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lotto tipsWelcome to the new G Network section Lotto Tips, for timely tips on Australian Lotto games. I will be posting here from time to time, Lotto tips and tricks to win, mainly based around the work of Ion Saliu. Various other cool systems, Lotto tips and tricks, will be presented for further consideration and discussion. Comments are open to all, with direct discussion on each post.

Some of these Lotto tips, may be called lotto prediction or forecasting.

Lotto Tip – Easy

An easy general tip for my first one.
Always include a few numbers from those that hit in the last few draws – this frequently occurs.
Pick 3 numbers, from the last 3 or 4 draws.
Lotto Results

I hope some of these tips may help YOU win the jackpot.
Good luck!


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421 thoughts on “Lotto Tips and Tricks”

  1. Hi G,
    Nice tips as always.
    This week I like no.13 as I always look for the triple repeats.
    I also like no.19, 26, 28, 39 ,40 and possibly 44 may hit again.
    Single digits I like no.4, and 9 although 5 is due out soon,.
    Mix them up and see how we go.


  2. Col, your favourite 13 looks good for more.
    We did not see the all tight draw, it may hit a bit late.
    I still think we will see 3 from previous draw (0-0-0) soon, if not, expect multiple draws with 2 from previous draw (0-0).

  3. WED 06/12/2017 : 8 13 14 34 36 43 (30 37)
    Look at the filters that hit tonight!
    ANY : 0- 0- 1- 1- 2- 11-

    Pretty tight, 5 numbers repeated from the previous 3 draws – still the sixth (ANY6) refuses to drop!

  4. HI G,
    Spot on G, three numbers from previous.
    Also 32-36, I had 44 as one of my triple hits so landed a nice lot of prizes.
    Hope you also did well.


  5. Yes Col, nicely done all round!

    SAT 09/12/2017 : 14 17 28 30 34 36 (44 45)
    ANY : 0 0 0- 1 8+ 11

    Boom! 3 numbers hit as repeats from previous draw (0-0-0) as expected.
    Also the 34 and 36 hit from that hot zone (32-36).

    More to come…

    I realise that many people may not be able to use Saliu’s software (for whatever reason), to take advantage of these Lotto opportunities. Even I miss out on playing at times, as my very tight 4 draw strategy frequently produces very few, or NO games to play. So I have been thinking…

    I am planning on offering some good Lotto wheels (members only) – easy to play, these will capture those recent number hits, and return some wins!
    I have been seriously working with wheels for weeks now, and already have pages built that can generate the games for you – exciting!

  6. Hi G,
    Sounds exciting, glad you did well. You are certainly more patient than I am. After the double zeros in the Ions I was starting to think the opportunity passed. I was however keeping my eye on the Ion-4.
    Good think with Saliu’s software you just have to keep an eye on developing trends, not easy but certainly help you zero in.


  7. Hi G,
    Count me in on the wheel system, been waiting for something like this for a long time.
    The issue I have like last Wed draw, was that I was away and was unable to run my system for the draw.
    I missed out on the Wed draw, but made up for it in last nights draw.
    Keep me posted on the wheel system.

  8. Last night Any filters produced:
    ANY : 2+ 3- 4- 5- 6- 7-

    Yes Col, the wheels are coming, but may take a while, as I make sure all wheels are very strong! Working on it…

  9. Hi G,
    Yes last night was the long awaited Ion 4, not quiet as tight as I wanted.
    I’m starting to get a better read on the Filter Analysis chart, when to play and not to play.
    Keep up the good work on the wheels, I know this stuff takes a while to nut out sometimes.


  10. Hi G,
    Well usually around this time of year we see a few draws out of the usual, however i can’t see a great deal happening.
    Number wise I’m favoring no’s 1 , 32 and 45.
    How is it looking on your side G?

  11. Hi G,
    Can you shed any light on the skips at present, I don’t see a lot apart from the recent double digit first number draws recently.


  12. Hi Col, the filters look pretty messy right now, and have been lacking clear direction for weeks. Not a great time for recent number repeats, but this will change soon. Look for the Ion3=0 or 1, before whacking recent numbers hard.
    I do notice that the bigger Ion3 filters seem to draw out bigger Any6 (back numbers), so if you must play, include one of these in each game:
    7 15 22 25 26 38

    You’re right, the Double-digit as Lowest number has been going well and looks good for more, especially after recent big sum totals.

    I play when my 4 draw strategy generates games, as I don’t want to miss it when it hits. I may play at other times, but only when there are strong factors at play.


  13. Hi Col, I can’t see much correlation.
    Just quietly, take a look at Powerball at the moment. Within a month we should see a tight draw, with 2 or 3 numbers to hit from its previous draw – easy prizes. For the Powerball itself, I like the 12 to repeat soon.

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