Powerball: numbers today

Interest has been stirred here at G Network since the private prediction on 24 August 2006, that ALL the Australian Powerball numbers would be derived from the numbers of the last 5 draws! It was so, including the Powerball itself! With a small outlay and a nice combining of the numbers, a 5 number win was quite possible, and with a little luck, the jackpot.

Today, most of the numbers will probably be found further back in the draws. This will all be explained in future articles, if you want to know now, go study the 1,000+ pages of Saliu, the mathematician.

Feature draw

It is not a brilliant time to play Powerball as the statistical freak occurred a few weeks ago, and today’s are harder to predict, but the following are presented for interest.

Today’s hot numbers for Powerball:


Powerball 34,39

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  1. Admin says:

    4 5 16 24 28 36

    Not easy on the Powerball at the moment. Above numbers may be good to watch for another few weeks.

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