Best Free Firewall and Antivirus Suite

The best free Firewall and Antivirus Suite – all in one – is available as a freeware download now. Comodo Internet Security is the complete free security solution, that offers excellent protection on all fronts.

The firewall has all the latest security features, and includes allow or block network access of specific programs. The Antivirus is automatic, runs in the background and updates itself. Defense+ feature monitors any executing program and asks for permission to execute new unknown programs.

The whole package works well, is easy to setup and use, and does its job with minimal interference. It’s also light on system resources, and strong. Comodo Internet Security software meets all the criteria for recommended online banking security software.

Requirements ^

  • Windows XP (SP2), Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit) versions.
  • Windows System Restore BACKUP – recommended
  • UNINSTALL any existing Firewall or Antivirus program – important
  • Turn OFF Windows Firewall found in Control Panel – important

Installation ^

  • Double click the downloaded file to launch the installation
  • Follow the prompts they are easy, click YES when asked to Reboot
  • Allow it to Virus check your computer when asked. Options are shown for suspicious files found, so if you know a file is good you can add it to the Ignore List

DOWNLOAD Comodo Internet Security ^

Comodo’s Award-Winning Firewall + AntiVirus Suite for FREE
Free Firewall and Free Antivirus download – ALL IN ONE – easy install!

Tips ^

Recommended settings:

  • Right-click on your status bar COMODO icon – shown above
  • Set Firewall Security Level to Custom Policy Mode
  • Set Defense+ Security Level to Safe Mode


  • Avoid all problems by having a Windows System Restore BACKUP, as mentioned above in Requirements, and completely uninstall your current Antivirus and Firewall software.
  • In case of system problems, simply RESTORE your previous settings with Windows System Restore using your BACKUP Restore point.

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  1. George Hadlock says:

    For a free anivirus software I tried Cyberdefender, and it worked great as a free scanner with spyware and trojan removal. If it finds a virus, you need the upgrade, which I got since I liked the speed and user interface of the scanner. The Cyberdefender anti-virus works great, and the paid version I got also came with 24/7 computer help line with my wife found helpful while I was away.

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