Free Software for your PC

Many different programs are available completely Free on the internet, yes, Free Software. These are known as Freeware. See G Network recommended best free software. Freeware for your PC, to help with Security, Burning Disks, Playing Music, and much more. These are great places to start, in your search for glorious Free software! Free Software … Read moreFree Software for your PC

Free Stock Charting software

Free Stock Charting software

The best Free Stock Charting software for Windows, really free Freeware, is FCharts by Spacejock. I have searched all of the net, and this is the best free. For Mac, Linux, Solaris, or Windows – Multi-platform Free stock market software: See JStock info below. FCharts Features FCharts will import data from most sources, including Yahoo … Read moreFree Stock Charting software

Free FTP – upload files, backup and restore

FTP: File Transfer Protocol allows easy upload of files to a hosting server. Download is easy too. The files of an entire website can be backed up and restored using FTP. If you run a database, as WordPress does, its a must to backup the database too. Required for FTP FTP Address/host – obtained from … Read moreFree FTP – upload files, backup and restore

Free Lotto Software – best to WIN Jackpot

The best free Lotto software available – if you want to WIN the Jackpot – is by Ion Saliu of MDIEditor & Lotto WE is by far the best Lotto program in its field, probably in the world. It has a completely different approach to looking at Lotto and Powerball games, in terms of Skips … Read moreFree Lotto Software – best to WIN Jackpot

Best Free Firewall and Antivirus Suite

The best free Firewall and Antivirus Suite – all in one – is available as a freeware download now. Comodo Internet Security is the complete free security solution, that offers excellent protection on all fronts. The firewall has all the latest security features, and includes allow or block network access of specific programs. The Antivirus is … Read moreBest Free Firewall and Antivirus Suite

Best Free Antivirus

This is simply the best Free Antivirus program. Easy setup, free registration required after 30 days, free licence good for over 1 year, and easily renewed for free. Protects your internet connection, desktop, and all emails and messenger programs, as well as file sharing program protection. This is simply the best Free Antivirus program. DOWNLOAD … Read moreBest Free Antivirus

Best Free Spyware protection for your browser

Spyware is everywhere on the internet. Trying to control your machine in some way, or tracking data about you – these pests can be stopped. One way to stop most threats is by using Spyware Blaster, which prevents the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software! Latest protection updates are available, and will secure … Read moreBest Free Spyware protection for your browser

Lotto analysis and Ion Saliu

As you may have noticed, this fellow, Ion Saliu gets mentioned a bit here at G Network Lotto. At his website you will find all the mathematics needed to beat the odds at lotto, plain and simple. It can be quite a study, all this mathematics, which includes the Mathematics Of Combinatorics: Permutations (Factorial), … Read moreLotto analysis and Ion Saliu