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lotto tipsWelcome to the new G Network section Lotto Tips, for timely tips on Australian Lotto games. I will be posting here from time to time, Lotto tips and tricks to win, mainly based around the work of Ion Saliu. Various other cool systems, Lotto tips and tricks, will be presented for further consideration and discussion. Comments are open to all, with direct discussion on each post.

Some of these Lotto tips, may be called lotto prediction or forecasting.

Lotto Tip – Easy

An easy general tip for my first one.
Always include a few numbers from those that hit in the last few draws – this frequently occurs.
Pick 3 numbers, from the last 3 or 4 draws.
Lotto Results

I hope some of these tips may help YOU win the jackpot.
Good luck!


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  1. Many recent tips and discussions, appear here. Read them to get some good ideas, which we’ll be covering further here at Lotto Tips.

    Lotto Tip

    Reiterating the last tip here:
    “Smallest Number as Double-Digit” didn’t hit a week and a half back, and this is the fourth chance for it to do so, since 22 draws ago. Watch for the “Smallest Number as Double-Digit” hit within next 2 draws. We may even see a few such hits.

    In Brief:
    For up to 2 draws, Wed 23 Oct & Sat 26 Oct, exclude Single-Digit numbers (1-9). Play “Smallest Number as Double-Digit”.

    • Wednesday Lotto Result: 3 9 16 26 27 42

      Those “Double Single-Digits” are back again. Saturday pressure is on for “Smallest Number as Double-Digit”.

      Just as the double single-digits came on nicely for a long run (forecast 6 weeks ago), we could see the “Smallest Number as Double-Digit” make a comeback.

  2. Hi G,
    Great new format, I guess you have ben busy.
    I’ve been overseas and back now, looking forward to getting back into it.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’ll start looking tomorrow night for predictions as trends.


  3. Thanks Col, I’ve got a few more ideas too, so expect to see new features pop up. Any suggestions are appreciated, whether lotto tips, or added functions/features to include here.

    I like the looks of those lotto stats charts seen on some other lotto sites, and have wanted to do similar here. The main obstacle is I would need to setup real relational database, with various input/output variables for handy functions. This would mean entering a LOT of data by hand. With the right database, the presentation possibilities are endless – stats, charts, and much more.

    • Hi G,
      I have been working on charts for sometime now, I have many skip analysis charts that I’m analysing now. Some work and some don’t will discuss in future posts.
      One strategy I have seen on Saliu site, will need back testing but though I would run it past you anyway.
      Numbers with two consecutive skips are rare, therefore if skip 2 = 4 and current skip is 3 then eliminate this number in next draw.

      Looking at tomorrows draw, I like the new format and hope to contribute to it through posts.


  4. Saturday Lotto Result: 9 13 16 21 33 44

    “Smallest Number as Double-Digit” was off by 1. This factor with a skip-median of 1, did not hit over its last 4 opportunities to do so. As usual, this will balance out over more events, so look for future hits with favour.

    Col, thanks again for your input. I have used that filter you mention:
    Numbers with two consecutive skips are rare – EXCLUDE.
    I use this filter especially when needed to reduce the pool of numbers, and it works most of the time. Never for Skip1=0, as it hits too often – look at recent hits of number 42, thats 4 in a row! Which leads us to…

    Lotto Tip – Filter Blowout

    Recent ANY Filters have been firm especially at the front – lots of skips 0 and 1 – including recent hits double 0’s and a triple 0 (Any1-3=0).
    Since the double-digit Ion4 hit (11+) 12 draws ago, we have seen 7 (out of 11) games produce Ion4=0 events, Any6=10 or less.
    3 x 11 draw events (Any6=10)
    2 x 10 draw events (Any6=9)
    1 x 8 draw event (Any6=7)
    1 x 6 draw event (Any6=5)

    All of the above, with recent very low VER filters (VER6=14), and the last 7 draws Any6 being within skip-median – all point to a “Filter Blowout” to hit soon. This may be more pronounced at the front (Any1-3), but with recent Ver6 low, we could see Any6 hit high too.

    This means, a draw or draws to come where NO recent numbers will hit – exclude all numbers that hit within the last few draws. Also a back number (Any6) with high skip, greater than the skip-median.
    Numbers with higher skip than the ANY6 skip-median:
    7 14 15 17 23 24 25 29 35 36 43 45
    Include 1 or 2 of these in each game. These will see several hits soon.

    Tip summary

    EXCLUDE numbers that have hit in the last few draws – exclude all numbers from the last 2, 3, or even 4 draws, depending on how tight (or loose) you choose to play it.

    INCLUDE 1 or 2 of the following numbers in each game. They will likely see several hits over coming draws.
    7 14 15 17 23 24 25 29 35 36 43 45

    Bonus Tip

    Number 20 – looks good for Monday/Wednesday – in the zone, nice skip-median and following a Skip of 13.

  5. Monday Lotto Result: 19 25 32 35 44 45

    Nice blowout! Even though one number hit from last draw, the next hit was 5 draws back.
    ANY1-6 : 0 4+ 14+ 20+ 21+ 22+
    VER1-6 : 4+ 22+ 25+ 29+ 78+ 86+

    From those back numbers tipped above, 3 numbers hit!

    7 14 15 17 23 24 25 29 35 36 43 45

    Also the “smallest number double-digit” hit, one draw late.

    Lotto Tip – Smallest Number as Double-Digit

    Watch for another “Smallest Number as Double-Digit” hit within next 2 draws. We may even see a few such hits to come.
    In Brief:
    For up to 2 draws, EXCLUDE Single-Digit numbers (1-9).
    Play “Smallest Number as Double-Digit”.

  6. Wednesday Lotto Result: 4 9 14 37 38 45

    Two numbers, 14 and 45 hit from above tipped numbers. Double single-digits hit. Saturday is last go for “Smallest Number as Double-Digit”.

  7. Hi G,
    Good prediction on back numbers, back numbers rarely come out like this.
    Working on Sat draw, so far 14 looks good. I feel no. 20 has come and gone but will include just in case.
    How do you see Sat draw going, I see that this Sat is last run for small number being double digit?


    • Hey Col, I can’t see a lot for Saturday, but do expect the following soon:

      ANY filters to blowout from the front; ANY1=1+ (or greater).

      “Smallest Number as Double-Digit” to hit a few more times…

      Good luck.

  8. Saturday Lotto Result: 2 5 23 32 40 43
    ANY : 1+ 4+ 5+ 6+ 19+ 34+
    VER : 4+ 6+ 7+ 15+ 19+ 34+

    Interesting filters. 4 numbers actually hit in the same Vertical position as in their previous respective draws – 2 23 40 43. All filters blew out, including the predicted ANY1=1+. Bigger filters were due, and have hit accordingly, as predicted, over the last few draws.

    Double single-digits hit again, with skip0. Plenty of hits on these for several weeks now.
    Double-digit Smallest number has not hit within skip1 for a while (skip2 hit couple of times). The last such hits to conform (within skip1), were 27-31 draws ago, when we saw Double-digit Smallest hit 4 times out of 5 draws. So it is natural it take a while to start dancing again.

    Randomness has tendencies of throwing out apparent clusterings, as we have seen, which may be used advantageously by playing the observed trend, and then playing against it for a balancing.

    2 more numbers hit from the high skip numbers tipped above:
    23 and 43

    Lotto Tip – Strangeness

    Recent bigger ANY filters, including all+ blowout on Saturday – look for slightly firmer filters to come.
    VER filters remain predominantly low (despite all+) and have been for a while. Look for these to get much bigger, that is, Vertical line-ups will come from much further back, producing stranger looking combinations. It can manifest as strange configurations like a bunch of large (or small) numbers appearing in a draw. Could this fit with the possibility of Double-digit Smallest number hits? Sure.

    In Brief:
    INCLUDE 4 numbers from the last 3 or 4 draws – likely to happen within a few draws or so.
    BIAS your games with either predominantly Large, or predominantly Small numbers – we may see a few such draws soon.

    Bonus Tip

    Number 23 – looks good to hit this week

  9. Monday Lotto Result: 3 7 27 29 34 45
    ANY : 1 4 4- 9+ 22+ 35+
    VER : 1- 4- 6- 15 40+ 42+

    Another Double-singles hit, thats 3 in a row!

    For 4 draws now we have seen a slew of numbers hit from the further back draws – Monday saw 3 more hits, including a repeat, from predicted back numbers. In the last 4 draws, back numbers to hit (skip greater than ANY6 skip-median) predicted just before the draws:
    7 14 15 17 23 24 25 29 35 36 43 45
    These saw a total of 10 hits (incl 2 repeats) plus 3 hits on supplementaries, in the last 4 draws. Back numbers can now take a well earned rest, but we may still see (and probably will) hits from the above numbers as REPEATS of recent hits.

    “Double-Digit Smallest Number” has been totally overun by “Double Single-Digits”, which have swamped us for weeks, since I predicted we would see a few of them. We may still see some Double-Singles, but the trend has been well overdone, and will eventually fizzle out.

    Some recent filters look a little strange to me, and I expect to see a freaky draw or few, right about now.

    Lotto Tips – Recap

    INCLUDE 4 numbers from the last 3 or 4 draws – Update: this looks so strong to hit, we may even see ALL numbers hit from within the last 4 draws.

    BIAS your games with either predominantly Large, or predominantly Small numbers. (pref VER6=+)

    Watch for, or play in anticipation of “Double-Digit Smallest Number” – especially after a hit.

    Bonus Tip

    Good numbers to hit (current skip order)

    Skip0 : 7 29 45
    Skip1 : 23
    Skip3 : 25 44

    Make sure to have a few of these numbers in your games, as they are likely hits, when recent numbers hit – right about now…

    Good luck!

  10. Hi G,
    Well the draws have been throwing up some unusual patterns lately, which can only lead to a re-balancing of the numbers.
    I’m hoping to see a 4 draw come soon.
    At present I’m working with Hot/Cold, ReBalance, and adjacent numbers as final filters from MDIEditor.
    Number I like for tonights draw along with your picks are 9,14 and 25.


    • Hi Col, yes mate we have seen unusuals, and I expect to see really strange…

      I had a small go Wednesday for a 4 draw, and put a few more games on Saturday for a 5 draw. I played as it looked a chance, but after this, I will just watch again – unless ANY1 hits min 3+ and/or ION4 goes real big (double-digit).
      Your numbers look ok, as do mine, but do depend on recent numbers hitting.

      My smallest number for tonight is 19, as I anticipate shift to bigger Verticals. This could really go against me, especially if it swings to small-number concentration first, and produces 3 or even 4 single-digit numbers.

      Strangeness to come….

      Good luck!

  11. Hi G,
    Well it happened, the numbers swung to recent draws I must say that this had to happen soon as we have had an unusual amount of draws with high skips.
    I agree it is time to sit back and see wait for the double digit Ion 4 to appear.
    Currently working on another system using pairs, it delivered 3 numbers last night, more to come when I fine tune this.


    • Thanks Col, looking forward to your findings.

      Saturday Lotto Result: 2 16 20 27 28 32
      ANY : 0 1- 2- 2- 5- 7-
      VER : 2+ 12+ 17+ 23+ 24+ 24-

      INCLUDE 4 numbers from the last 3 or 4 draws – Update: this looks so strong to hit, we may even see ALL numbers hit from within the last 4 draws.
      We saw 4 numbers hit from the last 3 draws, with all 6 hitting from within 8 draws.

      BIAS your games with either predominantly Large, or predominantly Small numbers. (pref VER6=+)
      Even though the range was a little smaller, and all numbers “33 or less” (hasn’t hit for a while) – the Vertical filter VER6=24- actually smaller. Now is the perfect time to see at least the VER6 blow out – at least one number will look right out of place in its position (too big or small).

      Watch for, or play in anticipation of “Double-Digit Smallest Number” – especially after a hit.
      Still rolling.

      Bonus Tip
      Good numbers to hit (current skip order)

      I was surprised not too see hits on these.
      If you like to play by numbers, Include one or two of these, as a final filter.
      Alive for Monday:

      Skip0 : 7 29 45
      Skip1 : 23

      Skip3 : 25 44 – exceeded skip-median, finished

      There are many factors, filters, ideas, etc that can be laid on the numbers, but generally speaking, the use of Skips and Skip-Medians to assist viewing events, can convey much richness, and hopefully the jackpot!

  12. Hi G,
    Looking at numbers for Monday, I have 1 and 19 standing out to hit. I like 45 from your suggested numbers above, will put small ticket on.


  13. 3 4 26 27 32 42
    ANY : 0 0- 1- 2 4- 7
    VER : 0- 1- 2- 16- 23- 30+

    Boom another!
    4 numbers hit from last 3 draws, and all hit from within 8 draws again.

    Double-singles another hit, may come yet again within 2 draws, following a monster run…

  14. Hi G,
    Well I did not expect the close draw to come quiet so soon. I favored two hits from previous draw due to skip factor.
    I expect to see a draw go even tighter soon, at present I suggest the next few draws will blow out again.
    Maybe time for the double digit lowest number?


    • Hi Col, yeah, like I say the balance usually comes about – the further and longer it strays, the better the rebalancing. The density of LOW ION filters was niggling me (as well as other factors), for a tight draw result. If the ANY1 had hit bigger (at some point), we may have seen a 4 or 5 draw.

      Likely blowout filters all round to come, but on feel, the numbers could crunch back even tighter again – good to watch.

      On “double-digit lowest”, the “double-singles” just hit, and are having the superior run. If playing, the “double-singles” are the ones to watch, for next 2 draws. Not to worry, when the Double-digits start they will likely hit again and again – great advantage to exclude 9-20 numbers. We may even see a draw soon where the smallest number is in the 20’s…

  15. Hi G,
    Been working with pairs, these are the pairs that came up for Monday.
    Check them out, it may surprise you.

    I’m working to try and break these down.


  16. Wednesday Lotto Result: 13 26 28 33 38 44
    ANY : 0 1+ 2+ 5+ 6+ 7
    VER : 2+ 5+ 7+ 20+ 27+ 30

    That’s the third 8 draw event in a row – all numbers hit from within the last 8 draws.
    Double-Digit Smallest hit, this looks great to hit again within 2 draws. Double-Singles hit the previous draw (Monday) so may still hit Saturday.

    More to come…

  17. Hi G,
    Yes I could not believe it, three in a row.
    If we had known this it could have made things interesting.

    I’m must admit the skips are throwing me out at present, I’ll keep an eye on them.
    Could it be four draws for 8 draw event, stats show will change in three however you can’t count it out?
    I agree that Sat should see double single again.
    Do you think it will blow out for a few draws before coming in tight?


    • Yeah Col, likely a blowout. Opposing forces make it a nice time to watch. We could see another tight draw, but extremely unlikely.

      I would expect numbers hitting from further back, and a HIGH ANY1 filter to hit soon – meaning NO numbers from the last few draws.

      • Saturday: 5 8 15 32 36 39
        ANY : 1+ 5+ 14+ 17+ 25+ 29+
        VER : 5+ 11+ 17+ 19- 25- 33+

        Another nice blowout right on.
        Double-singles hit again within skip1 continuing its phenomenal run. Now, both the Double-singles, and Double-digit smallest, are in play to hit within skip1. Take your pick, I lean towards the Double-digit smallest to see some more hits.

        The ANY filters seem to be see-sawing at the moment from one end to the other. The only dissappointment in my view, is the ANY1 filter, which has not exceeded 1 for the last 10 weeks. When it hits big, it can easily appear as 3+ or 4+, but may go as high as 10+ (very rare), after the hit is usually followed by extreme high density of recent numbers.
        Watching (and playing) for such a draw can be highly advantageous, as all the numbers which hit from the last 4 draws (or more) may be excluded. Then after it hits, advantage is gained by playing heavily the recent numbers.

  18. Saturday Lotto Result: 5 7 20 30 31 39
    ANY : 1+ 1- 1- 2- 2- 5-
    VER : 1- 1- 2- 2- 5- 7-

    All numbers hit from within the last 6 draws, with 5 of the numbers hitting from the last 3 draws.

    This followed Wednesday’s draw – 3 23 34 38 40 41 – which produced the awaited higher VER filters.
    VER : 3+ 7+ 16 36+ 59+ 225+

    It should also be noted, that on Monday, the Ion4 hit 9+ which is on the high side – almost a double-digit.

  19. Monday : 17 22 23 24 26 45
    Wednesday : 14 15 25 26 29 35

    Double-Digit Smallest Number hit twice, and will likely see more such hits.

    Ion4 hit 10+ on Monday, with big filters all round (except for Any1=1), so we may see something special next few draws.

    I also noticed tonight, that the 12 back numbers presented here a few weeks ago, saw 5 hits!

    7 14 15 17 23 24 25 29 35 36 43 45

    Double-Digit Smallest Number to hit again – leave out Single-Digit numbers.
    Good over next 2 draws.

      • Hey John, the main tip is the one mentioned in my last comment – make the smallest number a big one – Double-Digit.
        Secondly, there is a chance we will see another tight draw over the next few, and it may hit Saturday. The way the filters have been wedging down, it could even be our beloved 4 draw. Worth having a go…

        Good luck!

  20. Hi G,
    The way I see it at present the skips are very hard to predict, but I do agree they are doing some crazy things with a chance of the 4 draw coming out during this cycle.
    I tend to agree my results for this week all favour double digit numbers.
    I have a few stand out numbers for this weeks draw.
    14 repeat from last draw.
    20 to follow up last Sat draw.
    17,41 and 45

    Good Luck,

  21. Saturday: 24 27 30 37 43 45
    ANY : 1+ 1- 2- 7- 11- 12
    VER : 1- 12- 16- 37- 44- 559+

    Nice Double-Digit Smallest!
    I had the 24 and 30 in every game…

    Looking at the blowing Ver6 (last 3 draws big), and ION5=3453+, I would say, be on high alert for that special draw. A great time to seriously hit hard for a 4 draw event – for next 3 draws.

    Lotto Tip
    Play heavily the numbers from the last 4 draws.
    A 4 draw event may hit this week (Mon, Wed, or Sat)

  22. Hello G,
    Has the Ion 5 ever been identified, it would be good to understand the Ion 5 correlation in the filters chart.
    Well the draws are interesting with many possible scenarios being on offer.
    Charts have come up with some interesting results for this Sat draw, with possible Any 1 2 3 possibly being 0 0 0, which would point best chance of the 4 draw event.
    I’m interested in you take on this weeks draw.
    Currently working on numbers for Sat draw, at this stage I suggest not using the following numbers 1,11,12,13,18,19,21,34,39,41,and 44.

    Good Luck,

    • Hi Col, thanks for your interesting points – you are not wrong when you say “many possible scenarios”. We may still see a better draw Saturday, but thats the last go this run.
      Your list of numbers to exclude, do not appear in the last 4 draws – more useful would be numbers to exclude FROM the last 4 draws (I couldn’t exclude any).

      Ion5 BIG
      Yes I identify the Ion5 now, as with most factors by observation. If you scroll through your filter analysis chart, Ion5 BIG (4-digit) is most frequently closely followed by an Ion4=0 event, with a draw or two containing a very high density at the front – 4 or 5 numbers from the last few draws – sometimes it appears as a 4-6 draw event.
      The Ion4=0 already hit the following draw (10 draw event) on Monday:
      2 3 7 27 35 44
      ANY : 0- 1 3+ 4- 7- 9-

      Verticals BIG
      The big Verticals 3 to 5 draws back really aroused my interest, as this is what I was expecting to see, and very frequently precedes the favoured 4 draw event.
      Hinged on the Ion4=10+ which hit 5 draws ago, this Saturday should be the last go for a possible 4 draw this run.

      ANY1-3 = 0
      I can’t say this won’t happen, but it is fairly rare. 0 0 1 is much more frequent than 0 0 0.

      SUM Totals, Double Single-Digit, Double-Digit Smallest
      We just saw the Double Single-Digit hit twice, and could hit again.
      We also saw a BIG Sum total (over 200) 3 draws ago, so I am looking for another big Double-Digit Smallest to hit within next few draws.
      A small sum total (under 100) has not been seen since 33 draws ago, so one of these may hit soon too.

      BIG Blowout
      On the other side of the coin, I still expect to see a draw soon, which contains NO NUMBERS from the last 4-8 draws. Why? Take a look over the last 37 draws, the Any1 has not gone above 1. This has never happened before (since 2004), but the closest such run lasted only 30 draws, completed 1236 draws ago, producing:
      ANY : 5+ 9+ 13+ 24+ 31+ 33+

      No numbers hit from the preceding 5 draws, and 3 back numbers hit (cold numbers). Back numbers can be sweet meat, as there may be as few as 5-10 back numbers to choose from.
      Even though we have seen several blowouts recently (and tight draws too), they have not blown from the front – Any1 refuses to budge higher.
      I expect to see a really really nice big blowout draw, real soon.

      As can be seen from the above, there are a lot of see-sawing factors which make it difficult right now. But as each extreme manifests, will give clues to what follows.

      If the 4 draw event hits Saturday, I would not be surprised to see 2 or 3 numbers hit from the 4th draw back (Skip 3).

      Good luck!

  23. Hi G,
    Your post above would indicate to me you are looking for the blowout draw featuring numbers with high skip values?
    Certainly is a good time to see which way the skips will swing.

    Good Luck,

    • Saturday: 3 7 28 31 38 41
      ANY : 0 1+ 5+ 6+ 6- 7-
      VER : 0- 5 6- 7- 9- 20-
      ION : 98- 0- 0- 0- 0-

      An 8 draw event with Double-Singles hit. Interesting Ion filters there…

  24. Hi G,
    How did you go, did you play for the 4 draw event?
    As predicted the double single hit again although I had 3 and 6 to hit for some reason I missed 7.


    • Yeah, funny enough, I had 3 and 7 in almost a third of games.
      Notice how the 4 backer numbers (draws 6-8), were all adjacent to numbers contained in last 4 draws, one-offs.

      The Ion2,3,4,5 = 0 really intrigues me. This has not happened before, and does not appear even over 6,000 simulated draws I checked. I say this lends weight to my forecast of a major blowout draw imminent. 50 draws ago, we saw a draw with NO NUMBERS hit from its preceding 7 draws; and its been 38 draws now we haven’t seen ANY1 greater than 1.

      Look at the tip from a few days ago, “SUM Totals, Double Single-Digit, Double-Digit Smallest” to assist your number distributions (as additional filter).

      Lotto Tip – Blowout
      Looks inevitable that we see a draw (or two) within the next 2 weeks, where most numbers hit from further back in the draws, and NO NUMBERS hit from at least the preceding 3-8 draws – good to EXCLUDE.
      On a full-tilt blowout, we could easily see 2 or 3 of the following back numbers:

      9 10 11 12 18 19 21

  25. Hi G,
    I will now start looking for the big blowout draw given the tight results last night.
    Will run some charts and let you know what I find.


  26. Wednesday: 10 12 15 22 23 33 (4 21)
    ANY : 0 5+ 6+ 11+ 21+ 29+
    VER : 10+ 21+ 30+ 60+ 89+ 117+

    Nice blowout – but the Any1 still refuses to go higher.
    Double-Digit Smallest hit.
    We saw 2 hits (plus a supplementary) on the back numbers forecast:

    On a full-tilt blowout, we could easily see 2 or 3 of the following back numbers:
    9 10 11 12 18 19 21

    ION4 hit 10+ and with all the back number hits occurring over last several weeks, including repeats in tight draws, I would say its a great time for a potential 4 draw event!

    • Thanks Col, yes we could well see more back numbers and/or the Any1 going real big.
      look at all the ANY and VER filters showing plus (+), except Any1=0; this being a very good sign for a follow up draw to go all (or mostly) minus (-), like a 4 draw!

      Even though back numbers can be easy to hit (at the right times) – sweet meat so called – you still need the potatoes and peas to go with it. Whereas, greater hits may be realized on front numbers (recent), or at least by any strategy that severely limits the RANGE of filters to hit – like a 4 draw.

      So even though filters may hit big again – probably after a tight draw – it is of greatest advantage now to play for the 4 draw event. It is highly likely we see an Ion4=0 (all hits within 11 draws) over the next 5 draws. At the moment a 4-7 draw event looks very plausible. This campaign is good for next 5 draws max, but I expect it to hit sooner rather than later.

      Lotto Tip

      Conservative Play:
      Play heavily the numbers that have hit in the last 4 to 7 draws.

      Aggressive Play – I want the Jackpot:
      Play heavily the numbers that have hit in the last 4 draws only.

  27. Hi G,
    Just back in from interstate great post, it sums up the situation with the numbers exactly and make it interesting.
    I agree with your findings on the Any and Ver + as they should go – this draw.
    Also keeping an eye out for the large blow out.

    Had a quick look at the charts this morning with the following results:
    1 no. to hit from 1,28,31,33
    1 no. to hit from 3,14,25,31

    Numbers to look for are 1,10,15,24,43 and 45.

    Good luck tonight,


  28. Hi G,
    Given the Sat draw, I’m watching the signs for the 4 draw or big blow in the skips.
    We seem to be experiencing a balance of recent skips coupled with overdue skips.

    Working on Monday draw.


  29. Saturday : 4 9 14 22 42 45
    ANY : 0 3- 3- 6- 13- 18-
    VER : 0- 3- 3- 18- 18- 18-

    Monday : 18 23 24 28 29 43
    ANY : 1+ 3 6+ 6 7- 29+
    VER : 2+ 7+ 18+ 28+ 32+ 34+

    I like to see a lot of pluses (+).

    Wednesday looking good for a potential 4 draw event.

  30. Wednesday Lotto Results : 2 4 26 30 36 38
    ANY : 1 3 4- 6 7 8-
    VER : 6+ 10+ 13- 15- 15- 27-

    Saturday Lotto Results : 1 3 10 17 20 35
    ANY : 3+ 4+ 5+ 6 6- 11+
    VER : 4- 7- 9- 28+ 131+ 158+

    Finally the Any1 went bigger, 3+.
    Monday is the last go for a 4 draw event and looks the best chance so far.
    We are about to see a slew of recent numbers to hit.

    Lotto Tip – Recent Numbers

    Play heavily numbers that hit in preceding 4 draws – this tip is good for next few draws.
    All numbers may actually hit from the last 4 draws on Monday – play for 4 draw event (last chance).

  31. Monday Lotto Results : 1 13 14 15 19 24
    ANY : 0- 2- 3- 4- 16+ 23+
    VER : 0- 3- 24+ 39+ 45- 337+

    The 4 draw event did not hit this campaign, but looking at filter factors – like recent lack of recent numbers, some high verticals – its good to keep an eye on things as it still may hit soon. For now I rest…

    I forgot to mention as a tip (I was so focussed on a 4 draw event), that we would see all numbers 33 and less soon (it happened Monday), as Saturday had produced a low sum-total (86). Monday was also a low sum-total (86 again), so likely we will see yet another (33 and less) soon.

  32. Hi G,
    The 4 draw event will happen soon given the movement of the filter, perhaps we will have to wait a little longer.
    Yes the low sum total did enter my mind but bit has not appeared for so long that I discounted it until it appeared again. This is in line with the current filter movement and I’m waiting until it settles down again.
    The Christmas/New Year draws always delivers something special, I’m keeping an eye on this.
    Currently working on the big New Year draw, will post some tips later this week.
    Merry Christmas G and well done on all the work you have put in this year especially the forum.

    Merry Christmas,

    • Hi Col, thanks for your well wishes appreciated. Well we didn’t hit the jackpot this year, but hopefully we learnt a few tricks, and got to see better how skips (and a few other factors) can be used for advantage, many times. There truly is beauty in pure number!

      Col, post here anything you like to present, I am open to looking at additional ideas/systems, and anyone can send me privately from the Contact page.

      I want to post a few more basic lotto tips in this section, with some statistics for typical draw configurations and the like. More goodness to come in 2014…

      Happy Christmas, blessings all.

  33. Happy New Year G,
    Well back on board after a few weeks holiday and trying to keep out of the hot weather.
    The New Year did not disappoint with some unusual draws even the 4 draw event came close. I must admit I’m struggling with the forecasting at present given the skips moving all over the place.
    Perhaps you may be able to make some sense of the current skips cycle?

    Tonights draw looking at numbers 22,39 and 42.

    Good luck,

    • Hi Col, yes its an absolute mixed bag at the moment, best to wait for some extremes to appear.

      I was pressed by a friend last weekend for a few good numbers, I gave them three – of those, one and a supp hit, which helped them win $52 on a single System 7.

      I say good time to just watch…

  34. Recent predominantly large ANY 1-3 filters, indicates we will see a draw (Wednesday or shortly after) with several very recent numbers to hit. Thought I would show some recent numbers that look good.

    Lotto Tip – Recent Numbers

    Play lots of recent numbers (from previous 4 draws) – see Lotto Results. Include 1 to 3 numbers from further back in the draws.

    Recent numbers that look good to hit:

    1 7 27 31 34 42

    Additional recent numbers that may appear:

    9 10 13 16

    Good luck all!

  35. Hi G,
    Well we should see the skips come back to more recent numbers.
    Running numbers for Sat draw with no. 35 jumping out in my charts.

    Numbers from further back for Sat that look good are no’s 13,39 and 42.
    I would also expect to see one number from the previous draw, your predicted numbers will also be included.

    Cold numbers to leave out this Sat are 37,41 and 44.

    See how we go.

    Good luck,

    • Wednesday Lotto Results: 3 11 22 26 42 44
      ANY : 0- 8+ 9+ 10+ 11- 46+

      Thanks Col. As you can see there was only one recent hit, number 42 (which is the hottest number – over 120 draws). All other numbers that hit were 9 draws back and further. This Saturday should be full of recent numbers, very tight, at least at the front…

      Additional recent numbers from Wednesday’s draw, these look good too:

      11 26

      Lotto Tip – Recent Numbers UPDATED

      Play lots of recent numbers (from previous 4 draws) – see Lotto Results. Include 1 to 3 numbers from further back in the draws.

      Recent numbers that look good to hit:

      1 7 11 26 27 31 42

      Additional recent numbers that may appear:

      9 10 13 16

      Bonus Tip

      The low sum total on Saturday was 99
      1 9 10 13 27 39
      Within next 3 draws may appear a game with all numbers being 33 or less.

      Good luck all!

  36. Hi G,
    Well Sat draw took me by surprise, best I could manage was 3 no’s.
    Did not expect the concentration of high numbers?
    I do agree we should see numbers below 33 as a result of the recent below 100 sum total.
    Given the next draw on Monday and being a holiday, we should see something special.
    I’ll run numbers tonight and see what pops out.


    • Hi Col, yes a big surprise Saturday with smallest number being 30, quite rare. Monday produced another biggish draw also, if a smaller (33 and less) draw is to come, Wednesday would be last go. Over half the tipped numbers were out of range (too small) to hit. Not so good a forecast, but next few draws likely to come good.

      Saturday Lotto Results: 30 35 36 37 42 43
      ANY : 0 1- 3- 4- 12+ 16-
      VER : 0- 1- 16 181+ 678+ 5927+

      Monday Lotto Results: 17 20 22 31 38 45
      ANY : 1+ 2+ 4+ 5+ 8- 10-
      VER : 1+ 6+ 10- 12- 21- 34-

      Slightly firmer Any filters at the front, but we should see even firmer. I expected at least 4 numbers from last 3 draws, or similar.
      Of the numbers above, only 31 and 42 hit, and Col your 35 and 37.

      The VER 6 hit 5927+ on Saturday, we should still see a draw (over the next three) that has a very high density of recent numbers. A few could hit from 3 & 4 draws back too.

      Good luck all!

  37. Wednesday Lotto Results: 4 6 8 18 32 42 (13 36)
    ANY : 1 6+ 8+ 9+ 10+ 31+
    VER : 3+ 8+ 10 10- 57+ 81+

    The number 42 is on fire, being the hottest number for quite a while now. We did not see the expected “mostly recent numbers” draw yet, but with recent bigger filters, and Wednesday’s filters almost all plus (+), Saturday now looks an even greater certainty for an implosion of the filters.

    As the filters are dynamic, the recent numbers change with each draw. The current numbers from the last 3 draws should feature strongly:

    4 6 8 18 32 42
    17 20 22 31 38 45
    30 35 36 37 43

    Best of:

    8 20 31 32 42

  38. Hi G,
    Great analysis G, with the skips swinging back and forth its a little hard predicting which way it going to go.

    I agree when the numbers come back we should see a tight draw especially from the front.

    I can find any real standouts for this Sat draw.
    Possibilities that are showing are:
    8, 18, 45
    Possible 1 no from 6,30 and 35.

    Good luck,

  39. Saturday Lotto Results: 11 16 32 40 41 45
    ANY : 0- 1- 3- 4- 6- 8-
    VER : 1- 4- 31+ 40+ 57 61-

    Not as tight as we would have liked. Thought I’d have a go for a 6 draw event (was a 9 draw) and hit 4 numbers (small prize).
    Big filters are usually followed by smaller ones, and as they weren’t really small, I guess we will see smaller, or a few small ones to come. Will post when clearer trend appears…

  40. Hi G,
    Well I hope to see a swing back to normality with recent draws being lowest number double digit.
    Number for tonights draw looking good are 33 with one number from 5,14,15 to come out.
    The number 42 is also looking strong for another hit.

    Good Luck,

  41. Hi Col, sorry about late reply. You may have noticed lack of updates in Lotto results over the last week, this was due to technical problems on site, and still working on it. Managed to do updates today, and hope all is back to normal shortly.

  42. Hi G,
    No worries, I hope you are over you’re website hassles.
    I don’t think you have missed out on too much.
    I found a method that eliminates around 9 to 11 numbers, trick is that sometimes it contains 1 winning number and I’m current looking for ways to identify that number.
    I’m also working with pairs and triples with high skips that frequently contain 1 winning number.
    Will let you know once I’ve worked it out, I’m currently hitting 3 numbers.

  43. Hi Col, you had couple of hits on your last tips, including the number 42 which also just hit last draw again – 42 is the hottest number and looks good to hit yet again. Of your current tipped numbers, I like the 9 and 39 best.

    The current state looks to me to lack any great extremes that could be used for advantage, so a good time to watch a bit, not play.

    Interesting to note the ANY6 median over the last 120 draws has dropped to 13, normally around 16 over longer term, indicating generally more recent numbers overall. We have just seen the last 9 draws all hit within the ANY6=13 or less, being preceded by many draws with big ANY6 filter. We also just saw some really small VER filters. Some bigger ANY6 will hit again soon, and so the following numbers (back numbers) would see some hits over coming draws:

    1 2 5 10 12 13 23 33

    Good time to just watch for a few weeks…

    • Saturday Lotto Results: 8 12 15 25 26 45 (23 28)
      ANY : 3+ 5+ 6+ 7+ 12+ 30+
      VER : 3+ 6+ 18+ 23+ 23+ 30+

      Bit of a blowout draw with the filters. One number and a supp hit from the back numbers quoted above (12,23).
      Expect to see tight draw/s (recent numbers to hit), with some of tonight’s numbers likely to repeat.

  44. Wednesday Lotto Results: 1 7 9 10 35 39 (27 33)
    ANY : 1- 1- 5- 12+ 15+ 15-
    VER : 5+ 15+ 15- 25+ 65+ 131+

    Not as tight as expected, with few back numbers hit. Wednesday or Saturday could still produce a tighter draw.

    The 9 and 39 my favourites of Col’s tips on Saturday came in tonight, plus the 1 and 10 from tipped back numbers, and 33 as supp.
    Thats 4 and a supp hits from 10 numbers in my post of last Saturday.

  45. Hi G,
    Great analysis, I missed running the charts for the Monday draw however will back check.
    At present I’m keeping track looking for a tight draw usually indicated by the double digit Ion 4.
    I’ll run numbers after Wed draw for Sat night see how they if there are any standouts.


  46. Monday Lotto produced the larger Ion4=12+, so its time to look for a tighter draw (Ion4=0) to hit, or a few such draws over coming weeks.

    Due to large Ion5=1835+ hit 13 draws ago, and large Ver6=5927+ hit 17 draws ago, we could anticipate a possible 4 draw event to hit within the next 5 draws. Why? I have seen these kind of huge filters occur well before the 4 draw event – even up to 20+ draws before.

    The 4 draw event may hit, or we should at least see an Ion4=0, that is, all numbers to hit from within previous 11 draws.

    Lotto Tip – 4 draw event
    Play numbers that hit within the last 4 draws.
    Try this strategy for up to the next 5 draws.

    Bonus Tip – Numbers
    Good numbers for the next 3 draws:
    10 13
    Good for tonight:

    • Last Saturday produced the Ion4=0, with all numbers from last 9 draws. The coming Saturday will be the last go for a very tight draw all round, perhaps the 4 draw.
      Really was expecting much tighter draws, as we have seen a few large ANY6 hits lately…

  47. Wednesday saw another Ion4=0, in an 8 draw event.
    ANY : 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6- 7-

    Saturday is still a chance for an even tighter draw, last go for the 4 draw.

    Notice the last 2 draws, a large sum-total (196), followed by a small one (95). We could soon see a draw with bigger numbers or at least the smallest number being a double digit – and – we could see a draw with smaller numbers (33 max) too.

  48. Hi G,
    How have you been going? Hope all is well, I have been away for a while and now trying to catch up on what has been happening.
    It’s funny when you have been away it takes a while to get into the trends that the numbers have been producing.
    Noticed last night was a 21m draw, I tend to stay away from those as you usually find too many people win and dividends are low.
    Anyway, I’ll read through the posts and start looking at catching up.
    P.S Any sign of the 4 draw event?


    • Hi Col, all good here thanks. I had a few goes recently and popped a few wins on Lotto, plus small prizes on last week’s Powerball. I am playing with limited System 18 wheeling, and I must say, it is easier to get hits when 18 numbers are covered.
      As for the 4 draw event, I can’t see anything special right now. I watch the flow and try to forecast filter ranges, where the numbers are likely to come from.
      I will share some of what I have learnt about wheeling in a future post.
      Good luck!

  49. Hello There,

    I haven been sceptical about this lotto thing and perhaps you can clear my doubts. I have been buying the ticks for almost 10 years now with only last division wins few times . Now my doubt is whether this lotto draws could be a scam !!!! to back my theory,

    1) why is it that there are always first division winners on sat lotto unlike oz and power ball ?

    2) I doubt that for a 4 mil draw the company ( Tattersall) makes around 14 mill in tick sales to break even the price of total pool price they owe to customers e.g. draw 3415 where total prize money is around 14 million.

    3) Not sure that the draw is a ‘Live’ telecast and that in a presence of some trusted govt agent. Meaning, I could take a video snippet of each number using any editing software and then merge with the number series which were not sold to any customer and yet I put a first division winner or two ( not real winner but company keeps the money) . When you question this to company they say “would you like to disclose your name if you had won?” . I agree but atleast you can disclose the suburb or post code right.

    Overall I seriously wish I am wrong but do you understand where I am coming from? Pls feel free to correct me and thank you for your time in reading my thoughts on lotto.


    • Yes Vish, all things are possible, even though some are more probable than others.

      1) The 6/45 Lotto has far fewer possible combinations than OZ Lotto or Powerball, so its expected that 1st division will be won more frequently on Lotto.
      2) I wouldn’t worry about them making a profit, the house always makes money. As for takings, you will need ask them yourself.
      3) There are a lot of ways the game can be rigged, but the video editing you describe would take a while to do (maybe hours), and we do have the ever present authorised supervisors to each draw making sure it all runs to guidelines/policy.

      In my view, the Lotto games played in Australia are more regulated and honest than most of the financial markets.

  50. Hi G,
    Interesting last post, if you run the history charts and analyze the results the figures tend speak for themselves. What you do with the results is up to you?
    My view if I can get an edge, I’ll take it.
    You discussed working with 18 numbers and wheeling the numbers to get results. I’m interested where you get the numbers from?
    I’ve run some charts looking at skips and medians however did not get any clear advantage.


    • Hi Col, I am surprised to hear you say “I’ve run some charts looking at skips and medians however did not get any clear advantage.” In my experience using skips can give great advantage, and think you have seen some here. I like to forecast the filters especially when more obvious conditions occur. When using wheeling of 18 numbers, the numbers can be selected from those that fall within the forecasted filters, plus lucky numbers or other standouts.

  51. Hi G,
    What I mean’t to say, is that lately I can’t see any clear advantage at present.
    I work with skips and medians all the time with some good results.
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    Currently working on skips for previous draws 1,2,3,4 which may show clusters of skips. ie. between skip 0 and skip 8.
    I’ll let you know if I find anything of interest.


  52. Hi
    Just wondering if you know if something has happened to site as unable to find via goggle anymore?

    Kind regards

  53. Last night’s Wednesday Lotto showed a nice blowout in the filters, which went all plus(+).

    ANY : 3+ 3+ 11+ 17+ 21+ 44+
    VER : 7+ 17+ 23+ 27+ 46+ 111+

    This coupled with recent big filter hits (back numbers), and high Ion4=8+, have set up favourable conditions for a high density of RECENT numbers to hit.

    Lotto Tip
    Play games with a lot of numbers that have hit within the last 3 draws. Hits will be seen within the next few draws.

    Bonus Tip
    These numbers look good for hits soon:
    3 5 9 14 17 31 42

  54. There have been a few recent draws with firmer filters at front. Last night’s Monday Lotto was the best of these. Notice the swingback since the run of large ANY filters, ending in the blowout draw mentioned in the tip above,
    ANY : 3+ 3+ 11+ 17+ 21+ 44+
    The 8 draws that followed contained 6 draws with ANY6 less than its median.

    Monday Lotto 05/05/2014 – 19 24 26 36 39 41 (12 16)
    ANY : 0 0 2 3- 6 12-
    4 numbers hit from 4 draws.

    Saturday Lotto 03/05/2014 – 1 12 14 19 37 41 (7 23)
    ANY : 0 0- 2- 4- 6- 22+
    3 numbers hit from 3 draws, 4 from 5, and 5 hit from last 7 draws.

    Last night’s Monday Lotto draw saw 4 numbers plus a supplementary hit from the previous 3 draws!
    Monday Lotto 12/05/2014 – 1 13 18 19 39 43 (24 31)
    ANY : 0- 0- 1- 2- 8- 12

    Having given up on a really tight draw at the front, I decided to have another go after seeing last Saturday’s filters. It always gets my interest when I see all Plus(+) ANY filters.
    Saturday Lotto 10/05/2014 – 10 13 16 22 39 45 (2 9)
    ANY : 1+ 3+ 5+ 7+ 9+ 12+

    I played Monday Lotto using my typical 4 draw filter strategy, and won several prizes, capturing 4 numbers plus a supplementary. See below…
    Monday Lotto 12/05/2014 – 1 13 18 19 39 43 (24 31)
    ANY : 0- 0- 1- 2- 8- 12

    24 Games played


    Ticket 1 Game 5
    1 x 4 numbers (Division 4) = $30.70

    Ticket 1 Games 1,2,4,6
    Ticket 2 Games 2,4
    6 x 3 numbers + supp (Division 5) = $102.90

    OUTLAY: $14.40
    RETURN: $133.60

  55. Hi G,
    Nice win good to see your strategy paying dividends.

    I’m currently experimenting with medians with some mixed results, perhaps I send you an email to get your opinion on filtering the process down.
    Also numbers from previous draws have hit well.


  56. Hi G,
    Do you use the Purge setting to filter down your numbers after generating them on the sequential setting?


    • Hi Col, when using the Lotto Sequential function to generate games, I sometimes use the options that appear below:
      Enable the INNER filters
      Eliminate the last X draws

      On very tight filters, I generated only 50 games to start with. I then excluded two numbers I didn’t like (20,44), and used inner filters to further reduce combos. Finally, I excluded the games generated that had #26 as the highest number (too rare), but I left one game in as it had 2 unique numbers, just in case. I now had just 24 games left to play.

      The additional filtering was well worth the effort, as the original 50 games had 1xDiv4 prize, and 8xDiv5 prizes. The final 24 games yielded 1xDiv4 and 6xDiv5 prizes – for less than half the cost!

  57. Hi G,
    Using MDIEditor I use the sequential setting to run the numbers, how do you filter them down or do you bring them into another program to filter?

    Surprised to see all numbers under 33 on the last draw been a long time coming.
    We have also experienced a good run of Any 1 & 2 = 0. It may blow out a little for the next few draws.


    • Col, I have used many of Saliu’s other programs, but 99% of the time I just like using MDIEditor&LottoWE.
      I prefer to play only when it looks good for tight filters, so I can generate not too many games. At the times when I just can’t get the combos down to a reasonable playable level, I then turn to other additional forms of filtering, or don’t play at all.

      I am finding it a little easier these days to see likely filters to hit, from looking at past draws filters. Its a neat trick and not that hard to pick up. The clue is, look at previous draws that hit with BIG filters – then include those draws as the skips/filters…

      Yes Col we will likely see another 33 & less soon, and bigger filters too. Expect to see hits from these back numbers soon:
      2 4 15 29 30 34 35 40

  58. Hi G,
    Tonights draw, no 4 looking good may even match with 45 to come out.
    Possible also one number from last draw, charts point to no.11 or 12.
    Also one number from 2,28 or 45.


    • Nice hits there Col. You mentioned 6 numbers,
      2 4 11 12 28 45

      …and got 3 hits!
      11 28 45

      Saturday Lotto Results: 11 13 28 37 43 45 (26 27)
      ANY : 0 1- 3- 4- 5- 9-

      Keep it up Col, looks like you are really getting the hang of it.

      Mixed filters to come, good time to watch, I think…

  59. Monday Lotto Result: 6 21 27 30 34 35
    ANY : 2+ 4+ 13+ 14+ 20+ 20+

    A blowout draw with 3 back numbers hit (6 34 35), and a repeat of a recent back number hit (30).

    We will likely see another tight draw within the next 5 draws. Tight at the front, and at the back, all numbers from within 8 draws or less.

    • Wednesday Lotto Result: 15 19 27 30 32 42
      ANY : 0- 0- 2- 4- 6- 21+

      Firm at the front, but I still expect a tighter draw to come…

  60. Hi G,
    I tend to agree however I expected the skips to blow out a little before coming back to being tight, however Wed draw proved this wrong.
    Tonights draw charts pointing to 29, 34 possible 35 and one number from 19,27 or 32.

    Good luck,

  61. Hi G,
    Well no hits this week, however check out the hits from the previous Sat draw.
    Last night Sat nos. 1-13-20-26-37-45

    Previous week Sat nos. 11-13-28-37-43-45

    That’s three hits 13-37-45.

    Mind you this is rare, but now and again it’s good for 1 or 2 no’s.


  62. Hi G,
    Well I’m expecting the numbers to come back to some normality, with at least 1 number from the previous draw or previous weeks draw (Sat).
    Number 4 for me is a real stand out and should come out over the next few draws.
    Hot number for this draw 13,37 and 45 with 16 & 21 looking good as well.

    Do you see any standout’s G?


  63. Hi Col, I only had 2 small goes this round, third one tonight. Hard to answer you, but if recent numbers hit, I like the single digits and the zones 19-21 and 26-28.

    I played real tight filters, got down to only 8 games…

    Good luck!

    • Saturday Lotto: 1 19 20 36 38 41 (10 29)
      ANY : 0- 2+ 3+ 8+ 12+ 15-
      VER : 0- 2+ 3- 13- 13- 55-

      Monday Lotto: 13 15 22 26 28 37 (4 39)
      ANY : 1+ 1- 3 3- 4- 9-
      VER : 1+ 1- 8+ 9- 24+ 26-

      … I like the single digits and the zones 19-21 and 26-28.

      A recent single digit (1) hit on Saturday, as well as 2 numbers from zone 19-21 (19,20). The Monday draw that followed produced 2 numbers from zone 26-28 (26,28).

      Col hit the 13,37 and 4 as supp on Monday, well done.

      I didn’t play Monday, and by the look of the filters, there will be a draw or draws with much tighter filters, doesn’t look easy to pin-point yet – likely after another blowout.

      I like smallest number as double-digit to hit within 3 draws.

      • I like smallest number as double-digit to hit within 3 draws.

        The double-digit smallest hit on Saturday (#11 was smallest number)

  64. Hi G,
    Yes, I expected the Monday draw to be a little tighter but not to be.
    I agree that we could see another round of blow outs before coming in tight.
    Charts are tipping blow out again, with strong numbers 1,32,34 and watch out for no. 40.
    One number from 3 or 20 and high numbers 18 and/or 44.

    I agree good time to watch, I like games which deliver 2 no’s from the previous draw and given the current trends could be few draws away, but be patient.


    • Col you had a few hits from those…

      Back numbers look good for more hits soon.

      Back Numbers:
      2 10 14 24 29 31 39 44

      Likely 2 of the above will hit together…

      • Wednesday Lotto 18/06/2014 – 1 12 28 29 31 45 (7 8)
        ANY : 0 0- 3 7+ 24+ 31+

        Two of the back numbers hit (as forecast) – 29 and 31.
        Two numbers hit from the previous draw – 1 and 12.

        I still expect to see a tighter favourable draw soon, with at least 4 numbers hitting from its previous 3 draws – easy prizes. Hard to say exactly when, but more back number hits would be a positive indicator.

        Good time to watch for now…

  65. Saturday Lotto 21/06/2014 – 1 12 28 31 32 34 (8 24)

    ANY : 0 0 0- 0- 1- 6-
    VER : 0 0- 0- 7- 9- 25-

    The real tight draw – this was it. It came immediately after the back numbers hit.

    Yes folks, thats 4 numbers repeated from the previous draw!!!
    … and the 5th number from 2 draws back (5 numbers hit from previous 2 draws!!), 6th number from 7 draws ago.

  66. Hi G,
    Well, well, well that’s amazing.
    I’m checking the charts, hard to believe this result.

    I’m a bit shell shocked.


    • Monday Lotto 23/06/2014 – 13 22 26 28 35 39 (16 24)
      ANY : 0 2+ 3+ 5+ 5+ 17+
      VER : 5+ 20+ 23+ 33+ 50+ 72+

      I thought I had seen some of these numbers come together before. Look at the Monday draw 2 weeks ago, 4 numbers all hit together again (13 22 26 28):
      Monday Lotto 09/06/2014 – 13 15 22 26 28 37 (4 39)

  67. Saturday Lotto tonight is a $22 million jackpot. Where the numbers hit may be difficult to predict.

    Here are a few recent numbers that are running hot, and should see some more hits soon:

    1 13 39

    Good luck!

  68. Hi G,
    I’m slowly getting over last week shock results.
    Onto this week and the big 22m draw.
    After the mid week draws, I expect the first number to go single digit with any 1 to 4 to fall within the last 6 draws.
    Running my charts after being away this week so far I have no’s 35 and 42 as standouts. Also look out for 31,34 and 45.

    Good Luck,

    • Hi Col, yes large plus(+) filters – especially when several hit close to eachother – usually point to something special, or advantageous to come.

      Since the recent draw where 4 numbers hit from its previous draw, we have seen the expected filter blowout (incl. 5 back number hits) over the last 3 draws.

      I looked at just Ion1 highs (>1000), and they are frequently followed by a draw with at least 4 numbers hitting from previous 3 draws. Of course having other big filters around can be good confirmation for a tight draw to come.

      We may see another tight draw – ALL numbers hit from previous 4 to 7 draws – with at least 4 numbers to hit from its previous 3 draws. This may occur at anytime over the next 2 weeks…

  69. Hi G,
    Thank you for the analysis, I must admit the Ion’s baffle me a little.
    However I always keep an eye out for high Ion 1 and a Ion 4 double figures, don’t quite know what I’m looking for but know something special may happen.


  70. Monday Lotto 30/06/2014 – 4 16 21 29 30 41 (28 44)
    ANY : 4+ 5+ 6 11+ 11- 13-
    VER : 4+ 5+ 32+ 34+ 35+ 41-

    Perfect! Now the blowout has hit at the front – closest number hit was from 5 draws back.

    Looks great for another really tight draw to hit…

    • Wednesday Lotto 02/07/2014 – 4 9 18 25 27 42 (20 45)
      ANY : 0- 1- 2- 7- 8- 19+
      VER : 0- 7+ 8- 14- 18- 19-

      3 Numbers and 2 supps hit from its previous 3 draws – 4 25 42 (20 45 supps).
      The 20 games I settled on had prizes (2 x Div6 = $54), but there was a problem getting my games on at the newsagent. I hacked down to play just 20 games, on marked coupons. The first coupon was full at 18 games, so I placed the last 2 games (the winners) onto a second coupon. Of course the agent refused to accept a coupon with only 2 games on it, as it is a minimum of 4 games required per coupon. I replied that it is a continuation of the first coupon so it could be accepted. Their answer was that in order to play precisely 20 games, that I should enter 2 fresh coupons, one with 16 games, and the second with 4 games, to keep everybody (including the computer) happy. I said don’t worry, forget the last 2 games…
      Lesson learned, once decided, play all games. I missed out on $54 and felt pretty bad, but I would have felt much worse had one of those games been the jackpot!

      I will be playing tight – typical 4 draw strategy – over the next 4 draws…

  71. Hi G and Col,

    First time poster but I have been following both of your posts. I’m hoping my data is correct, for OZ Lotto Draw: 10622014/06/24

    ANY is :

    I know you don’t talk about OZ Lotto but I thought put it out there: is this a 4 draw event ? I didn’t see a blowout prior to this draw so was surprised by this.


    • Hi Soma, thanks for your input. That draw you mention has same filters on mine, so looks right. I call that a 5 draw event (as the filters represent skips between occurrences) – all numbers hit from its previous 5 draws.

      Different lotto game configurations (6/45, 7/45, etc) will exhibit slightly different behaviour in terms of probability. Some tips mentioned here are specific to Lotto Australia 6 from 45 numbers, and may not be as valid to other games. I personally don’t like the Ozlotto, as it is too hard to forecast (for me) and gain much decent advantage. Lotto is a much easier game to win.

  72. Hi G,
    Similar results here, plenty of 3 number hits. I had no’s 42, 4 and 25 for many reasons I had no’s 1,11,21 and 35 looking good to appear however not this draw.
    I feel we will see a any1=0 and any2=0 soon, I’m working on a system using any 6=6 fingers crossed.
    Will start looking at my charts for Sat draw.

    As far as Oz lotto, sorry not my cup of tea I’m afraid.
    I feel I’m getting close with lotto so I’ll stick with it for now.


  73. Hi G,
    Working on tonights draw can’t see any clear favourites?
    Possible no’s showing some signs are 12,18,21,44 and 45.

    Hope you have more luck than I’m having this week.


  74. Saturday Lotto 05/07/2014 – 5 7 14 20 31 39 (18 27)
    ANY : 2+ 4+ 5+ 12+ 18+ 26+
    VER : 4+ 6- 18+ 26+ 32+ 72+

    Another nice looking draw, all ANY filters go plus(+). I expected it may occur – this is typical of a draw that precedes a tight all ANY minus(-) draw.

    This is a great time to play for recent number hits!

    Lotto Tip
    Play games that include recent numbers that have hit, especially those of the last few draws.
    Recent numbers that I like, and have hit in the last 2 draws (Sat & Wed) – expect to see hits from these within next few draws:

    4 9 14 20 39 42

    Good luck!

  75. Hi G,
    Yes, I agree with the blowout of skips points to the firm draw soon.
    Running charts for Monday night has come up with some good stand out no’s 4,10 and 40.
    I’ll be running my numbers from the last 5 draws, and combining tips.

    Good luck all, lets see how we go!


  76. Monday Lotto 07/07/2014 – 5 18 36 38 41 42 (10 30)
    ANY : 0- 1- 1- 2- 10- 12-
    VER : 0- 1- 25+ 36+ 37+ 48-

    Filters came in tight at the front. Thats 4 numbers and a supp hit from last 3 draws – 5 18 41 42 (30).

    I just missed out on prizes, as my Verticals were much tighter, like those that typically occur on a 4 draw event (and many other Ion4=0 events).

    Yes, this was a nice tight draw at the front, but I still expect to see another tight draw, where Ion4=0, Any6=10 or less. Wednesday Lotto may blow out, but I am still playing for that special draw…

    • Wednesday Lotto 09/07/2014 – 12 13 16 26 39 41 (2 40)
      ANY : 0 1 3+ 6+ 6- 7-
      VER : 3+ 10+ 10- 12- 24- 31-

      All numbers hit from the previous 8 draws.

  77. Hi G,
    Well tonight might have been that special draw with an Any 6 =7.
    I did not play as I expected the skips to blow out as you predicted.

    It will be interesting to see how the next few draws go.


    • Hi Col, the Ion4=0 Any6=7 event it was. I also decided against play, as it looked like if a tight draw hit the filters would be too different to that of my typical 4 draw filter configuration (currently using).

      I use typical 4 draw filters to play, this is the current focus so I don’t miss the next 4 draw event! These filters also yield prizes when lots of recent numbers hit (previous 1-4 draws) AND their Vertical filters (vertical alignments) are tight.

      There are 1601 draws in Lotto Data6 file. 4 draw events have occured only 9 times (since 2004) – currently an average of every 178 draws.
      The longest dry spell for a 4 draw event was a skip of 497 draws, which was followed by 4 lots of 4 draw events over the next 110 draws (last year). The last one of those hit 253 draws ago.

      Col, the special draw I speak of is that beautiful 4 draw event, when all the filters are right, and the jackpot is won…

  78. Hi G,
    I did expect lowest number to be double digit, as it was due to pop out soon. One of my charts did point to 12 and 13 coming out, but given the results during recent draws I did not run with it. My top number predictions were 12,13,22,23,26,28 and 37. This was backed up by another which pointed to 4,12,21,26,31,32 and 44.

    I did exactly what you have done, I went back and started looking at the stats for a 4 draw event. I’m focusing now on the Ver filters to try and work out a suitable and affordable system to play.
    As for the Ion filters that remains a mistery.


    • Hi Col, yes focus on the 4 draw, as its the tightest and easiest point to pick that cherry (jackpot). That’s why I am only playing the 4 draw strategy every time I play now – in the hope that when it hits, I won’t miss it.

      Playing games of typical 4 draw filters, and playing them on actual 4 draw events, the jackpot win becomes a whole lot more certain. You could expect to hit the jackpot within a few such 4 draw events! The hardest part is picking when to play, to not miss playing on the draw when the 4 draw event hits.

      On affordability, yes you can narrow down the number of games to play, by appropriately tight VER filters, and a few ION ones too. Frequently I get it down to 50-100 games with tight (and typical) VER filters, Enable the INNER filters and Eliminate the last 1601 draws. Do the same with ION2,3,5 and can get it down to as little as 20 games (or less).

      Just remember, the more games played (looser filters), the less chance to miss the jackpot winning game. Tighter filters produce less games to play, but greater chance of missing the jackpot winner. I prefer to play with less games, it might take a while longer, but the cost is negligible – and occasionally I get some nice prizes too.

      Thinking about one more shot on Saturday…

  79. Monday Lotto 14/07/2014 – 2 11 18 28 33 39 (15 30)
    ANY : 1 2- 7+ 7- 8- 41+
    Saturday Lotto 12/07/2014 – 1 3 15 19 42 44 (36 37)
    ANY : 1+ 5+ 5+ 11+ 12+ 13+

    I have been waiting for the number “2” to hit, and it just did. Number 2 is the “coldest” number in Lotto, over the last 120 draws at least. It has just hit after an absence of 41 draws. Even though its got terrible stats, we may see more appearances from this number as it tries to play catchup.

    I like when the ANY6 hits high like this (41), as 4 draw events are frequently preceded by such draws. I would love to keep playing now, but better to rest. On the lookout for some good filters to confirm best time to play again. Got my eye on ION3 which has produced good sized filters, am expecting to see ION3=0 soon, which will be a good sign.

    For those that want to play, include these:

    # 39 42 – Hot!!! these two refuse to stop hitting.
    # 2 – Coldest number just hit, should see more hits.

    Good luck!

  80. Hi G,
    Currently I’m waiting for the skips to settle down to show some clear signs of easy hits.
    I see you are waiting for the Ion 3 to hit high, have you been able to work out what Ion’s relate too?
    Always keen to work out more of Salu’s program.

    Tonights draw number are hard to pick, but no’s 1 and/or 3 look good along with 1 number from 6,8,10,22,24,or 43

    Numbers 6 and 10 have appeared on my charts for weeks now but have not come out to date, will start to see them appear soon and will come out rebalance.

    Good Luck,

    • Hi Col, after my last post, Wednesday produced a 7 draw event.
      ANY : 0- 1- 3- 5- 5- 6-

      Regarding the ION3 I thought the clue I gave was enough, but for clarification…

      Notice the ION3=0 closely precedes the ION4=0 most of the time!

      Watching for now…

  81. Hi G,
    With Ion 3 I was looking for double digit figures as this nearly always indicated good chances of low skips.
    I’ll go back and check the history.


  82. Monday Lotto 21/07/2014 – 2 17 18 31 37 40 (5 12)
    ANY : 2+ 2+ 6+ 9+ 9+ 16+
    VER : 2- 2- 9- 12- 16- 25-

    After looking closer at the ION filters, I discovered a few more indicators. Based upon these observations, Lotto looks good right now for yet another favourable (tight) draw. We may even see a draw where all numbers hit from the previous 4 draws.

    Lotto Tip
    A draw to come within 2 weeks, where most or all numbers hit from previous 4 draws.
    Play heavily numbers that hit in the previous 4 draws.

    Good luck!

    • Wednesday Lotto 23/07/2014 – 1 6 24 25 29 34 (17 45)
      ANY : 2 2 4- 11+ 24+ 33+
      VER : 4+ 8+ 13+ 37+ 49+ 74+

      Nice blowout at the back, with back numbers 6 and 24 hit. Also a better lead up formation in the VER filters going all plus(+).
      Saturday Lotto looks a great chance for the tight draw (lots of recent number hits).

  83. Hi G,
    Great work as always, after Mon night draw where the skips blew out and all being positive surely means it must come back to more favorable skips.
    I’ll run my charts tonight to see if any numbers stand out, if so I’ll report back.
    Thanks again for the heads up and good luck.


  84. Hi G,
    Yes, I’ve taken your advise and playing for the 4 draw over the next few weeks.
    Just about to run charts for tomorrow. Interesting number 6 has started to appear, also keep an eye on no. 10 it is due soon as well.
    I have number 1 showing to appear as a double hit.

    Good Luck,

    • Yes Col, and the ION4 hit double digits (12) too – it could be…
      There is one more filter configuration (combo) discovered, that I won’t speak about just yet, that indicates this as a great potential time for a 4 draw event.

      There was a predominance of Minus(-) filters on Saturday:
      ANY : 1- 2 6+ 7- 8- 12-
      VER : 4 7- 8- 12- 16- 55-

      We may see a blowout in filters on Monday, but it could easily go the other way and crunch in further.
      I will be playing for now…

  85. Hi G,
    Well I hate to say it, but I missed out.
    I was counting on the tight draw being Wed night, Mon draw always a hassle putting tickets on due to work commitments.
    Interesting to note one of my main charts pointed to 1 number from 4,16,23,31 and 42.
    I’ll keep an eye on that Ion 3 in future.

    Hope you had some luck G.

  86. Wednesday Lotto 30/07/2014 – 2 13 25 31 35 40 (20 43)
    ANY : 0 2+ 3+ 3- 4 15+
    VER : 0- 3- 3- 8- 15- 87-

    Monday Lotto 28/07/2014 – 3 5 6 16 36 40 (20 22)
    ANY : 0- 0- 1- 4- 4- 7-
    VER : 2- 4- 30+ 31+ 125+ 197+

    Monday did produced a nice ANY6=7, not a 4 draw event, yet. I played Monday, but not Wednesday. The 20 games I played on Monday, had prizes on Wednesday’s draw – 3 x 4 numbers!

    The number 2 made its third recent appearance now, after a long absence – skip of 41 draws. If it hits again within 4 draws, its skip median will drop, pointing to an improved run for the number 2.

    It still looks good for a 4 draw event soon…

  87. Hi G,
    Well I’m now waiting for the next favorable set of skips, keeping an eye on the skips chart.
    I like 14, 39 and 41 to pop out soon.
    Getting small wins at present keeps things ticking along until the next favorable condition occur.
    A lot of interest at present on the Powerball jack potting, might be worth a look at the skip charts see how they are tracking.
    Hope all is well with you.


    • Hi Col, thanks for tips, your numbers look good. I have only played once since my last post, then discovered that my 4 draw filter strategy can actually prevent play at times – I couldn’t produce any games to play! Even for tonight’s Saturday Lotto, my strategy does not produce ANY games to play. It is then easy (and cost saving) to not play for the 4 draw event, at such times.

      Wednesday Lotto produced some nice filters for future draws:
      ANY : 3+ 3+ 4 5 8+ 15
      VER : 3- 5 28+ 28+ 185+ 1890+

      Over the next few draws or so, we should see a draw (or draws) with LOTS of recent number hits.

      Lotto TIP
      Play heavily numbers that hit in previous 3 draws. Good for the next week or so.

      That special (discovered) filter config that usually precedes a 4 draw event has shown again, so I am on high alert for event – ALL numbers to hit from previous 4 draws. The next 3 draws (up to 8 possibly) is where I am looking.

      On the Powerball which jackpots to $70 million, it just had its first 4 draw event! Draw #76 in the new Powerball Data. Last Thursday ALL 6 main numbers were repeats from the previous 4 draws. The special (discovered) filter config that usually precedes a 4 draw event, did precede this one. Of course you would need the actual Powerball too, for the jackpot.
      ANY : 0 0- 0- 2- 2- 3-
      VER : 0 2- 2- 5- 22- 33-
      6 Main Numbers (Hit previous 4 draws)
      1 8 12 26 31 38
      7 12 26 27 31 32
      5 16 23 24 31 37
      1 8 11 15 21 31
      1 6 9 31 38 39

      Note that there are only 2 numbers which are above the ANY6 skip median = 13 (only 76 real draws). What I call “back numbers”.
      #18 skip=19
      #25 skip=25
      All other numbers have hit within skip 13 – the previous 14 draws.
      Eventually we will see more back numbers produced, but not for a while. Recent numbers will continue to hit in Powerball, a little longer…

      Powerball – Recent numbers I like, to see hits again:
      7 12 16 23 24 26 31 37

      The number 31, which just hit 5 draws in a row, has a skip median of 0 !!!

      For the actual Powerball itself, I like 1 2 3 4, to see hits.

      Good luck all, G

  88. Hi G,
    I was wondering if you were keeping an eye on the P/Ball.
    Great stats and feedback as always.
    I need to go back and have a look at the P/Ball stats.
    In the meantime I have a nifty system which produces 3 no’s, I’m using that at present along with favorable skips from Ion’s charts.
    The last few weeks have produced good returns on smaller dividends, this keeps the system paying for itself.
    The P/Ball for me is a little hard to win, however at 50m its worth a look from time to time.


  89. Saturday Lotto 16/08/2014 – 2 3 15 16 18 24 (25 31)
    ANY : 1- 3 6+ 9+ 10+ 14-
    VER : 6+ 7+ 14- 14- 76- 133-

    After a predominance of bigger numbers over the last several draws, we saw a much smaller draw, #24 being the biggest of the main 6.
    The number 2 hit again, but not soon enough to lower its skip median, which remains at 6.

    My typical 4 draw strategy could only produce games to play for Monday Lotto, AFTER I loosened the ION5 filter. I now have 9 games to play, with a projected 33% chance to hit the jackpot if it’s a 4 draw event.

    Good luck all, G

  90. Hi G,
    Well the 37 games pulled in 4 + 1 Supp and 3 + 1 supp, not bad. Mind you it was a 6 draw event tonight.
    How did your 9 no’s go G?
    I did not pick the tight draw to come out, I was looking for Ion3 and Ion 4 signs.
    Well forecast again G.


    • Hi Col, good on you mate, nice seeing some prizes. I had some hits but no prize, my Verticals were just too tight. This draw was not as tight as could have been, especially at the front. We could still see another tight draw soon…
      ANY : 0- 1- 2- 3- 4- 6-
      VER : 3- 6- 9- 14 40- 67-

      I agree about the ION3, I will wait until it hits 0, or at least 1, before playing for the 4 draw event in future. The ION3=1 this draw, so I am still on watch.

      I have polished my filter strategy again, looking at it slightly differently. Aiming for a projected 33% chance of the jackpot when a 4 draw hits, OR, approach a 100% chance of hitting this jackpot filter config every few years!

      Even though filters will likely go higher on Wednesday, I still want to play for Wednesday Lotto, but my filters produced no games.

      Good luck all, G

  91. Hi G,
    Ran filters used last draw, came up with the following no’s.
    I don’t expect these to win but you never know what might be drawn.
    2 11 12 25 30 34
    2 11 12 25 31 34
    2 11 12 25 31 40
    2 11 12 26 30 40
    2 11 12 26 31 40
    2 11 12 30 36 39
    2 11 12 30 38 39
    2 11 12 31 36 39
    2 11 12 31 38 39
    2 11 14 15 30 34
    2 11 14 15 30 40
    2 11 14 15 31 40
    2 11 14 27 35 41
    2 11 14 27 36 41
    2 11 14 27 38 41
    2 11 14 30 35 41
    2 11 14 31 40 41
    2 11 25 31 38 41
    5 11 14 16 30 36
    5 11 14 16 31 36

    Best of Luck.

  92. Wednesday Lotto produced nice filters for another tight draw, at least at the front.
    ANY : 3+ 5+ 5 8+ 10+ 23+

    I have not played since my last post, as no games were generated by my filters. Saturday looks a go, my 4 draw filters produced just 6 games to play!

    Time to play lots of recent numbers again…

  93. Hi G,
    Well I must admit I was impressed with a little win I had last week. My filter system generated 31 games of which I had 2 x 3 + supp and 14 x 2 supp + 1 number.
    While chasing the big one, this is a handy little system.

  94. Hi G,
    When chasing a 4 draw event, do you set the Any 6 filter to 3?
    Just trying to fine tune my 4 draw system.


    • Hi Col, YES!
      To fix the ANY6 for one number to hit from the 4th draw back [ANY6=3]

      Input Form: Set The Filters
      Any6 MIN=3 MAX=4

      Good luck, G

  95. Hi G,
    The Monday draw has produced Any 3+ 4+ 6+ 7+ 8+ 17+ the Ver’s have alone positive as well, the Ion 3 and 4 are out but Ion 3 has gone double digit.
    I feel we may be in for a tight next draw, what is your take on the filters?


    • Hi Col, yes all the ANY and VER went nicely plus(+). I played last night, but with only 4 games! As you know I have been looking for clues to lead-ups to a 4 draw event. The recent action has me very interested, as many favourable factors come into play. The recent ION3=1, and the appearance of my secret filter config (which almost always appears before a 4 draw event), have got me playing for it. Wednesday Lotto looks an excellent opportunity!

      At the very least, we are about to see some strong recent number hits. The 4 draw event could hit soon.

      Play lots of recent numbers, from the last 4 draws.

      Good luck, G

      • I can only generate 2 games for Wednesday!!! As it is a 4 game minimum entry, I will have to make up another 2 games. Even after slackening a few filters (Ver5, Ion2, Ion3), still only 2 games were generated.

  96. Hi G,
    Your filters worry me, they seem extremely tight I hope they manage to produce the numbers when the 4 draw event happens.
    I have my filters tuned for a 6 draw event which generate a few more games but so far I’ve been happy with that.


  97. Hi G,
    Well done, how did you manage to pick most numbers would come from the last 4 draws.
    Best I hit 4 x 4 numbers with my 6 draw system.
    Any luck on your side?


    • Stay tuned… I am transferring to another webserver, the site may be unavailable briefly, and any comments made (during the transfer) may disappear.

      The filters look great for a tight one.

  98. Hi all. On the new server now (moved twice) and it looks good.

    Monday and Wednesday Lotto produced ANY6=6,7 respectively. Nice hits for those playing recent numbers.

    ANY : 1- 1- 2- 3- 4- 6-
    VER : 2 3- 3- 4- 6- 60+

    ANY : 0- 1 1- 1- 2- 7+
    VER : 1- 1- 14+ 23+ 38+ 61+

    Wednesday had 5 numbers hit from previous 3 draws!

    These sweet draws were preceded by ION3=0, as is commonly seen.

  99. Hello G,
    Many thanks for all your informative tips. I am still learning how to interpret Saliu’s software, while searching for posts about it I ended up here. I heard the hardest part is how to set the filters correctly. How did you manage to do this? Can you recommend any way to start learning how to use this software properly. I have tried searching through his forums but it has since been shut down.

  100. Hi G,
    Well I’m back ready for a summer of lotto. How is your new site going, hope everything worked out for you with the new webserver change.
    Currently waiting for the next Ion 3 = 0 draw
    Looking forward to your suggested tips.
    New draws looking at 1 no. from 10 or 24

    • Hi Col, nice to hear from you again. The new server is the best ever – you must have noticed the speed.

      I don’t think I will be posting so many tips right now, probably more so if others contribute a little – there are many more subscribers than actual commenters here – come on and dive in. I could rehash similar tips given before, but anyone following here should know most of these by now. But the main reason is that I feel I may have revealed a bit too much (for those that understand), and may end up having to share my jackpot with too many others!

      I can’t really say a lot more without giving my game away completely, but its like I’ve found the Grail, and the jackpot is likely not too far away…

      Good luck all!

  101. Hi G,
    I’m really glad you have worked out a method as it restores our faith in the system. I can’t think of anyone more deserving to land the big one than you, due to the work you have put in.
    For me it is the thrill of the hunt.
    Yes, I agree it would be good to hear from others. I’m sure many have found different strategies using MDIEditor for me it continues to deliver to more you work with it. Interested in other views?

    Good Luck G,
    I hope you let us all know when the big one happens!

    • Hi Col, thanks for your well wishes. The “thrill of the hunt” is fun too, with any small win bringing joy and excitement. Its when you just miss one filter or factor (from winning the jackpot) that the joy is laced with disappointment, and a stern resolve to hit it better next time. We still may miss the jackpot on the next 4 draw event, but each one brings us even closer – its only a matter of time…

  102. Hello G and Col,
    I think a lot of people find Saliu’s programs difficult to comprehend which is most probably why there aren’t more contributors here.
    Even after weeks of reading everything I could, I still find it somewhat confusing. I have spent countless hours experimenting with mdied and it seems like there are as many ways to use the program as there are lotto combo’s! Anyway here are my ‘crude’ attempts at forecasting. These numbers are selected based on the combined draws and are useable for up to the next 4 draws.
    Good luck.

    • Hi Linz, thanks and good on you for having a go. I’m not sure how you picked your numbers, but as you say, there are many ways. If you have been grasping some of the basics, additional clues appearing here should push you further.

      On averages, we are getting ready to see a firmer draw at least from the back – ANY6=9 or less. Broadly speaking, there are 2 ways you could approach winning.

      1. Try and predict (forecast) the likely filter ranges to hit on any given day – you could get lucky and get them all right on the night.

      * OR *

      2. Create your own tight filter strategy that produces few games to play, and play it when there looks a decent chance for it to hit – possibly over a series of draws.

      I much prefer the latter…

      Good luck all!

  103. Hi Linz/G,
    There are many clues in MDIE, look also at the stats many scenarios will play out constantly.
    The other night I picked no.38 look back and you will see 0 0 skips against it. Now more often that not any number with two hit consecutively will hit again. Back test this or just observe. Also read back on G’s posts many “gems” will appear. It is a lot to take in so please write it down in a separate book that you can refer back, that’s what I do.
    Don’t worry, the more you work with MDIEditor the more you will see.
    More to come.

    Good luck,

    • Nice suggestions Col, especially the one about taking notes – I don’t do this enough. Generally speaking, any scenario that repeats with predictability of 60-80% of the time (or better), is good to follow and play with.

      Col, your awaited ION3=0 just hit, so we could easily see another nice draw to come soon – tight filters, at least at the front – several numbers from previous few draws.

      For all you Number lovers, here are some that may see hits over next few draws:

      Nice Numbers
      1 9 11 12 17 21 26 36

      • Wednesday Lotto
        1 16 19 32 38 41 (24 42)
        ANY : 0 1- 2- 2- 5 18+ VER : 0 1- 2- 2- 5- 23-

        Not bad filters at the front, we still may see better yet…

  104. Hi G/Linz,
    The number 44 is on for tomorrows draw:
    * Lotto # 44 * Hits: 13
    * Skips >>>>> 0 0 4 2 14 0 8 0 9 5 21 11 12

    * Sorted Skips: 0 0 0 0 2 4 5 8 9 11 12 14 21

    ** Skip Median: 5
    This is from the stats page, as you can see 44 has hit in the last two draws. On many occasions it will hit a third time. See how we go.
    Great speed on the website G, good work.
    Thanks also for the tips.
    Good Luck,

  105. Hi G,
    Well murphy’s law 44 did not show, however will be due in next few draws. Good old 38 hit again after a three in a row two weeks ago.
    Also for this draw the number 32 could be three in a row.

  106. Hi G & Col,
    I have been testing the draws separately with the supps included and found that you can sometimes pick up an extra number this way looking at the stats, also a particular draw can be targeted if not playing all consecutively, thus saving a bit of money.
    I made 2 separate draws of the main numbers and included 1 supp each then ran it through mdied as a 7 number lotto. Most of the time the analysis will be similar but some number picks will not appear in the other draw and this is where the extra ones can be seen.
    There are so many ways to use this program and it can be so time consuming its like a full time job!

    • Linz I think that the system you describe (including supps on pseudo-Lotto7) is confusing and will NOT work – I would stick to basics for now.

  107. Hi Guys,
    Yes it is a full time job as after each draw the tables change. Currently I’m on a mission to track trends, I really believe that certain trends or pattern do appear. The secret is to know when to apply that trend to the next draw. This is where mdie can help. I know G is well ahead of the game in this area, once I also keep an eye on the skips chart that show numbers most paired with. It can produce some interesting results.

    Good Luck,

  108. Saturday Lotto 01/11/2014 – 9 15 21 24 30 42 (1 2)
    ANY : 1+ 3+ 6+ 6+ 9+ 13-
    VER : 3+ 6+ 6+ 9+ 38+ 61+

    I expect a really nice draw within the next few – lotsa numbers from previous few draws – maybe even a 4 draw event!

  109. I think I did not make myself clear, what i meant was, since I cannot afford to play all the games each week, I want to concentrate on 1 draw only say, just Saturdays.
    I made 2 identical files of the Sat. numbers and added 1 supp from the corresponding draw to each file so now I have two 7 number draws to analyze. Since the program doesn’t cater for more than 7 numbers I had to split it in two. There were no psuedo numbers included anywhere. I think it is unwise to omit the supps since they would also now have statistics against them.
    I hope this makes a bit more sense now.

  110. Hi Guys,
    Linz, don’t make it any harder than it already is. My tip is to focus on the six main numbers the supps are a bonus. I find it hard to focus on a particular draw ie. Sat draw only. Reason being the charts will show trends and clear numbers best to hit next draw whether it be Mon Wed or Sat draw.
    Hope this makes sense.
    Well tonights draw saw 32 pop out.

    • Yes agreed, all good points. Of course the main point being that for hitting the jackpot – all 6 main winning numbers – the supps will be meaningless.

      Linz, I also understand that you may have too many games to play. The main way to reduce these is to use tighter filter configs, especially the MIN/MAX ranges, on ANY and VER filters. So for the next couple of draws, where a tighter one is expected, you could limit like so:

      ANY6 = MIN3,MAX4
      ANY5 = MIN2,MAX3

      ANY1 = MIN0,MAX1

      Good luck all!

  111. Hi G,
    Interesting skips especially the latest which is on the high side, we need to see how the next few draws play out. Suggest we could be building up to a tight draw within next five draws.
    Numbers looking good next few draws are 3,14,18,29 and 39.
    Good luck,

    • Hi Col, yes I think you may be right.
      Saturday filters
      ANY : 3+ 3+ 7 8- 14- 14-
      Monday filters
      ANY : 0- 2- 2- 2- 14 19+

      The Saturday was a nice blowout at the front, followed by Monday seeing 4 numbers from previous 3 draws. The next few draws will likely produce something nice.

      Very clever Col, you have picked back numbers to hit. To those I will add the recent numbers that look good…

      Nice Recent Numbers to hit:

      4 13 20 22 25 28 37

      Godd luck all!

    • Yes Col, this was an ok draw for recent numbers, with all numbers hitting from previous 6 draws.
      Saturday Lotto 15/11/2014 – 4 9 13 37 42 43 (1 23)
      ANY : 0- 3- 3- 3- 3- 5-

      Even though we will see bigger filters again (those back numbers may see hits), I still like the looks of more really recent numbers to hit soon (previous 1-3 draws).

      Good luck all!

  112. Hi G,
    Yes, my charts point to a better than 40% chance of numbers hitting from back or front numbers. This provides a starting point for filtering final systems.
    Yesterdays draw clearly pointed to 37 coming out, which was also on your predictions.
    When I saw the results for last night I thought you may have done very well based on three numbers hitting from your predictions.
    I do expect the skips to go high and maybe come back even tighter again.
    We need to closely watch the skips chart at this stage.


  113. Saturday Lotto 22/11/2014 – 1 5 14 23 31 42 (10 44)
    ANY : 0 0- 0- 1- 10- 12-
    VER : 0 0- 0- 1- 12- 37-

    After Wednesday’s back number hits, last night’s Saturday Lotto gave us the really recent numbers at the front.
    3 numbers hit from previous draw (lining up vertically too!), and 1 number from 2nd draw back.

    My secret factor has appeared recently on filter analysis charts, and if ION3 filter drops to 0 (or 1) too, could be a likely hit for my type of 4 draw event soon.

  114. Hi G,
    Also number 1 has hit 3 draws in a row, the last time I mentioned this it did not occur for 4 events. Just another tip to keep your eye on.


    • Hi Col, thanks for tip, but I see it a little differently.
      The recurrence of a number real soon after it hits (within 1-3 draws), will be stronger with a LOW Skip Median. Here are some examples to watch going forward – most of these will hit real soon AFTER appearing:
      Sample size = 120 draws
      Skip Median = 2

      1 34 39 41 42

      The numbers 1 and 42 – which both just hit consecutively – are still good bets to hit again soon!

      Good luck all!

  115. Hi G,
    Thanks, yes it is great working with numbers as people see many different ways and opportunities.
    Interesting to see you use a sample of 120 and not 100 draws?


    • Col, the sample size matters, in that it dictates the Skip Medians. For our Lotto 6/45, 120 to 140 draws is a good range. From memory Saliu recommends around 3 times the total numbers (3×45). I use 120 as I like to emphasise more recent numbers, and for consistency.

      My strategy generated NO games for tonight…

  116. Hi G,
    I’m doing some back checking from tonight’s draw, on your sample numbers going forward did you miss a number?
    I have also spotted an interesting occurrence after tonight’s draw as well, I need to do some more back testing.


    • Hi Col, no I missed no number for Skip Median 2, but notice the 34 just hit. Notice also the ION3=1, so on the lookout for a 4 draw event. My strategy generated no games for Wednesday, and after then will look at Saturday.

      The interesting occurrence you mention, is it the repeat numbers with Skip=3?
      The 4, 9, 43, repeated with Skip=3, and from 4 draws prior to that 4, 13, 37, 43, repeated with Skip=3.
      Its nice when numbers start to recycle especially in multiples.

      Monday Lotto 24/11/2014 – 4 9 23 28 34 43 (3 20)
      ANY : 0 3+ 3+ 3+ 7- 7-

      At this stage, Saturday or next Monday may produce something special. Keep an eye on recent numbers especially 1, 34 and 42.

      Good luck all!

  117. Hi G,
    My chart showed that no.9 was a skip median of 2 which added to your numbers mean’t you would have had 2 numbers hit?
    Yes nice when numbers hit in skip multiples. I sometimes use a system with 3 and 4 skips usually comes out once or twice a year, however it is a long wait.


  118. Hi G,
    I was wondering if you Chart produced any numbers for tonights draw.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes out tonight?

    Good luck,

  119. Hi G,
    Well as you know last nights draw came in as a first number double digit. Are there any signs of this event occurring?
    I did play for a four draw event which I was hoping would come up soon.
    Can we expect a four draw event soon G?

    • Hi Col, late reply here as I’ve had very limited internet access recently, back online now. The last couple of weeks produced nothing special (in terms of tight draws), but things look set to change.

      Regarding your lowest number as double-digit, it may be ready to hit soon now, and could easily follow up with another hit, soon after that.

      We are about to see a draw where 3 numbers hit will be repeated from the previous 2 draws – very soon. Either:

      • 2 Numbers hit from previous draw, and 1 Number hits from 2nd draw back
        ANY(1,2,3) = 0,0,1
      • 1 Number hits from previous draw, and 2 Numbers hit from 2nd draw back
        ANY(1,2,3) = 0,1,1

      Good luck all!

  120. Hi G,
    Great to hear from you again, yes I was just thinking the same thing that we are due to see a draw where two numbers come from the last draw.
    Need to run some charts for tomorrows draw.
    Good Luck,

  121. there you go, it hit tonight!
    Saturday Lotto 13/12/2014 – 6 11 16 17 21 44 (18 40)
    ANY : 0 1- 1- 3- 3- 24+

    thats 3 numbers hit from previous 2 draws – and 5 numbers hit from previous 4 draws.

    Actually it was 3 numbers and a supp that hit from previous 2 draws:
    11 16 44 (18)

  122. After seeing last Wednesday’s draw, I made the above prediction. Last night’s Monday draw saw 3 numbers hit from that Wednesday draw, plus 1 number from its previous draw.
    That’s 4 numbers hit from within the last 3 draws.

    Monday Lotto 15/12/2014 – 4 7 14 20 29 37 (38 45)
    ANY : 1+ 1 1 2- 7+ 10-

  123. Hi G,
    Well tonight draw has blown out a little, interesting to see for the next draw. Look at the + in the any and ver perhaps just perhaps this could be a good sign.
    Need to run charts and post tips in a few days.
    Keen to hear your take on this.
    Great tips last week G, well spotted.

    • Hi Col, yes a little blow out. We saw the tight hits at the front, and looks like we will see them from the back now too. We could easily see a tight draw within a week (next few draws).
      For the filter players, I would set ANY6=7 or less.
      This Saturday I have NO generated games for my special 4 draw, but am watching with interest.

      Good luck all!

  124. Hi G,
    Yes, and the no.6 has hit 3 draw in a row.
    Interesting to note that no.1 and 13 are having a good run lately.
    Did you have 6 and 13 from you games generated?

    • Hi Col, yes with those kind of filters I usually see some hits. I had 4 numbers in my games (including 6,13), but they appeared over several games as 3 number hits – just missed prizes. The Vertical filters blowing out made it harder to align hits:
      VER : 6+ 7+ 52+ 52+ 80+ 438+
      As you know, I am playing just for that special tight 4 draw event, where all numbers hit from previous 4 draws, and Verticals are tight.

      We may still see another tight draw soon, but first some bigger filters will likely appear. Keep watch on the back numbers, which could see a few hits:
      2 12 26 27 30 33

      Good luck all!

  125. Merry Christmas G and fellow lotto followers.
    May the New Year bring us all a little closer to the quest at hand.
    Any new tips or pointers are always welcome.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

  126. Monday Lotto 05/01/2015 – 7 15 20 29 38 43 (1 24)
    All numbers hit from previous 3 draws!
    ANY : 0 0- 1- 2- 2- 2-

    This is the first time a 3 draw event has hit, on Mon-Wed-Sat Lotto database (over 10 years).

  127. Hi G,
    Yes, I fell off my seat last night when the results came in.
    I need to back test as I did not generate any numbers for last nights draw?
    I was wondering if you did?
    The last few weeks I have manged to pick up two or three numbers from MDIEditor however no numbers were generated for the Monday night draw.
    I do remember you saying that some weeks ago that not every draw produces numbers.
    Also I did see the Ion 3 hit 0 in the previous draw.

  128. Hi Col, yes, frequently my filters too generate no games.
    We have seen some bigger filters hit since that amazing 3 draw event, 2 weeks ago. Last night’s Monday Lotto draw being a good sign for smaller filters to come – at least at the front (ANY1-4).
    Monday filters
    ANY : 4+ 4+ 11+ 13+ 19- 21-

    A draw is imminent, within the next 2 or 3 draws, which will likely see several recent number hits – we could easily see 4 numbers hit from their previous 3 draws (or less)!

    Lotto Tip
    For number lovers – include 4 numbers from those that hit in previous few draws. Good until Monday.
    Recent numbers I like, to see hits…
    Include a few of these:
    1 6 7 11 16 28 32 36 39-43
    The sector 39-43 looks hot at the moment, and will likely see even more hits.

    Filter Players
    For filter players, set the filters as shown here. I present 2 sets of filters – one “Open” filter set, for better capture (more games), and one “Tight” filter set (less games). Take your pick, or play somewhere between the two.

    Loose filter set:
    ANY : Min Max
    1 : 0 1
    2 : 0 2
    3 : 0 3
    4 : 1 3
    Tight filter set:
    ANY : Min Max
    1 : 0 1
    2 : 0 1
    3 : 0 2
    4 : 1 3

    For the ANY 5 and 6, its anything you like, but for a potential tighter draw, try values between 3 – 7.

    Good luck all!

    • Filters came in firmer over last 2 draws, not yet as tight as expected.
      ANY : 1 2 2- 3- 5- 12-
      ANY : 1- 2- 4- 4- 8- 23+

      That may be it for recent number hits, but I doubt it.
      The Ion3 just hit 0, and we haven’t seen a number hit from its previous draw (Any1=0) for over 6 draws.

      A better (tighter) draw is yet to come…

      • The third draw produced these filters:
        ANY : 0- 1- 5+ 5+ 6+ 15+

        I’d say thats it for now, but last night these filters:
        ANY : 2+ 5+ 7+ 9+ 14+ 15

        …and Ion3 hit 0 and 1 in the last few draws, so its worth watching out again for recent numbers – this time ALL the numbers will likely be recent (Ion4=0).


        Play similar filters to those described in the post above – to see hits.

        Number lovers could include numbers from those tipped in the above post, which hit recently:
        28 36 42 43
        The 42 & 43 look good for Saturday only, while 28 & 36 look good to hit within the next few draws.

        There is also a good chance we will see the smallest number being a double-digit soon. The current skip median for this event is 3, so it could easily happen within the next 2 draws.
        A good advantage can be gained by excluding the small numbers – and getting it right – for a greater chance of hits/wins. I favor a higher number for the smallest, like 15-24, at the very least 13.
        Here are some options for taking advantage. The last option shown, “Extreme Aggressive Play”, will give the greatest advantage in terms of potential wins, when it hits.

        Conservative Play:
        Exclude numbers 1-12

        Moderate Play:
        Exclude numbers 1-14

        Aggressive Play:
        Exclude numbers 1-17

        Extreme Aggressive Play:
        Exclude numbers 1-20

        Good luck all!

  129. Hi G,
    Well what a time to come back after holidays, being a little rust looking at numbers your post quickly brought me up to speed. Judging by your post we could be in for some interesting draws.
    I’ve just ran some charts with favored numbers being 24,30,36 and 43 however 42 is that close I will include it in the mix as well.
    Fingers crossed for a Ion 4 = 0 event.
    Thanks for the tips as always G.
    Good Luck,

    • Hi Col, nice to see your favoured numbers, similar to those I tipped for number lovers. I have a handful of games generated for tomorrow’s draw, which happen to include the 36 and 42.

      Coming out the other end of the 3 draw event seen recently (3weeks ago), we should generally see lots of bigger filters. I also expect a few tight draws in coming months ANY6 = 3 to 7.

      Good luck all!

  130. Hi G,
    My system generate nine games with 24,36 and 43 featuring.
    I also suspect no.1 to start coming out as well, if not tomorrow then over the next few weeks.

  131. Saturday Lotto 31/01/2015 – 9 15 19 26 33 36 (4 45)
    ANY : 0- 1- 1- 5- 8- 9- ION4=0

    That’s probably it for the Ion4=0. We may see one more tight draw in the next couple of draws.

    Looking at current skips, there seems a bias towards recent numbers. I expect to see long runs of some recent numbers, while a few others won’t hit for quite a while – in order to produce bigger skips which are lacking. There are currently only two back numbers (above skip-median ANY6)!

    At least 3 or 4 recent numbers will likely see hits, frequently over coming draws. Watch for runs of particular numbers. The following have had repeat hits within last 5 draws, and one or more of these may start a longer run:
    9 14 15 24 30 36
    *14 good for tonight only – Monday Lotto.

    Smallest number as double-digit has its last chance to hit tonight, if it doesn’t, it will be good to keep an eye on it for next hit. Funny, the smallest number was 9, in 2 of the last 3 draws…

    Good luck all!

  132. “At least 3 or 4 recent numbers will likely see hits, frequently over coming draws.”
    Wednesday Lotto 04/02/2015 – 2 24 27 33 34 36 (29 43)
    ANY : 1+ 1- 2- 4- 5- 14

    Expect to frequently see in coming weeks, skips below (or well below) their skip-medians.

    Of those numbers tipped above for a possible longer run:
    9 15 30 – last chance is this Saturday Lotto
    24 36 – just hit again, and looking at making longer run

    We should see at least one number in the 40’s this Saturday (no 40’s seen for over 5 draws) – or very soon.

    Good luck!

  133. Saturday Lotto 07/02/2015 – 9 19 30 33 41 44 (35 36)
    ANY : 0- 1 2 4 5 8-

    Recent numbers will keep hitting…
    Of the numbers tipped last week (looking at longer runs), we have seen repeat hits from
    9 24 30 36

    The 40’s bounced back in the mix with hits 41 and 44.

  134. Hi G,
    Good predictions once again, well done.
    My system generated two games one of which one contained 3 numbers last night 9, 19,27,30,31 and 38. I suspect more fine tuning needed.
    My charts had no’s 2,9,12,15,33 singled out.
    Next time I look at run a combination of both.

  135. Hi G,
    Well tonight’s draw managed to deliver no.42 with the skip median of 1 and due to hit. The MDIE filters are slowly building up for a tight draw.


    • Certainly did Col. What was most amazing is the tightness at the front – 5 numbers hit from the previous 2 draws!
      ANY : 0- 0- 1- 1- 1- 4-

      6 7 11 31 35 45 – Winning Draw
      Previous 5 draws:
      1 11 14 33 37 45
      2 6 24 31 34 35
      3 12 15 25 28 39
      5 10 11 24 39 41
      7 8 10 18 37 42

      Very inspiring!

  136. Hi G,
    The skips seem to be alternating between tight and loose.
    Can you see any patterns emerging?
    When the popular number hit they tend to come out over the next few draws.
    No’s include 1,6,24,45


    • Hi Col, yes, lets see what I can come up with…

      It has been 356 draws since the last 4 draw event, about double the average – we did however see the amazing “once in a decade” 3 draw event a couple of months ago. If you remember, we saw 4 lots of 4 draw events that year, and on average we should see about 1 each year. So, even though its been a while, it could still be a while longer before it hits again – BUT it could hit anytime soon, too.

      Ion3 hit 0 last Monday, so quite likely we will see an Ion4=0 event within a week – recent numbers, or at least a firming at the back.

      Col, I like your numbers. Here are my top numbers for this week:
      1 4 24 26 40 41

      Good luck all!

  137. Hi G,
    I have managed to work out a filter pattern for the draws. Is it correct that some draws will not generate any numbers at all. I’m guessing that the filters are too tight.
    I always manage to get 2 and sometimes 3 numbers, so at the moment I’m working on fine tuning these to attract more.
    Also currently trying to build a map on the trends that appear, so when they do pop up I do not miss them, as in the last 3 draw event.
    So far I’m picking up a few wins and imagine you would be as well.
    When you generate your skips system, do you use another means to filter before applying numbers for the draw at hand?
    I ask this as some generate 6 to 8 lots of number and other draws can generate 80+ number sets.


    • Hi Col, your right with everything… and regarding the last question do I pre-filter, no. I only play one strategy now, my special 4 draw filter set. I play purely for the 4 draw event, and with such tight filters frequently have no games to play – this makes the path to winning the jackpot so much easier and cheaper!

      If you want more small prizes (always still a chance for jackpot), try and predict the back filters as I have done here on previous posts – ANY 4-6 filters.

      Tonight’s results almost out now, I’m in…

  138. Hi G,
    I also had 1 & 24 on the systems generated.
    Sounds good.
    I have also noticed a trend with no’s generated, hope you have too.
    Looking for next tight draw.

    • 4 numbers hit from previous draw – Nice!

      ANY : 0- 0- 0- 0- 1- 6-

      Powerball 6+PB format has 120 draws now – maybe worth looking at seriously…

  139. Hi G,
    Well my charts are starting to show the possibility of a Ion 4 = 0 event.
    Do you see this the same way.


    • Hi Col, the usual pointers aren’t there, so I can’t say a special draw is likely. The Ion4=0 however is coming due on averages…

      Good luck!

  140. Hey Col, take a look at this post above, and the posts that follow it – see hits last night:
    Saturday Lotto 04/04/2015 – 1 24 34 40 44 45 (16 20)

    A couple of months ago the number 24 was mentioned as a potential for a good run, and that it has done, and continues to do so. Notice also its affinity for the number 1 in recent history, we even tipped the 1 and 24 to hit earlier. Recently I have had some small wins, thanks in part to these sweetly paired numbers – 1 and 24.

    Currently, the 1 and 24 are the hottest running numbers, seeing numerous hits recently, and the most hits of all numbers over the last 120 draws. Both have a Skip-Median of 2, meaning that most of the time they repeat within the next 3 draws (after a hit). Eventually they will cool off, as did the number 42 which had a phenomenal long run, before easing up a few months back.

    Look for more appearances of 1 and 24 to come…

    Now, regarding back numbers – numbers that haven’t hit for a while. A couple of months ago I mentioned how there were too few back numbers (only 2 with Skip > ANY6 Skip-Median), and that we would see runs of recent numbers, while others went cold, in order to re-balance the back numbers. Now we have a more normal set of back numbers, there are 7 of them, and after Monday’s draw (if no hits) will be 8.
    We could easily see a couple of back number hits soon.
    Back numbers:
    10 14 15 23 28 30 38
    35 (after Monday)

    Good luck all!

  141. Hi G,
    Well spotted, I did tip 1,4 and 24 to come out on Sat draw and if you match up with 4 with best paired with, pulled in no 34 for last Sat draw.
    The only number which failed to come out was no.4, however it won’t be far away.
    I agree with no.24 what a fantastic run it has had, so much so I really question the charts saying with come out again.
    I’ve been busy back testing and came across some strange results. After many trials I could not simulate the result from the skips. This had me puzzled and eventually found out I had the inner filters ticked. I now run the charts without the inner filters activated.

  142. Another nice draw last night, saw 3 numbers hit from previous draw, with 5 numbers hit from previous 4 draws.
    Monday Lotto 06/04/2015 – 25 27 33 40 44 45 (6 18)
    ANY : 0 0 0- 2- 3- 11

    There has also been an excellent run on Smallest number as Double-digit, with 25 being the smallest number last night!

    I expect to see some bigger filters present soon, in which case the back numbers could see a couple of hits or so:
    10 14 15 23 28 30 38 35

    Good luck all!

  143. Wednesday Lotto 08/04/2015 – 16 20 24 30 33 42 (1 41)

    The 24 hit again, and the 1 as supp; the 30 hit as a back number after a skip of 23 draws.

    Looking for the Ion3 = 0 or 1 soon…

  144. Saturday Lotto 11/04/2015 – 3 7 13 21 24 30 (4 27)

    The number 24 hits yet again! The number 30 made a repeat hit after appearing as a back number (Wednesday), which is typical – especially for numbers with Skip-Median at or below the Median of Skip-Medians. The Skip-Median of number 30 was 4, before this draw, now it is 2 – number 30 may easily see another hit within few draws.

    Back Numbers (cold):
    I still expect to see 2 or 3 back number hits real soon. These are the current back numbers:
    6 10 14 15 23 28 35 38 41

    Good luck all!

  145. Hi G,
    Great work G.
    I also use the best paired with chart it is very informative.
    I’m also looking at the P/ball charts, they are very interesting. Not uncommon for two numbers from the last draw.

    • Hi Col, I too have just started to look at Powerball again. The database still seems too small to assess real world (not generated) typical results. Things like formations preceding tight draws, and other patterns. Worth looking at for now and posting findings…

  146. Hi G,
    Tonights draw look out for 1 or 2 for the following due numbers:
    4,9,12,28. I like no.4.
    Possibly/more than likely a repeat number from last draw.

  147. Hi Col, I see you got your top number 4 hit, nice one – not sure how you picked it.

    We have seen just a few back numbers hit recently, but not all in the same game. …and now, things are shaping up for something nice…

    Good news is, we are looking at another tight draw to hit, Ion4=0, meaning all numbers will come from more recent draws. This is likely to occur within 3 draws, or possibly up to 5 draws (depending what hits next).
    Any6=10 or less, Any4=1 to 3

    Yes that’s right, we will likely see at least 4 numbers hit, from those of the previous 2 to 4 draws! I also see the factors present, which frequently appear before a 4 draw event!!

    Lotto Tips to Win

    Lotto Number Players:
    Choose numbers mainly from those that hit in the previous 4 draws.
    Check Lotto Results to help pick your numbers.

    Saliu Filter Players:
    Set your filters tight, it could be a beauty.
    Any1=0, Set Any1 MIN0 MAX1
    Any4=1 to 3, Set Any4 MIN1 MAX2 to 4 (lower MAX produces far less games)
    Any6=3 to 10, Set Any6 MIN3 MAX4 to 11 (take your pick)
    Fill in the rest, and expect the best.

    Good luck all!

  148. Hi G,
    Will run charts and see what is happening.
    I have a few charts that produce usually 3 to 4 back numbers which/should come out within two draws, last draw no.4 was the strongest hitting on all charts.
    Thanks for the tips, great posting I will study this later.

  149. Hi G,
    Last week numbers of 4,9,12,28 saw 4 repeat tonight and number 9 out as well.
    Next few weeks should see 12 and/possibly 28 not far away.
    How do you see the skips playing out after tonights draw?

  150. Hey Col, nice picks! Good luck with the rest. I notice what you call back numbers, is a little different to mine. Back numbers (as I call them) are those Lotto numbers that have not appeared for a number of draws greater than the ANY6 Skip-Median – currently at 14 (over 120 draws). So back numbers would be those with current Skip=15 or greater.

    Last week
    Back Numbers (cold):
    I still expect to see 2 or 3 back number hits real soon. These are the current back numbers:
    6 10 14 15 23 28 35 38 41

    There were 9 back numbers, 3 hit, now there are only 6.

    Hits and Skips:
    #6 Skip=2 Previous-Skip=16 Skip-Median=3 *Likely to repeat – within 2 next draws
    #14 Skip=1 Previous-Skip=20 Skip-Median=2 *Likely to repeat – within 2 next draws
    #38 Skip=0 Previous-Skip=28 Skip-Median=5

    We have just seen 3 lots of Any6 +(plus), one more may hit (rare), either way a tighter draw is imminent. My Lotto Tips to Win, as above still looks good.

    Good luck all!

  151. Hi G,
    Nice post, great analysis I’m keeping a keen eye on how all this plays out.
    Yes, I have a set of charts that produce due back numbers and this usually produces a hit or two, still testing.
    Here are back no’s for the Wed draw 12,28 and 34.
    Still looking for Ion 4 =0.
    Good luck,

  152. Hi G,
    Well two of the back numbers hit 23, and 41 nice picks.
    Best I had was 4,23 and 41.
    Interesting hits a combination of back numbers and recent.
    I’m looking at the filters chart for any trends, sometimes clear other times hard to find.


  153. Hi Col, yes, I picked the run of back numbers ok. The 23 and 41 hit last night (I expected to see 2 back numbers together), that’s 5 back numbers hit (and supp) over the last 4 draws. Now there are only 4 back numbers left – 10 15 28 35 – these may take a little longer to appear, especially now as I expect to see a run of much smaller ANY filters. The ANY6 went +(plus) for 4 draws in a row, with number 23 hit, a Skip=62.

    After Saturday Col, your favoured 12 will be Skip=15 (if not hit), which will give us a 5th back number. Your number 4 burst onto the scene with 3 hits in a row, will it make 4 in a row?

    We have seen 2 draws since I tipped that a tight draw was coming, within 3 to 5 draws. Saturday Lotto 25 April looks a great chance for the tight draw to hit!

    Lotto Tips to Win

    Good luck all!

    PS: Bonus Tip – for number lovers

    The back numbers that appeared over the last 4 draws are very likely to see hits:

    6 14 23 38 41

  154. Hi G,
    Looking at the vast array of programs Saliu has developed, are there other programs of his that compliment or work along side the MDIE program?
    I’m keen to learn more, especially in the area of trends.


  155. Saturday Lotto 25/04/2015 – 5 7 12 20 29 42 (11 30)
    ANY : 1+ 4+ 5+ 6- 6- 14- VER : 3+ 4+ 5+ 6- 12- 14-

    Hey Col, surprise your number 12 hit!
    This was not the expected tight draw, which still looks ok to hit within 2 draws.

  156. Hi G,
    Yes, I had 12 and 28 as standout back numbers, no 28 has been appearing for weeks now and still has not come out. Just checking numbers for next draw and I have numbers 21,28 and 43 the favored number to appear is 28. If tight draw appears no numbers will surface.
    Also looking for the tight draw, I have found in the past the tight draws usually appear on Monday nights?
    Also don’t be surprised if no 2 and 4 come out again. I’m also tipping one number from this draw to re appear could be 29.
    Need to check charts now.

  157. Hi G,
    Interesting results tonight, could only manage 3 numbers. I’m hanging in there for 28 to come out any draw now?
    Did not see first number double digit coming out.
    Have we seen the last of the tight draws for the short term?


  158. Wednesday Lotto 29/04/2015 – 8 10 19 29 35 43 (1 17)
    ANY : 0 1 5+ 6+ 24+ 28+

    Another 2 back numbers hit, 10 and 35. The tight draw did not hit this run, but with the recent big filter hits, is even more likely now. I will post when something obvious appears.

    An even better time for recent number hits now, expect to see a ton of recent numbers to hit, and keep rolling…

    Good luck all!

  159. Saturday Lotto 02/05/2015 – 6 15 18 23 35 43 (16 44)
    ANY : 0 0- 3- 5- 6- 28

    2 numbers hit from previous draw, another few recent, and yet another back number(15)!
    Notice the 6 15 23 35 all hit together – these were all back numbers tipped a couple of weeks ago.

    From 2 weeks ago:
    I still expect to see 2 or 3 back number hits real soon. These are the current back numbers:
    6 10 14 15 23 28 35 38 41

    and from last week:
    The back numbers that appeared over the last 4 draws are very likely to see hits:
    6 14 23 38 41

    Now there are only 2 back numbers left, and 2 more drop in after the next draw. I tried to show clearly to all, how this typically occurs in Lotto. The ebb and flow of numbers.
    Its now been 4 months (50 draws) since the rare 3 draw event hit, and then the best we saw was a 5 draw (9 weeks ago) and 6 draw event (5 weeks ago). It takes a while to rebalance after a 3 draw event (once a decade rarity), and now after all those back number hits, we are surely ready for a ton of recent numbers to hit!

    Looking forward to Ion3=0 to confirm, I say we are surely ready for it!

    Good luck all!

  160. Hi G,
    Monday nights draw produced a sum of 90 could we possibly see a draw soon all numbers under 33?
    Also keenly waiting for a Ion 3 = 0, a tight draw is imminent.
    Next draw possibly 1 or 2 numbers from 26,27,28 and 37.


  161. Hi Col, yes, you know most of the time low sum total leads to 33 and less.
    The Ion3 hit 1 which in my view is as good as 0.
    Good luck your numbers.

    In the last 3 weeks we have seen back number hits, in every draw except 2. The pressure is right off the back numbers for now, and well time for more recent numbers. It has been a little late coming, but will be here soon enough – I didn’t expect such a long run of back numbers when I forecast it a few weeks ago.

    Col, here are numbers that look good to me.

    Good numbers:
    The following look good to see hits, most are back numbers that hit, and all have hit recently.

    10 23 – more hits over the rest of the year (catching up).
    15 43 – until Sat 9 May
    6 29 35 – until Mon 11 May
    4 17 – until Sat 16 May

    Good luck all!

    PS: Next 3 draws look good…

  162. Hi G,
    Great post as always.
    Following the tips now with interest to see how this will play out.
    I must say no.28 has me really puzzled how long can it go without coming out?
    Looking now at Sat draw, will post findings.
    I’m setting my sights on a draw with numbers below 33, coupled with recent hits.
    See how we go.


    • … how long before the 28 hits? well, the 23 hit after not showing for 62 draws, and I have seen numbers not hit for 80+ draws before.

  163. The tight draw finally hit on Saturday, with Any6=5, all numbers from within 6 draws.
    ANY : 1+ 1- 2- 3- 4- 5-
    Its no wonder my forecast was late in coming, as we have not seen such a long skip of Any6 not being a single-digit, since almost 1000 draws ago!

    You may notice I have upgraded the format of Lotto results pages, making it easier to copy/format numbers any way the user likes.

    G Network is undergoing further improvements in coming weeks, including some basic stats pages. If you are subscribed to any G Network services, emails arrive from Google Feedburner, but in future, emails will be sent directly from G Network and can be replied to directly.

    Look out for an email (this week) to confirm your subscription – I am planning on adding more features (Lotto Tools) and private tips for subscribers only.

    Good luck all!

    PS: After Google’s nagging, I have setup “social” services Facebook and Google+. If there is enough interest, I will also post on those, but email subscribers only will get exclusive content.

  164. Hi G,
    Is this website still working, not sure on the new format or if you have to go the facebook or google?


    • Hi Col, are you having problems accessing pages on the site?
      All works ok here. Just use as usual, more improvements will come – and as a subscriber you will receive email notification. The social services fb/g+ may be used for posts in future.

      Lotto has produced 4 tight draws in the last 2 weeks or so, and it looks like we may yet see another, possibly even a 4 draw event. Looks good to hit within 4-5 draws.

      Good luck all!

  165. trying subscribe but keep getting this error:

    Oops! There is a problem with this form:
    responseText:Access Denied

    what am i doing wrong, please advise

    • Hi Soma, thanks for letting me know. It was a problem with the new subscription code.

      You should be good to go now. Subscribe, and I will send you a private tip!

  166. Time for some Lotto tips.

    Over the last couple of months or so, we have seen a tendency for Saliu ANY filters to alternate between big and small. Many opportunities for recent number hits presented, and recent number players likely had some wins – I won several small prizes including a recent 2 x 4 number (Div4) win on a 4 game minimum standard entry!

    This week’s Monday Lotto produced the much loved filter Ion3=0 , also a secret potential ‘4 draw event’ factor is present. Highly likely we will see a very tight draw – even more recent numbers will hit! This should hit within the next 4 or 5 draws – the next 2 draws look a real good chance.

    Lotto Tip
    Play heavily the numbers that hit from previous 4 draws.
    Play this strategy for up to next 5 draws max.
    Add a couple/few lucky numbers, the following may help…

    Nice Numbers
    For the number lovers, these look great to see hits this Saturday Lotto / Monday Lotto:
    6 7 16 24 29 30

    Good luck all!

  167. SAT 08/08/2015: 1 13 24 28 29 33
    Any : 0 1- 2- 7+ 7- 10-
    MON 10/08/2015: 4 10 12 16 29 31
    Any : 0 2+ 3+ 3- 8+ 14+

    Saturday and Monday Lotto both saw 2 hits each from the above tipped “Nice Numbers”. Saturday was also an Ion4=0 (only just), coming with another appearance of Ion3=0, so we are right on track.

    Great time to play!

  168. SAT 22/08/2015: 4 13 1827 30 36 (5 32)
    ANY : 0 2+ 3- 4- 5- 7-

    that’s it for now. we may see a better draw yet, will post then.

    I expect to see a few back numbers hit this week, so you may like to include 2 or 3 of the following back numbers in your games:

    5 11 22 34 37 40 45

    Good luck all!

  169. Last Wednesday saw another draw with all recent numbers:
    ANY : 1+ 2- 2- 4- 4- 5-
    Saturday Lotto had 2 numbers hit from those tipped above, 11 and 37.

    The last several weeks has been a good period for repeat hits of recent numbers, with easy prizes to be had. I won a few, and expect some subscribers did too.

    I can’t see much clear direction at the moment, but recent numbers look likely to continue. Will post when something special presents.

    Good luck!

  170. The next few draws will likely show a tight draw – recent numbers to hit again.
    Play heavily the numbers that hit from previous few draws. I expect this one to hit within 3 draws. Filter players, I would also set Verticals tight too.

    For the number lovers, here are some good numbers to include (a few) in your games:

    Sat-Mon-Wed: 12 13 16 24 25 37
    Sat-Mon: 22 30
    Sat: 5 26 39

    Good luck all!

  171. The 2 draws after previous post saw a blowout in filters, with the only hot number hits 2 and 2 supps.

    Tight draw to come looks even better, and worth another go for the next 3 draws!

    Nice Numbers
    SAT MON WED : 14 15 27 32
    SAT MON : 35 36 43
    SAT : 16 37

    Good luck all!

  172. It hit tonight, Wednesday Lotto 1 4 10 22 32 43(13 30)
    ANY : 0- 1- 2- 3- 4- 4-
    VER : 1- 4+ 6 69+ 77+ 101+

    Verticals were tough, Ver4,5,6 blowing out, after Monday’s firm draw which had much lower Vertical filters.
    ANY : 2+ 2 3- 4- 6 8-
    VER : 2 3- 6- 8- 14- 17-

  173. Just a quick one for the number lovers. Something in the Lotto filters has caught my eye, which indicates we are likely to see 2 back numbers (cold) hit Wednesday/Saturday.
    The back numbers are:
    2 3 12 36 40 43

  174. Hi G,
    It’ s Col back again been away for a while, are you still running the lotto tips and tricks here?
    How have you been going with the skips, I noticed some very interesting draws late last year and also a few weeks ago.
    Hope all is well with you and look forward to catching up soon.


    • Hi Col, yes its still running. I have been going with the skips, however, there have been very few advantageous positions for a while – other than some obvious under 33’s, and smallest number double digit’s.

      What do you find interesting about the draws of a few weeks ago?
      I know we have had several draws over the last 2 months with some lower ANY6 = 5,6,7. The 4 draw event has not been seen for 495 draws (3 years and 9 weeks ago), though we saw a very rare 3 draw event 166 draws back (1 year and 3 weeks ago). We may see things improve soon (after this fallow period) over the next 2 months – but the 4 draw event may hit anything up to 2 years (or more) from now. This can be expected after four 4 draw events hit in 2012.

      All is well here thanks Col, I had a small win on the $70 million Powerball (not the jackpot). I should have given a tip, I saw a draw to hit with 3 numbers from the previous draw – only 2 hit that day, but 3 hit last week! I will be posting Powerball tips soon, as I have worked out some characteristics of that game too.

      We may see another tight draw within the next 2 draws (WED or SAT).

      Good luck all!

  175. Hi G,
    Good to hear you are still working on the skips. A few tips or events I have noticed are:
    – If some numbers have a skip of 0 0 high chance it will come out again as per no. 41 previous draw.
    – Ion 3 always good to keep an eye on.
    – numbers from previous draws are a regular as well.
    – draws with 3 numbers have the same last digit, regularly product a draw within 1-3 with another set of three last digit numbers the same.
    There are a few others that appear from time to time as well.
    Next draw no.28 looks good.

    Have not looked at Powerball I must admit, but I like new format and also one game per week looks easier to focus on.


  176. Hi G,
    What tipped you off to 3 number coming out from the previous draw?
    I’m now curious and need to set up skips for the p/ball game now.


    • Hi Col, nice hit on the 28 you picked it!
      On the Powerball…

      The following features in Powerball are good to watch, as they tend to noticeably clump.

      double-single digits (or more): hit 66 from 152 draws = 43%
      triple-single digits (or more): hit 18 from 152 draws = 12%
      four single digits hit only once in 152 draws
      double-digit as lowest number: hit 32 from 152 draws = 21%

      2 numbers hit from previous draw:
      (0 0) Hit in 15% of draws

      3 numbers hit from previous draw:
      (0 0 0) Hit in 4% of draws

      4 numbers hit from previous draw:
      (0 0 0 0) Hit twice in 152 draws

      Over 20%+ of draws hit with at least 2 numbers repeated from their previous draw – one in every 5 draws.

      How did I choose to play 3 from the previous?
      Very low Ion3,4,5 filters, usually a clumping of 0 or 1 values, frequently precede such draws. A higher Ion4 gives a clue many draws beforehand. Also, 2 from previous did not hit for a while, and Ion3=0.

      Playing Powerball, watch for the appearance of smaller numbers in the Powerball itself. I like the 3 and 5 (and nearby numbers) to see some hits in coming months.

      The Ion3=0 is still in play, so we could see another tight draw within next 3 draws – play recent numbers.

      Good luck all!

  177. Hi G,
    Very impressive stats, I need time to back check.
    Looks like no.28 came out again tonight that makes it a a triple, three in a row.


  178. Hi G,
    Working on the Sat lotto draw and I don’t see a lot happening. I feel that Skips will blow out for a while before coming tight again.
    Best numbers I can see for tonight’s draw are 12,28,29,31,38. Possible two will hit.
    On the Powerball front I have set up my charts and only managed three numbers last draw, manly due to picking 3 as the p/ball prevented a prize.
    There are a few big draws heading our way over the next few weeks, keen to hear how you see the skips playing out.


    • Hi Col, you may be right, higher skips to come. However, after Ion3=1 on Monday, we may see another tight draw within a week or so. Because of recent tight filters at the front, this draw may appear with a small filter spread – higher ANY 1-3 filters, with a low ANY 6. Skips 2 to 6 should feature.
      Very intersting big filters hit 4 draws ago:
      Ion5=5638 Ver6=1708 Now that’s BIG.
      Frequently this type of configuration appears 10-20 draws before an extreme tight draw (like a 4 draw event).
      Watch the numbers in the 40’s as they have made striking appearances lately, including a few draws with triple 40’s!

      On the Powerball, nice try, you just missed prizes. I nearly always get 3 numbers too, this used to mean prizes in the old Powerball format, but now needs the Powerball.
      My tip for the actual Powerball number – I play with 2 or 3 that I like, and wheel them through all the games. Keep an eye on those small number Powerballs, they will see more hits next few months.

      Good luck!

  179. Hi G,
    As usual always good bouncing ideas around and your findings are always in line with the charts I run.
    Hot numbers hitting three are always a good start for me.
    I checked out the big filters 4 draws ago and i seem to have different results than you for Ion 5 = 79 Ver6 = 1708?
    Yes the P/Ball itself seems to be the tricky number to pick, need to run more testing on this over time.


  180. Hi G,
    Well might be worth a shot tonight given the recent Ion 3 =0, I can only suggest possible 1 hit from last draw and my charts are showing no. 9 and 38 on the cold side as coming out soon.
    Bit annoyed with P/Ball this week as last week I had 3 and 5 marked as the P/Ball, last week no 2 came out and this week 5 came out? I think I wait for the skips to turn low and have a shot with Hot numbers.


  181. Hi Col, the Ion3=0 was satisfied on last Monday’s lotto with a sweet 5 numbers hit from previous 4 draws:
    ANY: 0- 0- 2- 2- 3- 9-

    …and another double 40’s hit.
    I stick with the tips above, but yes, the Ion3 is still in range.

    I thought it was funny I tipped 3 and 5 for the actual Powerball, and the next 2 draws produced 2 and 5. Expect more hits in that range.

    I have no games generated for tonight, so just watching…

    Good luck!

  182. Well the Ion3 hit 0 again Saturday night. Keeping in mind the huge Ion5 and Ver6 from 8 draws ago, we could see something really special to come. I expect a tight draw to hit within 3 to 5 draws, with all numbers coming from previous 7 draws or less.

    Play numbers that hit in recent draws.
    Play for the next 3 to 5 draws.

  183. Hi G,
    Nice work, I though as much when I saw the skips go high on Saturday. The Ion 3 =0 as you said is now in play. Will run charts and keep an eye out for stand out numbers. Missed tonight’s draw, hope I can catch the next few.


    • Yeah Col, the filters:
      ANY: 0 0- 0- 2- 3- 6-

      That’s 3 numbers hit from the previous draw, 5 numbers from previous 4 draws (again), and all 6 from within 7 draws!

      That was it, for now. We may see an even better draw – the long awaited 4 draw event – but not immediately. Will post again if anything looks obvious…

  184. Hi G,
    Well as we wait for the Ion 3 to deliver a result of 0, my charts are showing some numbers of interest for tonight’s draw.
    We have 17 and 30 both heading for a triple skip of 0, suggest one number will come out. On the high skips side I like numbers 37 and 38 and hot number to deliver one number from 16,31 and 43. See how we go.


  185. Hi G,
    Yes, looks like a good tip to keep an eye on for future draws, my other tips did not surface however the partner number 22 on high skips did come out. Once again I did not play last night as I expected the skips to go on the high side making it hard to pick the big one. Numbers to keep an eye out for in coming draws are 27, 37 and 38.


    • Hi Col, yes its good to get hits on repeats.
      Due to higher Verticals, especially Ver6, I have not had many plays for the last few months (no generated games).

      As we will see more hits from back numbers, I present the following.

      The ANY6 skip median is at 14 (120 draws). We currently have 9 back numbers, which will see some hits over coming draws:

      3 7 10 12 15 19 21 37 38

      The ones to really watch out for, as they will likely repeat soon after a hit, are:

      3 10 15 37

      Good luck all!

  186. Hi G,
    Yes, waiting for the cycle to turn around again. Keenly following your tips on the repeats to come from back numbers.
    I had back numbers as follows from the last draw: 3,6,7,10,15,18,20,21,24,37 and 38. However a hit of 4 numbers in this category is extremely rare, generally it produces 2 numbers 50% or more of the time.

  187. Hi G,
    Well tonight’s draw produce an Ion 3 = 0, time to keep a close eye on recent numbers.
    The next draw maybe worth a try, I have number 3 looking hot along with either 8 or 43 and no.5 on for the triple skip = 0.
    Do you see more back numbers appearing?
    Keen on your views G.


    • Hi Col, here ya go… another back number hit (the 7), and the ANY6 median is back up to 15. Now there are only 6 back numbers left standing, so we won’t see so many going forward.
      Col, you must exclude the 8 (on Wednesday), it is unlikely we will see a skip3 hit 4 times in a row.

      On recent numbers to repeat, these look the best to me:
      3 18 22 43

      Good luck!

  188. Hi G,
    Yes I agree, highly unlikely we will see a skip3 hit 4. Numbers 17 and 22 look good as well.
    See how we go.


  189. Next 2 draws look great…
    We will likely see another tight draw, real soon, within the next couple of draws. We may even see 2 numbers hit from previous draw.

    Play recent numbers!

  190. Hi G,
    Sounds like a good time to play the recent or Hot numbers, interesting that both 45 and 11 have a skip median of 1. I see the back numbers are at four, would this be sign of a draw of more recent numbers?

    • Hi Col, yes only 4 back numbers. That means they are well overdone, and we won’t see any for a while.

      I have had very few games generated (with my special 4 draw filters), for the last few months. Things are about to turn…

      Good luck!

  191. Hi G,
    Tonight draw has produced a high Ion 3 = 19+ Ion 4 = 1- Ion 5 = 81+ would this suggest a tight draw in the skips soon?


    • ANY: 0 1- 2 2- 12- 19-

      That’s 4 numbers from previous 3 draws. AND another back number!
      I can’t remember ever seeing only 3 existing back numbers, that means all numbers (1-45) have hit except for 3 of them, within a skip of 15.

      Still a nice time to play…

  192. Hi G,
    Yet another back number out this draw No.19, next draw we are back to 2 no’s 15 and 40. With no numbers from previous draws we should see a run soon on recent numbers.
    Just sitting back at present.


  193. Hi G,
    How did you go on Wednesday night, not the tight draw we were expecting however did deliver some handy prizes.
    I ended up with 29 games with 6 producing small wins.


  194. Hi G,
    Tonight’s draw do we see a possibility of all numbers being under 33 after previous draws with sum under 100?
    If not tonight maybe soon. Also could the last of the back numbers come out tonight?


    • Hi Col, firstly I just missed prizes Wednesday, nice to see you hit a few. The filters didn’t hit as tight as expected, but yes, we still have up to 2 more draws this run, counting from the last Ion3=1 hit.

      The back numbers are well overdone, as mentioned before, I have never seen this extreme before. Likely we will see several repeat hits of those numbers in coming draws.

      My favourite for tonight is 37.

      After such a series of large ANY6, we will see at least a couple of tight draws within 2 to 3 weeks. Where all numbers hit from previous 4-7 draws, ANY6 = 3min 7max.

      Time to play recent numbers.

      Good luck all!

  195. Hi G,
    Are we seeing a rebalancing of the skips, tonight’s draw surprised me with the lowest number being double digit after Monday’s draw. I’ve also noticed the Ion 3 results as well, I can only hope this will lead to a low Any 6 result?
    Thought I would check in with you to see if you anything interesting.


    • Hi Col, ok, I’m not saying much right now (even though we’ve seen a couple of firm draws). Just watch, we are coming into a nice period for recent numbers, for a while. Watch out too for some more “smallest number is double-digit”.

      Looks primed for 2 or 3 numbers to hit from previous draw (00 or 000), real soon.

      For number lovers, these look good to hit in the next few draws:
      18 28

      Good luck all!

  196. Hi G,
    Looking at the Sat draw I have 42 as a stand out for a repeat number. Your numbers 18,28 and 31 are looking good as well.


  197. Hi G,
    Last night result should see a return of some hot numbers to hit in coming draws.
    Looks like I just missed out, I landed div 4, div 5 and div 6 had all the numbers just not in the right order.
    I will still keep an eye on no’s 42,28 and 31.

    • Hi Col, I am just missing prizes… I nearly always have 2 or 3 numbers in multiple games.
      No worries, we will have plenty more good opportunities rolling in this phase. I am expecting something special to hit again, definitely tighter than we have seen.
      We are due to see 2 or 3 numbers hit from previous draw.

      Remember above I tipped “smallest number as double-digit”, last Monday we saw 27 as the smallest number! We could easily see a couple more like that soon.

      Monday/Wednesday this coming week look like great contenders, but either way, we are coming into a nice period for recent number play.

      Recent numbers that look good to repeat:
      3 18 23 29 41

      Good luck all!

      • MON Lotto 11/04/2016 – The number 29 hit
        WED Lotto 13/04/2016 – The number 23 hit and was the smallest number.
        SAT Lotto 16/04/2016 – The number 3 hit

  198. Hi G,
    Yes I agree looks like a nice time to play.
    I like the tips on 2-3 numbers from previous draw, always a favorite of mine.
    The “smallest number as double digit” has me baffled a bit as I can’t work out how you tip this, apart from skips cycles.
    We had a good run on back numbers so I always keep an eye out for them.


  199. Hi G,
    We last night saw no.1 hit which was a back number, number 1 will usually hit again within 4 draws and is also matched with 45 on many occasions. We have seen another Ion 3 = 0 result as well. I usually tend to favor my picks around when we experience 4 hot and 2 cold numbers.


    • Hi Col, yes all sounds right. I have had very few games to play lately, but Monday I have generated quite a few. I’ll say it again, this period we should see something really special. At least 2 from previous draw, but likely 3.

      Good luck all!

      • MON: 18/04/2016 1 10 21 22 26 32 (35 42)
        ANY: 0 1 2 2- 3- 8-

        This draw was a winner for me – wonder did anyone else see hits?

        Col your 1 hit, any good the rest?

        We have yet to see the 2-3 numbers hit from previous draw, but there were 5 numbers hit from the previous 4 draws (6th was 9 draws back).

        There could be another nice draw (recent nums), from Saturday onwards, the next week.

  200. HI G,
    Been away this week returned home to a nice surprise as there was an email from Tatts advising of numerous wins, not the big one so I need to keep working lol. Have some pocket money to keep on going which I’m happy about.

    Will look at numbers for Sat draw later tonight.


  201. Hi G,
    The big advantage of using the skips to pick numbers is that you usually win many divisions especially when both supp’s hit as well.

    • Yes Col, it can be really nice like that. I have found that when the numbers do hit, at minimum its usually 1 in 8 games is a winner, but does get down to 1 in 3. Best ratio I’ve had is 1 in 2 (2 winners from 4 games)!
      Here’s to more…

    • Hi Col, not sure I fully understand you. I guess you mean Ion5 has gone + for 4 draws in a row. This won’t happen often, but can give us an extra limiting filter for now – Ion5=16max – as we expect a minus.

      The Ion3=0 is fading out of range, but with the last 3 draws being primarily above skip median (partly a reaction to recent low skips), expect to see a lot of these numbers (past 3 draws) hitting again soon.

      For number lovers, here are some good ones to see more hits:

      2 20 24 40
      27 to 36 “HOT Zone”

      Good luck all!

  202. HI G,
    Yes, I always keep an eye on the + and – to see which way to trend. Last nights draw also favored heavily towards cold numbers (4 in fact) which should indicate hot numbers in future draws.


  203. There were a few firm draws hit a couple of weeks ago. Now we have seen 4 draws in a row without a number hit from its previous draw. Ion3=1 on Wednesday, and we have not seen 2 numbers hit from the previous draw for over 30 draws!

    Its time for a nice tight draw, with at least 2 numbers to hit from its previous draw. When the 2 from previous appear, we will likely see a few more such draws – maybe even a draw with 3 hits from the previous draw.

    The next week or so is a good time to play…

    Play recent numbers.

  204. Hi G,
    Interesting results from the Wed draw, I’m sure this was the firm draw. I ended up traveling for work so i missed it.
    How did you go?


    • Hi Col, yes Monday and Wednesday both firm, with a “2 numbers from previous draw” hit on Monday:
      ANY : 0 1+ 3+ 3- 4- 5-
      Ion3=658 was notably high.
      ANY : 0 0- 1- 6- 7- 8-

      Tonight’s draw blew bigger filters:
      ANY : 0 1 7+ 11+ 20+ 21+

      We could easily see another firm draw next week, and more “2 numbers from previous draw” hits (00).

  205. Hi G,
    Yes with the Ion 3 = 658 I though there was something wrong with my charts?
    Tonights draw saw 39 hit again, triple hit and no. 4 missed the triple and hit one out. Yes high numbers also appeared.


  206. Last Wednesday was firm at the front, with 4 numbers hit from its previous 2 draws.
    ANY : 0 0- 1- 1- 9+ 15+

    Recent draws have been mediocre overall, tonight saw Ion3=1, so expect another firm draw…

  207. Hi G,
    Well Ion’s from last draw are starting to get interesting, no idea when but we should see a nice tight skip draw soon.
    I have not spotted much lately hope to have a better second half of the year than previous months.


  208. Yes it has been slim pickings this year, my system has produced very few games so have not played much.

    There have been a few firm draws at the front including a few with 2 hits from previous draw, but no tight draws for weeks.

    This Monday or Wednesday look likely to produce a good one – play recent numbers!
    For number lovers, these look good for this week:
    8 13 20 21 45

    • Monday and Wednesday last week did not hit recent numbers, but Saturday produced 4 numbers from those previous 2 draws:
      ANY : 0 0- 1- 1- 4- 16+
      followed last night by another 2 from previous.

      Its been 6 weeks since we saw a firm draw (Any6=5), and very likely to see another (Ion4=0) real soon.

      Funny thing, all of last night’s numbers look good for repeat hits…

  209. Hi G,
    Good to hear from you. I like 39, and 21 from the last draw. Your picks look good and I like no. 13.
    Suggest no.5 may soon pop out as well.
    Will keep an eye out for the next few draws.

    • Hi Col, yes all ok here. I have said before I won’t be posting so much, as most factors that appear have already been discussed here, and people following the filters should have a fair idea by now. When I hit the jackpot, i don’t want to have to share it with too many others!

      We have seen some ok firm draws recently, and likely to see numbers from further back now. I will probably post when something spectacular looks apparent!

      If you prompt me, I will likely post too…

      Good luck all!

  210. The filters point to a draw to come, within 2 draws (Sat or Mon), where we could see 2 or 3 numbers hit from its previous draw. We could also see a firm draw (all recent numbers) within a week or so.

    Good luck all!

    • Monday produced the Ion4=0 draw, not very firm. The 2 or 3 numbers from previous draw, did not hit this time – I was expecting much better results.
      In the last 6 draws we have seen Ion3 hit once as zero(0), and twice as one(1). Even though we had some nice firm draws last couple of months, its had time (draws) to balance out. Still on the lookout for a really tight draw soon.
      Its been almost 4 years (over 600 draws) since the last “4 draw event” – we saw 4 of them that year – so its extremely likely we will see another one (or more) within a year.

  211. Nice tight draw hit tonight, all numbers from within last 5 draws, including 2 from previous – easy prizes. Almost a 4 draw event!
    ANY : 0 0- 1- 2- 2- 4-

    Ion3 hit 1 again, so we may see another firm draw soon – within next 5 draws.

    Good luck all!

    • Hi Tony, for the Powerball you would treat it as a 6/40 lotto game, and use MDIEditor&LottoWE. The Powerball itself (1/20) would need be analyzed separate from that. If you find any Saliu software (or any other) that can be used as well, please post here.

      With some of the firm draws on Lotto recently, I have been winning a few prizes. Hope you guys have done ok too…

      Good luck all!

  212. Hi all, we have some nice filters lining up, for a firm draw and easy prizes!

    Within the next week or so, we should see a draw with 2 or 3 numbers hit from its previous draw – thats easy prizes!
    There is also a firm draw on its way, with recent numbers to hit, mainly from its previous 2 or 3 draws. We could even see the now overdue 4 draw event (all numbers hit from previous 4 draws).

    Filter players

    Set VER6 to minus (-) on Wednesday, as we have just had 4 pluses (+) in a row.
    Set Any1=0, Any2=0, and if feelin’ lucky set Any3=0.

    Number players
    The following should see some hits, so include a few in your games
    7 10 15 18 20 21 22 27 31 32 33 34 40 45
    Watch if any of the following numbers hit (less likely), include them in draws that follow – but ONLY AFTER they hit
    3 4 12 13 35 36 37 39

    Good luck all!

    PS: If anyone wants updates on good numbers to include (as they hit over the next week) drop a line here.

  213. WED11/01/201711221274445(1638)
    ANY : 0- 0- 3 5+ 16+ 21+

    The 2 numbers hit from the previous draw, is satisfied: 27 45
    3 numbers hit from tips above: 21 27 45
    and the 12 hit, to be included in coming games.

    The firm draw is still coming, with just recent numbers to hit. We may yet see another draw with 2 or 3 hit from previous draw, but it has been satisfied.

    Good luck all!

  214. Another 2 numbers hit from previous draw, and several hits from the tips above!
    I won prizes, easy – hope you did ok.

    Any : 0 0 2- 2- 7- 21

    We are yet to see the expected all firm draw – all numbers to hit from very recent draws. Worth following till next Saturday…

  215. This is a great time to play Lotto this week!
    We are about to see a firm draw with recent numbers to hit again, this should occur within the next few draws. It may even be a 4 draw event (all numbers hit from just its previous 4 draws).
    We will also see a draw with 2 or 3 numbers repeated from its previous draw – very likely!
    Good luck all!

    • WED 15/03/2017 – 3 5 33 34 38 39 (17 45)
      ANY : 0- 0- 1- 2- 3- 5-

      Well it hit tonight!
      2 numbers repeated from previous draw, and all numbers hit from previous 6 draws.
      Got prizes here, did you do any good?

      We may yet see another draw with 2 or 3 numbers to hit from its previous draw, within a week…
      Good luck all!

    • Boom!
      another tight draw – all numbers were repeats from previous 5 draws, including 4 numbers repeated from last Saturday’s draw!
      ANY : 2+ 2+ 2+ 2 3 4-

      Lucky enough to win again…

    • Unbelieveable!!
      ALL numbers hit from the previous 3 draws!!!
      MON20/03/2017 – 6 14 15 19 23 39 (28 45)
      ANY : 0- 0- 1- 2 2- 2-

      6 14 15 19 23 39 – Winning Draw
      1 10 15 23 36 43 – Previous 3 Draws
      3 5 33 34 38 39
      6 13 14 19 33 38

      This is the first and only time that all 6 main winning numbers have hit from their previous 3 draws, in Monday-Wednesday-Saturday Lotto combined results, since records kept 2004 to today.

      • Hi G,
        I don’t know if you follow other lotteries around the world, but what do you think of UK’s lunchtime and teatime 49’s draw on Saturday 18/3. The ANY filter – 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 12 including bonus ball.

        • Hi Linz, no I don’t track other lotteries around the world right now, but did check your lottery results briefly. Pretty amazing, excluding the bonus number (which hit in previous draw), that was 5 out of 6 repeats from the previous draw! You likely won’t see this again for a very long time. Here we occasionally see 3 or even 4 repeats from the previous draw, but I can’t remember seeing 5 repeats.
          I wouldn’t advise playing for such extremes as it may not hit in your playing lifetime.

  216. After that climactic 3 draw event, and the nice leadup to it (4 x Ion4=0 draws in a row, with easy wins), I would say thats it for now. Even though I pretty much always play for a 4 draw event if I have generated games, I would say for those chasing recent numbers, its time for a breather.
    Good luck all!

  217. On Wednesday 12 July 2017, we saw the first 4 draw event since 2013 – all numbers repeated from its previous 4 draws.
    WED 12/07/2017 – 11 17 22 23 24 34 (15 29)
    ANY : 0 0- 1- 1- 3- 3-
    VER : 0 1- 1- 3- 10- 13-

    11 17 22 23 24 34 – The 4 draw event
    12 17 21 24 37 42 – Previous 4 draws
    11 18 22 24 26 33
    3 11 18 24 32 36
    8 9 10 23 34 42

    This 4 draw event was very difficult to predict, as it was atypical compared to those that have hit so far.

    • Hi G,
      How have you been going hope you have had some wins..
      I see there have been a few Any 3 hit 0 always good to see easy wins.
      Just getting back into it, looking at current trends.
      Hope you still keeping an eye out on the hit 4.

      • Hi Col, yeah pretty good here. I’ve had an ok year, with many small wins on Lotto keeping me in the money, but Powerball has yielded the real profits for me this year – its so easy to win prizes when you nail the Powerball itself. I am a bit apprehensive to give Powerball tips, yet, as its too easy to win and I don’t want to see my winnings decrease!

        Lotto is highly likely to hit a tight draw within a week, good to include very recent numbers in your games.

        Good luck!

        • Hi G,
          Yes with the Powerball being 40 numbers certainly makes small prizes easy.
          I have not focused much on Powerball. Sounds like your doing well and that’s good.
          Always keeping an eye on the trends, interesting this year the Any3 hitting 0 on a few occasions.
          Will have a look at Powerball and let you know if I see anything. One tip I did spot was that the Powerball itself on occasions repeats.
          Back testing is always good to spot trends.

        • Monday Lotto 06/11/2017 – 3 7 10 13 17 22 (4 40)
          ANY : 0 0- 0- 2 3- 4-
          VER : 0- 2 35+ 180+ 354+ 1166+

          That was the tight draw – 3 numbers repeated from the previous draw, and all 6 numbers hit from within the previous 5 draws. The Verticals were massive with 22 being the biggest number.

          • Hello G
            I follow a different lotto, but i’m still trying to have a grasp on setting filters. I read where you said to set VER filters to +.
            What did you mean by that? Is it just to enter the + sign without any number? Can it be set that way? Also, when you set
            such filter, do you also fill-in the rest of the filters with numbers or signs (the IONs and ANYs).
            Another confusing thing about my filter settings is that i always get thousands of combinations, i mean
            tens of thousands, whenever i generate Lotto numbers from my filter settings. This makes it hard for me to pick numbers. Is this normal, G? Am i doing something wrong in this regard?
            If it is normal, what’s the method to best eliminate combinations from tens of thousands? How do you pick numbers from
            I see you are doing a marvelous work with Australia lotto. Great stuff.

          • Hi G,
            Interesting draw, same Any filters as Ver Filters.
            Mon 20/11/17 8-14 -27-29-36-38
            Any 1 2 2 2 3 17
            Ver 1 2 2 2 3 17


          • Hi Col, yes that is a rarity.
            Check out the ION filters, I like the look of the zeroes, something nice is about to happen – a tight draw is on its way!

            Good time to play very recent numbers, especially from previous 3 draws (skip 0 to 2). Might take up to a week or so to hit.

            Good luck all!

          • Tonight’s result – close, but we should see better…
            ANY : 0- 0- 2 2 3 11-

            That’s 2 numbers hit from previous draw, 4 numbers from within previous 3 draws, 5 numbers hit from within previous 4 draws.

          • Hello, G

            A question please. Several times in the past days, i have been able to set filters that generated good combinations. Many times, i see the winning numbers in the combinations when i check them after results are released. The problem i have is
            that the combinations i generate are usually quite large, so i would follow Ion Saliu’s advice and choose the last 20 combinations.
            My question is, is there any reliable way to select the winning numbers from 20 combinations? Any pointer you can give, G? I was considering wheeling, but Saliu advices against it. How do you pick out your most likely winning numbers from large combinations? I’d appreciate a little tip.

          • Hi Buchi, sounds like you are referring to generating “optimized” games and picking the last 20, that is one approach. The more certain way, is to use MDIE&LottoWE feature of generating “sequential” games – ALL the games that the filters generate – this way you won’t miss the jackpot when your filters are right!

            Read again this section on Strategy

            You will need to first discover the type of event to target in your Lotto, certain typical configurations (of filters) that have occured before, and can be reasonably played and won in a future occurence. Such filter configurations (strategy) must be made tight enough to be affordable to play (few combinations). You should discover certain “trigger” events that frequently preceed your favorable event; this will prompt you the best times to play your strategy.

            I frequently have NO games generated using my tight filters.
            How to generate fewer games?
            Use tight filters! Tight ANY filters, tight VERTICAL filters helps a lot, but don’t forget the ION filters as they can reduce combinations further again. The ION filters are most mysterious, allowing prediction by indicating potential for future draws. Observation required.

            Hope that’s enough to get you rolling…

  218. This tip is for the number lovers.

    Wednesday’s Lotto draw was a pretty good result for those playing recent numbers, but we should see better. We will likely see a tight draw this week, with all numbers being repeats from recent numbers.

    For the number lovers, these numbers look good to see some hits:

    10 11 27 36 38

    Good luck all!

    • Hi G,
      Well given the last two draws, interesting to see no. 36 performance.
      Keeping an eye out for the tight draw.
      Would you consider 10,11,27,36 and 38 are still in play?


      • Hi Col, thanks for the prompting.
        As you know we just had some blowout filters, so Saturday Lotto (or Monday at the latest) look the best shot.
        Include very recent numbers, especially those from the previous 2 draws. We may even see 3 numbers repeat (or at least 2) from previous draw soon.
        As for those numbers 10 11 27 36 38, we saw 36 hit twice, 38 hit, and the 10 as a supp twice. They are all ok for Saturday, but after that, drop any that have not hit except for 36 and 38 – still good.

        Good luck all!

        • Hi G,
          Nice tips as always.
          This week I like no.13 as I always look for the triple repeats.
          I also like no.19, 26, 28, 39 ,40 and possibly 44 may hit again.
          Single digits I like no.4, and 9 although 5 is due out soon,.
          Mix them up and see how we go.


          • Col, your favourite 13 looks good for more.
            We did not see the all tight draw, it may hit a bit late.
            I still think we will see 3 from previous draw (0-0-0) soon, if not, expect multiple draws with 2 from previous draw (0-0).

          • WED 06/12/2017 : 8 13 14 34 36 43 (30 37)
            Look at the filters that hit tonight!
            ANY : 0- 0- 1- 1- 2- 11-

            Pretty tight, 5 numbers repeated from the previous 3 draws – still the sixth (ANY6) refuses to drop!

          • HI G,
            Spot on G, three numbers from previous.
            Also 32-36, I had 44 as one of my triple hits so landed a nice lot of prizes.
            Hope you also did well.


          • Yes Col, nicely done all round!

            SAT 09/12/2017 : 14 17 28 30 34 36 (44 45)
            ANY : 0 0 0- 1 8+ 11

            Boom! 3 numbers hit as repeats from previous draw (0-0-0) as expected.
            Also the 34 and 36 hit from that hot zone (32-36).

            More to come…

            I realise that many people may not be able to use Saliu’s software (for whatever reason), to take advantage of these Lotto opportunities. Even I miss out on playing at times, as my very tight 4 draw strategy frequently produces very few, or NO games to play. So I have been thinking…

            I am planning on offering some good Lotto wheels (members only) – easy to play, these will capture those recent number hits, and return some wins!
            I have been seriously working with wheels for weeks now, and already have pages built that can generate the games for you – exciting!

          • Hi G,
            Sounds exciting, glad you did well. You are certainly more patient than I am. After the double zeros in the Ions I was starting to think the opportunity passed. I was however keeping my eye on the Ion-4.
            Good think with Saliu’s software you just have to keep an eye on developing trends, not easy but certainly help you zero in.


          • Hi G,
            Count me in on the wheel system, been waiting for something like this for a long time.
            The issue I have like last Wed draw, was that I was away and was unable to run my system for the draw.
            I missed out on the Wed draw, but made up for it in last nights draw.
            Keep me posted on the wheel system.

          • Last night Any filters produced:
            ANY : 2+ 3- 4- 5- 6- 7-

            Yes Col, the wheels are coming, but may take a while, as I make sure all wheels are very strong! Working on it…

          • Hi G,
            Yes last night was the long awaited Ion 4, not quiet as tight as I wanted.
            I’m starting to get a better read on the Filter Analysis chart, when to play and not to play.
            Keep up the good work on the wheels, I know this stuff takes a while to nut out sometimes.


          • Hi G,
            Well usually around this time of year we see a few draws out of the usual, however i can’t see a great deal happening.
            Number wise I’m favoring no’s 1 , 32 and 45.
            How is it looking on your side G?

          • Hi Col, not sure at the moment, Xmas is a busy time…
            Tonight’s and last Wednesday’s numbers look good to see repeats.

            Good luck!

          • Hi G,
            Can you shed any light on the skips at present, I don’t see a lot apart from the recent double digit first number draws recently.


          • Hi Col, the filters look pretty messy right now, and have been lacking clear direction for weeks. Not a great time for recent number repeats, but this will change soon. Look for the Ion3=0 or 1, before whacking recent numbers hard.
            I do notice that the bigger Ion3 filters seem to draw out bigger Any6 (back numbers), so if you must play, include one of these in each game:
            7 15 22 25 26 38

            You’re right, the Double-digit as Lowest number has been going well and looks good for more, especially after recent big sum totals.

            I play when my 4 draw strategy generates games, as I don’t want to miss it when it hits. I may play at other times, but only when there are strong factors at play.


          • Hi G,
            Yes I tend to agree, I’m leaning towards a similar strategy.
            Thanks as always for the updates.


          • Hi G,
            Quick question, when the Ver’s all go double digit are we followed by numerous repeats from previous draws?
            Hope this makes sense.


          • Hi Col, I can’t see much correlation.
            Just quietly, take a look at Powerball at the moment. Within a month we should see a tight draw, with 2 or 3 numbers to hit from its previous draw – easy prizes. For the Powerball itself, I like the 12 to repeat soon.

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