh okay, getting a bit excited with the tight draw.
    Do you think we will see a 4 draw event?
    Are there any signs we need to keep an eye out for?
    It seems to be a long time between drinks.


    • Hi Col, I think we could easily see the 4 draw event this year, and at least some tighter filters going forward.
      4 draw event is usually preceded by Ion3=0/1 and Ion4 has two plus (+) filters in the leadup. Also we generally see higher ANY filters – especially ANY6 above skip median – in the draws.

      The 4 draw is my game, I don’t mind waiting. If you want a quicker chance at it, why not target 5 or 6 draw events as they do hit several times every year.

      Good luck!

  4. Hi G,
    Good tips as usual, I’ll have a look at the history and see how the numbers work out.
    I must admit I admire your patience.

    Thanks as always,

    • Hi Col, I almost wrote a tip just before that, but been travelling, finally landed, and hope to post a good tip after tonight.
      Notice the Ion3 has hit 0 and 1 (twice) in the last 5 draws. Additionally we have seen 5 numbers hit above the Any6 skip median. We could see a real tight draw soon.

  5. We are likely to see within a week or so, a draw where recent numbers will repeat from around its previous 4 to 6 draws.

    The Ion3 filter has hit 0 and 1(twice) in recent draws, which is a strong indicator for recent number repeats to come. This is a good time to include just recent numbers in your games, those from previous 4 to 6 draws.

    For the Number lovers

    Top numbers:
    19 25

    OK numbers:
    1 11 18 29 31 40

    Nice Zones to target:
    18 19
    25 26 27
    29 30 31

    Good luck all!

  6. they use two barrels in Lotto and Ozlotto7 and alternate the use every draw so it s fallacy to track results sequentially,,in Powerball they use 3 barrels and alternate the usage every draw so again a fallacy to track

    • Hi Dennis, still singing that song…
      Why not produce the per barrel results data, preferably in CSV or Excel format. I would be glad to take a look.

  7. Monday Lotto – 10 12 14 16 33 41
    Tonight, NO numbers hit from the previous 4 draws.
    Look for some of these to repeat.
    14 16 33 look great.


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