Play Money

Follow this tip and NEVER LOSE serious money again!

This article is titled “Play Money” for a reason, this is exactly what all money allocated for racing and gaming should be, PLAY MONEY.

Never bet with serious money, that is, a large proportion of, or all that you have, as this is a sure recipe for disaster.

Probability has a way of bringing around the day when the “certainty” becomes a loser, and if that day is today and you bet the lot …

The way to avoid losing serious money, is not to bet with it in the first place. Allocate a small portion of your available cash for wagering – no more than you can easily afford to lose, that’s Play Money – either a weekly amount, or create a “Bank” as many professionals recommend.

By running a betting bank, it is easy to keep track of profit/loss, and with time watch the balance grow. Then make withdrawals, and bring some of it into the real world.

Play Money allows free play – it is unencumbered by obligations – the money is free to play for us. Very relaxing.

2 thoughts on “Play Money”

    • When you have a decent system to play, it is wise to break up your stash, into smaller lots. No method has absolute certainty, therefore you must be able to survive critical hits, yes, there will come a day when you lose. Break up your money, into 5, 10, or 20 play sessions depending on your game, and degree of certainty. Play your game and stay alive!


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