How do I know I’ve won Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto?

lottoThere are several ways to win a prize in the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto games in Australia – in some states you may know these Australian Lotto games by more familiar names such as Gold Lotto and Tattslotto. This is a basic player’s guide on how to play, including details on Prize Divisions and game odds.

Latest Results and Prize Dividends

The rules for these types of lotto are all the same, irrespective of which state you play the game in or the name it is given in that state. The prizes are split into what are known as “Divisions” where what you win depends on what combination of numbers matches the numbers you have selected on your game ticket.

6 Divisions

There are 6 divisions in Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto. These are just named by numbers ranging from Division 1 (the top prize) to Division 6 (the bottom prize).

When playing your Lotto ticket, you are required to select 6 numbers from a choice of 45 for each game you intend to enter. You are also required to enter a minimum of 4 games for each lotto draw that takes place.

During the draw, 8 numbers in total are drawn. There are 6 game numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers. To claim the top prize, you must match all 6 game numbers with the 6 numbers you have selected on your entry. The supplementary numbers are used to determine the divisional prizes in division 2, 5 and 6.

Here’s a complete breakdown of how to win on the Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto:

Lotto Prizes Chart

Lotto game prizes are split into divisional prize pools, running from Division 1 which is the top prize through to Division 6 which is the bottom prize. The divisions work as below:

Division 16 Numbers1:8,145,060
Division 25 Numbers + 1 or 2 supplementaries1:678,755
Division 35 Numbers1:36,689
Division 44 Numbers1:733
Division 53 Numbers + 1 or 2 supplementaries1:297
Division 61 or 2 Numbers + 2 supplementaries1:144

For Lotto System Entries (Lotto/Tattslotto/GoldLotto/XLotto) see: Lotto Systems Prize Table

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