Saturday Lotto Results

Saturday Lotto Results & Prize Dividends Saturday Lotto Results – Australia – Latest results followed by past results – Winning numbers and supplementary.
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Saturday Lotto Results

These are Lotto results Saturday Lotto. For all Lotto Results, see Lotto Results Australia.

Note: In some states you may know Australian Lotto games by more familiar names such as NSW Lotto, Gold Lotto and Tattslotto. The rules for Lotto are all the same, irrespective of which state you play the game in or the name it is given in that state.

In 1981 prize pools from the Victorian, Tasmanian, the ACT, Northern Territory, South Australian and Western Australian lotteries were combined and Queensland continued to run it’s own lottery. An agreement was made in 1993 with NSW Lotto which resulted in the creation of a national lottery network.

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