Backup Database WordPress

How to Backup your WordPress Database The easy and secure way, using phpMyAdmin. Backup of your database should be done regularly, especially before installing a Plugin or Upgrading WordPress. Then, when and if trouble arises, you have an entire copy of your data including users, pages, posts, comments, plugin variables, settings, etc. The only things … Read moreBackup Database WordPress

Free FTP – upload files, backup and restore

FTP: File Transfer Protocol allows easy upload of files to a hosting server. Download is easy too. The files of an entire website can be backed up and restored using FTP. If you run a database, as WordPress does, its a must to backup the database too. Required for FTP FTP Address/host – obtained from … Read moreFree FTP – upload files, backup and restore

Restore WordPress Database

How to Restore your WordPress Database The easy and secure way, using phpMyAdmin. A good backup copy of your database can be Restored simply, even if your current database has been corrupted! Required for phpMyAdmin Restore of WordPress database Hosting Control Panel access, like cPanel or Plesk, including username and password – obtained from hosting … Read moreRestore WordPress Database

Free Software for your PC

Many different programs are available completely Free on the internet, yes, Free Software. These are known as Freeware. See G Network recommended best free software. Freeware for your PC, to help with Security, Burning Disks, Playing Music, and much more. These are great places to start, in your search for glorious Free software! Free Software … Read moreFree Software for your PC

Best Free Firewall and Antivirus Suite

The best free Firewall and Antivirus Suite – all in one – is available as a freeware download now. Comodo Internet Security is the complete free security solution, that offers excellent protection on all fronts. The firewall has all the latest security features, and includes allow or block network access of specific programs. The Antivirus is … Read moreBest Free Firewall and Antivirus Suite

WordPress Plugins recommended for WordPress 2.6.2


WordPress is an easy to use Web framework. Free websites or blogs can be setup at and all information on how to do so, is found there. Wordpress can also be highly customised with a little technical knowledge, some html or php experience, and these plugins assist greatly. To install a plugin you generally just need … Read moreWordPress Plugins recommended for WordPress 2.6.2