13 thoughts on “Best Plugins for WordPress 3 and WordPress MU”

    • Thanks RavanH. I am currently using your wpms-mobile-edition and will add it to the list, was previously using WPtouch but your plugin loads on mobile much faster than any I have seen! I was hoping you could include facility for personalised icons per site, and google adsense, like wptouch, but it still is the fastest and cleanest code – lovely. As for fancybox, I have yet to test it.
      Keep up the good work!

    • I have not tested any, maybe someone else could suggest one here, or you could comment back a recommendation.
      I like using Google CSE to search accross sites – its easy, highly customisable, embeds into a page, performs fast searches, and indexed by Google.

  1. hello admin, thanks for the list. Number 1,3 and 5 are already tested and working great with me. Others seems to be good though I haven’t checked any of them but will test them very soon and get back to you with my experience. I have a list of SEO plugin which might be interesting for you. Some of them are quite interesting specially for SEO. Please feel free to contact me if you wish.


    • WordPress MU of itself, no longer exists, its all WordPress 3 now. The term WordPress MU Plugin is still used for plugins that work on all sites across a WordPress Network, when placed in /wp-content/mu-plugins/, they activate immediately. These plugins are becoming rarer these days, as most go the way of “Network Activate”.

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