Powerball – Player’s Guide


Powerball is one of the most popular Lotto games in Australia. The Powerball mottos include “one ball could change it all” and “spend the rest of your life” – Powerball can be a life-changing experience when played and won. Powerball guarantees a minimum Division 1 … Read More →

How do I know I’ve won Monday, Wednesday or Saturday Lotto?


There are several ways to win a prize in the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto games in Australia – in some states you may know these Australian Lotto games by more familiar names such as Gold Lotto and Tattslotto. This is a basic player’s guide … Read More →

DOW JONES Major High November 2009

The Dow Jones Industrial Averages has finally hit the 50% retrace point this week, making what appears to be the major high for 2009, or final top of its massive bear market rally – see Chart. This top was mentioned in previous articles here, as … Read More →