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Lotto, Powerball and Lotteries are of great interest if you’re after really BIG winnings! Lotto G Network will reveal tips and tricks, based on mathematics, including hot numbers for Lotto Australia, or Australian Powerball, and the same principles apply to most lotteries worldwide – numbers are the universal language.

Advanced statistical analysis shows that some numbers, or combinations of numbers show a greater frequency of occurence than “normal” and as such may constitute a “run”. These runs may be tracked over time, as well as many other interesting statistical anomalies, to produce highly optimized games, with a higher than normal strike rate, for only a small outlay ($6 or less). To make the strategy even more potent, play more games (higher cost) when advantageous to do so, that is, when some predictable factor comes strongly into play.

This approach to playing Lotto, and most of the statistical analysis used by G Network, is based upon the work of Ion Saliu, a great mathematician.

Lotto Analysis – Number sets used at G Network are:

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