Powerball AU 40 million

Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot of AU $40 million is the biggest ever offered on Australian Powerball. If one person wins the entire $40 million Jackpot, they will become Australia’s largest ever lottery winner! It is good value to have a go today, even if they are hard to pick. The Saliu filters have blown out recently,… Read More »

Powerball AU 8million

Tonight’s Powerball filters will be fairly high, most numbers to come from 2 to 18 draws back, so a difficult $8 million. However, there is an interesting fact that may help us to eliminate a large portion of numbers from the equation. First the filters. Saliu Filters proposed: Filter Out Numbers 1-12 ION1:301 ION5:7 ANY:… Read More »

Powerball AU 12million

Tonight’s $12 million Powerball is half way to value, and worth a go if you’re feeling lucky. The numbers may end up looking weird, with a possible repeat of a triple that has come up before, that is, 3 numbers repeating, all having appeared in another game together. Most numbers will appear from 3 to… Read More »