How to Play Saturday Lotto

lotto_logoSaturday Lotto (also known as Gold Lotto, or Tattslotto in some states) is played weekly on a Saturday evening around 8:30 AEST, and can be viewed on TV Channel 7TWO. The idea of the game is to match 6 winning numbers from your ticket with the numbers that are drawn live from the barrel for the game. This is a basic player’s guide on how to play. For Lotto prize divisions and odds, see How do I know I’ve won Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto?

To successfully enter in the Saturday Lotto draws, you will need to cross off 6 numbers from a selection of 45 numbers (1 – 45) in the lotto game panel. These will form your winning number combination. You are able to have multiple entries on the same lotto ticket, but you can not play the exact same number selection in multiple games.

There are several ways to play Saturday lotto which include self selecting your numbers for each lotto game you would like to play, taking a “quickpick” which is where a computer generates your lotto numbers and games at random for you (you can play up to 36 games), a system entry where you select 7 or more numbers in a single game (this gives you more chance of winning) and finally an entry called “with the field” which allows you to choose 4 or 5 numbers from the 45 available numbers (this also gives you more chances to win).

Usually, each draw of the Saturday Lotto closes at 7pm on the Saturday of the draw (6pm on the Saturday of the draw if daylight savings is in effect). The draw closes well before the scheduled game time to ensure that all entries are verified and ready to be played.

Saturday lotto is quite reasonably priced to play and as such, is possibly one of the most popular lottery games in Australia.

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