Free Stock Charting software

Free Stock Charting softwareThe best Free Stock Charting software for Windows, really free Freeware, is FCharts by Spacejock. I have searched all of the net, and this is the best free.

Free Stock Market software - Mac/Linux For Mac, Linux, Solaris, or Windows – Multi-platform Free stock market software: See JStock info below.

FCharts Features

FCharts will import data from most sources, including Yahoo Finance, which provides historical data for free too, making this a perfect FREE solution for new traders. Stock Market shares and indexes can be easily charted, and updated at the click of a button – Dow Jones Index ^DJI, London’s ^FTSE, Australia’s ASX200 ^AXJO, and more. Technical analysis is made simple with the help of some essential charting tools.

The program has many features:

  • Charts can be displayed as OHLC, Candlestick and Line charts.
  • Built-in indicators MACD, RSI, Exponential and Standard Moving Averages.
  • Draw trendlines, parabolas, squares, Fibonacci and percentage retracements and more.

FCharts is the perfect charting tool for low budget, small bankroll traders, or those just starting out, and not willing to pay a small fortune for software just yet. A friend of mine who started trading only a few months ago, managed to boost his trading bankroll by 400%+ using FCharts as his main trading software!

Free Stock Charting software

DOWNLOAD Free Stock Charting software – FCharts

*** Update DEC 2012 ***

JStock – Free Stock Market software for Mac, Linux, Solaris or Windows

Free Stock Market softwareJStock is a free stock market software for 26 countries. Being a Java based application it will run on any system that has Java installed. It provides Stock watchlist, Intraday stock price snapshot, Stock indicator editor, Stock indicator scanner and Portfolio management. Free SMS/email alert supported.

JStock Features

  • Stock Watchlist – Multiple Countries
  • Stock Watchlist – Current Stock Info
  • Stock Watchlist – Intraday Stock Price
  • Stock Watchlist – Multiple Watchlists
  • Portfolio Management – Transaction Records
  • Portfolio Management – Cash Management
  • Portfolio Management – Dividend Management
  • Portfolio Management – Multiple Portfolios
  • Alert – SMS
  • Alert – Email
  • Alert – System Tray
  • Indicator Filter – Indicator Installer
  • Indicator Filter – Indicator Editor
  • Indicator Filter – Indicator Scanner
  • Charting – History Stock Info
  • Charting – History Index Info
  • Charting – Portfolio Summary
  • Charting – Cash Flow Summary
  • Cloud Remote Storage
Download DOWNLOAD Free Stock Market software – JStock

3 thoughts on “Free Stock Charting software”

  1. is there a service / software package you can subscribe to that each afternoon sends you an email listing the various shares in the ASX 200 that have dropped to an RSI of 30 (or an alternative set lower end value) or pass above an RSI of 70 (or specified value) ? this would allow us as investors to quickly review the fundamentals and tech analysis for these shares and act upon buy / sell decisions. If no one has this service – then maybe you could provide this service ? It would not take one of the traders long to put this info together to email out – or set a computer program macro to do it automatically ?
    John c

    • Nice idea. FCharts has the function “Entry and Exit formula pairs”, just read the documentation on its use.
      I think its best to get to know the chart you are trading, pick your favourites and stick to those, rather than trading unknowns. Some stocks will perform better for you than others, and will suit your trading style, they are the ones to stick to.

    • I updated the article for December 2012, with newly released free stock market software JStock – its compatible with Mac, Linux, Solaris and Windows systems.

      SMS and Email alerts are available for your chosen trading pattern.



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