Powerball Jackpot numbers will come from the last 6 draws

The Saliu filters for Powerball are forming a nice pattern for easier predictability. A draw is approaching, where all numbers will appear from the previous 6 draws, making it easier to narrow down. It may be tonight, or quite soon.

Good numbers to include tonight:

1 7 8 14 19 22 23 24 29 31 36 38 40

Top Powerballs:

29 22 36

2 thoughts on “Powerball Jackpot numbers will come from the last 6 draws”

  1. Result:

    1 13 17 22 31 21

    All numbers except for #17 came from previous 6 draws, so did the Powerball.
    A nicer draw is coming soon, next few draws, all numbers will be derived from very recent draws.

  2. A couple of months after this, all numbers of Australian Powerball came from the last 7 draws, then, a funny thing happened. The Saliu ANY5 filters got much bigger for nearly 4 months, also VER5 filter hit an outrageous 1258+, indicating a very “narrow” draw was imminent, ie: all numbers to hit from previous 3 to 5 draws!

    On Thursday 10 April 2008, the inevitable arrived, ALL 5 main numbers came from the last 4 draws (from only 17 unique numbers), and ALL Saliu Filters went MINUS, except for the Powerball itself.

    See Article: Powerball 5 numbers hit from last 4 draws


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